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    Poor Mr. Anus 
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    Honestly, I edited the already tantalising headline from the guardian because I thought more people would click the thread this way.

    Either way, nice pun work, The Guardian.

    Poor Mr Anus, the council candidate given a bum deal by Facebook

    A local election candidate in Belgium has been forced to change his name by the social network on the grounds that it is ?offensive and inappropriate?. The cheek of it!

    Name: Luc Anus.

    Age: 26.

    Appearance: Surprisingly presentable.

    Why is he in the news? He is standing for election in Belgium.

    What?s so interesting about him?
    Oh, come on.

    No, seriously, what?s the big deal? Well, he?s a socialist standing as a council candidate in the district of Lobbes, just west of Charleroi. His surname is Anus, which is a problematic name for a politician.

    It?s a bum deal. Leave the feeble witticisms to me, please. Facebook has taken exception to Mr Anus?s family name and banned it on the grounds that it is ?offensive and inappropriate?.

    No ifs, no butts? I?m never working with you again. The poor man has had to campaign under the name ?Luc Anu?. ?Facebook just does not accept my name,? he said.
    -read on.
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    Our worst sober people work only behind the scenes. We think with joy of the day when we shall be able to say Methamphetamine for the Users. Out with the sober. Heil Crystal Meth. No notion of the sober danger.
    My question is if he’s hot I am sure that carries clout, (nope)

    Curious if he can still win with a name like that.
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    Considering that he is a candidate in belgium, i don't see why he wouldn't.
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    If it can go up the bum I will try it, cucumbers, penises, meth, pills, fingers, police batton, message beads, what else?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JK25 View Post
    If it can go up the bum I will try it, cucumbers, penises, meth, pills, fingers, police batton, message beads, what else?
    A turkey baster filled with cocaine?
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    @swilow: that facebook ban might work in his favor it says. the rest of the article is very tongue in cheek. good read.

    interesting note: in america we register firearms, in belgium they register sphincters. "He is one of the 49 Anuses registered in Belgium."
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    I must be depressed because I don't find it humorous. If his name is french its pretty unfunny. Luc AAAAHHH-NOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUSSS

    Fucking Anglos, man. Jesus.

    Its like that guy with the last name Grabher.

    In other news the UN is a limp dick farce and Trump has a bad haircut. Somewhere in Africa a few children died and no one gave a fuck. Film at 11. XD
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