Thread: About 2 months of daily heroin smoking - what kinda cold turkey withdrawls to expect?

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    About 2 months of daily heroin smoking - what kinda cold turkey withdrawls to expect? 
    Hey guys,

    New around here looking for a bit of insight I went and got myself into regular heroin use, I've only ever smoked it and I've been smoking daily about 1.5-2 months now, probably would come out to around a quarter gram a day average (alot prolly got wasted too cause it took me a while to master chasing the dragon).

    I'm moving tomorrow and I want to quit not bring this habit with me. If I cut cold turkey and had some xanax and marijuana to help through the process what kinda withdrawls am I looking at for that level of use. I don't fiend for it ever I don't feel like addicted I just use every day cause it makes me more comfortable [EDIT: to clarify for fear of experiencing sickness ive used consistently so that if they were coming Ive never had a chance to experience them] but I'm feeling my control over my use slipping away and see where it leads and I don't wanna go down this path.

    Appreciate any inputs
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    Hey man, good for you for seeing where this is going to lead you.....COMPLETELY FUCKED if you continue. It does not get better. Yeah, there are some fun times to be had for sure. But in the end, the dope wins and you lose. I've been addicted since 2001, more or less. I can remember when a single bag held me all day. And I made up little rules for myself about never on days when I had to work. Then only every 3 days. Then every other see where this is going? That being said, I do know that the first time ever I found myself without dope (maybe after a 2 or 3 month run), I had no idea what was wrong with me! I was so naive and it never occured to me that the reason my nose was running (not the pollen outside), and I had this weird squirrely feeling up and down my back, was due to the heroin. That first kick was the easiest and I'm sure it is why I eventually went back to the dope. The logic being: "well that wasnt so bad". Anyway, quit while you are ahead. You still have a chance to have a normal life. I guarantee that those dope hooks are in you...just not deep enough....yet. Good luck to you.
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