Thread: Permenant or transient damage from mix of MDMA and other stimulants?

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    Permenant or transient damage from mix of MDMA and other stimulants? 
    Its been about 2 weeks since I did my last dose of MDMA and coke. It was at a party and was about 4 in the morning, definitely didnt need it, especially after the previous line of mdma i had already had and the copious lines of coke done throughout the night. Its been about 2 weeks since that party, and ever since I have felt quite off from my normal self. I have noticed that since this night I feel a lot slower and as though my thoughts are less coherent and clear. I struggle to read and digest information as fast as i previously did, and find myself often reading back over material that I have already read because it hasn't been able to stick with me. I have noted that it is much harder for me to concentrate hard on any real thought or as though it is hard for me to make abstract thoughts or string pieces of information together. Some extra, and very important information, is that before this night i had been doing stimulant drugs pretty well every weekend, either MDMA, coke or even meth once. This period lasted about 2 months and ended the night I described earlier. Also note, that both the weekends following this night I have gone out and drank heavily on the Friday and Saturday nights (so two weeks of doing this), and have socially smoked during these nights. I wonder does this have any effect on my recovery? I know drinking and smoking is obviously not going to make the recovery process any easier/quicker, but will drinking and smoking on the weekends greater hinder my ability to recover from this feeling? Thank you in advance!
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    You could try to read this thread to see if your experiences are similar to others going through a recovery:

    Though in your case it's maybe a bit hard to pinpoint it to MDMA as you mixed drugs a lot.
    And I think you have depleted a lot of the receptors in your brain (mainly serotonin, but possibly dopamine and some others) so doing any amount of drinking, smoking or basically whatever is probably actively hindering your recovery.
    You should rest, exercise and eat well, as well as possibly look for some supplements but the details are better found on the MDMA board.

    Also, MDMA and coke mix pretty badly as their effects are basically contradicting each other in the brain.
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    Quite a few people report negative long term effects after small amounts of mdma use. While it is possible and there a lot of variables, I tend to think it unlikely. First thing to consider is whether it was even MDMA. There is a very high chance that it was either a similar analog being sold as MDMA or even a completely unrelated chemicals like benign ones like caffeine, harmful ones like meth, or more unknown ones like methylone and other research chems. If you didn't test it there is no possible way of knowing at this point. I wouldn't waste my thought on wondering "what if", but just know that it's possible you didn't even take any MDMA.

    Second thing to consider, regardless of what drug it was, you have been putting your brain in over drive. Coke, meth, and molly all cause a high level of stimulation. A much higher level of neurotransmitters flood their receptors causing the high and good feeling initially. However, there is a limited supply to these neurotransmitters(brain chemicals) and too much stimulation causes the receptors to "down-regulate"(essentially become less sensitive). So after the initial high/euphoria, you will experience a low/depletion which generally last much longer than the high. Rather than slowly trickle out feel-good chemicals, like dopamine and serotonin, you've spent it all. Like burning through your savings for the month during a shopping spree and now you'll have to make a few packets of top ramen last for the next few weeks.

    The healthier your body and habits, the quicker you should recover. THings like getting proper nutrition ensures that your body has all the necessary components to make things like neurotransmitters. Exercise can encourage and stimulate recovery as well. Avoiding all drugs, including alcohol, will help by lessening damage done. Drinking on the weekends probably isn't going to prevent you from getting better but it will likely slow you down. I've had some adverse effects from alcohol while drinking after mdma use. Things like brain zaps, which were really unpleasant and scary.
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