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    What are the possibilities? 
    What are the possibilities of a minor getting caught running away due to texting the one of who they are to be staying with on social media. I'm sure my parents could hold there suspicions thst I have something on my account when I left and was wondering if it is legal for a cop to do so only with suspicions. I am not asking how to commit a misdemeanor. I am simply asking the possibilities of getting caught due to a few text messages. I really dont want to get caught only to something so simple. I've planned everything and I really dont want to come back please just tell me what i can do if they were to go through my social media

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    Your question resolves to a request for legal advice which is not allowed anywhere in Bluelight. You have been asked politely not to do this in a previous thread you started yesterday. Please do not ask this question again.

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    I recall hearing this story pretty much verbatim a long time ago.

    Po, I think your old mate is back!

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    I'm going to close this as it violates Bluelight guidelines for legal advice (none of us are legal experts and it would be irresponsible of us to give advice). However I will say that anything on social media is obviously very public so if you posted details on there, anyone including police could see it and use it, that's just common sense and doesn't constitute legal advice.

    Best of luck to you.

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