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Thread: meth and tolerance..

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    meth and tolerance..

    my husband and i had been smoking/iving for almost a year exactly when they busted 17 people in our city for selling, and whatever else. i guess we had gotten so tolerant to it that we definitly werent getting high anymore. well i didnt think so anyway. we cou,ldnt get it fro about 2 weeks and really it wasnt too bad until i realized omg im eating all the time (even though i ate on it) and had this horrible headache all the time. my question is, how much seems feasible to do a day to keep the tolerance back a bit?we were going a g a day when we were both smoking, not as much iv. we love it and can afford the habit, plus were young and have good jobs without any babies or anything that we right now are really held down with and honestly dont want to stop every so often just to do it agan and it fly back up..

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    I found a while ago that if I stopped for two days then back on again, then stopped for two days, then back on again I found no tolerance.
    Everyone's different though so YMMV

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