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    Favourite Guitarist 
    I'm a sucker for Blues slide so Derek Trucks never disappoints.
    But it's really unfair to compare Derek Trucks to god. I mean he's alright but he's no Derek Trucks.
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    nice nickname.

    i love keith richards. i learned to play guitar in college and when i discovered how to play 5-string open g i was in heaven.

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    i love lou reed. i reckon his playing in the first two velvets records in incredible.
    and both ron asheton and james williamson of the stooges. wayne kramer. richard lloyd from television is great.

    of course, i love jimi hendrix, but i'm not really into a lot of the "guitar gods" kinda guys.

    i do love keith richards too, ali. and jeff beck. lots of guitarists, really - for lots of reasons.
    i like people who play weird and soulful, rather than technical and flashy.

    i also love the way townes van zandt plays. his cover of "dead flowers" is so much better than the stones' original. and a guy called steve weber from the holy modal rounders. like townes van zandt, he plays that great finger-picked 1920s style bluesy folk like son house or something.
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    Luke hoskin hands down. Been slowly learning his stuff for a decade. Crazy to think he wrote Fortress almost right out of high school.

    Still nowhere near able to play this bad boy though

    Edit: Can’t forget to mention Doug from Built to Spill. Dude has wrote some of the most simple yet beautiful licks I’ve had the pleasure of hearing.
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