Thread: Can the cops legally go through my social media if I were to run away

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    Can the cops legally go through my social media if I were to run away 
    If I were to run away can the cops legally go through my social media? I talked to the person of who im going to stay with and I have everything planned out and I'd really hate it if one little thing were to get me caught.
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    We don't discuss law enforcement or legal issues here.
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    True, we cannot tell you what is legal or not (for obvious legal reasons not to mention it would not be reliable information coming from unqualified people on the internet) Beyond that, cops will do what they do sometimes, legal or not. So will parents. If you do not want to be found you should not put anything on social media that will expose you--it's that simple. Are you sure running away is the best idea? You might be trading one set of problems for another. What have you tried so far with your family?
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