Thread: please help me identify this ecstasy pill and its ingredients (BLUE PUTIN)

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    please help me identify this ecstasy pill and its ingredients (BLUE PUTIN) 
    I am planning on taking this pill on a festival two days from now and I tried to look it up every possible way on google but couldn't find any information about it.. can you please help me identify it or if anyone has taken it or tested it tell me about their experience and results?
    so its a blue pill with the 3D face of Putin and it has a breaking line on the back side of it.. thank you people for your support! I added an image url here
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    We don't do that here, sorry. But you can bet that if this was a legit press and got popular, then someone is counterfeiting it or will be soon, the only way you can know for sure what is in it is through getting it tested, but you can buy at home reagent test kits cheaply which will give you a pretty good degree of certainty.
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    I can move this to Pill Testing Q & A and they can direct you. You would need to get your pill tested to be safe.
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