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Thread: Methadone & Adderall Combinati

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    Methadone & Adderall Combinati

    Hey guys, so as some of you already may know I am currently on 150mg of Methadone daily through my MMT program. Today I took 60mg of ir adderall on top of 1mg of clonazepam I took way way way earlier in the day. Normally 15-30mg of adderall IR orally would get some serious pep in my step with long lasting effects. I passed out early at around 11 at night even though I Was dosing at least 30mg between 8-8:30. It has to be the methadone blocking the stimulation huh? Normally I?d be gaked lol. What do you guys think?

    I did also take 2 fake Xanax bars early in the evening between 5-8 o? clock at night. Still benzos have never dulled amps like this and these bars seemed kinda trashy. Which ofc pissed me off btw!

    How dangerous is it taking methadone. With adderall? Is the risk of serotonin syndrome that high or even that severe? I guess Methadone must be a lot stronger than it feels for it to dull storms like that? Thoughts and opinions please?

    Also this morning I want to take more addy, I have about 100mg left, 1 fake bar, and 1mg clonazepam. Will probably score some soma?s and perhaps an rc benzo if I can!

    Love you guys❤️!


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    I don't see why taking Adderall with Methadone would be a problem in fact I think it could even be beneficial to some people as I hear methadone is very sedating.

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    Serotonin syndrome or the risk of it?

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    No, I see people worrying about SS a lot on here with every combination of drug but it is very rare and this combination is not a risk for certain.

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    In 70s there was a formula that doctors gave terminal cancer patients called bromton's cocktail. It consisted of either morphine/cocaine or methadone/amphetamine. I've done methadone and adderall before and it created an intense high . Btw , is the clinic allowing you to take benzo's ? When I was going to a MMT clinic they wouldn't allow benzo's

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