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Thread: Long term effects of IV-ing Buprenorphine

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    Long term effects of IV-ing Buprenorphine

    hello all,

    I have been IVing bupe for a few years, about 3-4 if i had to guess. I am wondering, what would the long term effects of bupe IV-ing be? And what sort of time frame would there be for said effects? Reason why i am asking is because i have been experiencing numbness in my arms and hands, to the point where i have to actually look at an item in order for me to grab it. I am unable to make that sort of mental image just from feeling items with my hands. I feel that finger/hand/arm dexterity and strength is still there but I simply cannot feel much. This has been happening for about 1-2 weeks and it was rather sudden. It's something I just noticed one day rather than something that was present for some time, with slowly worsening effects over time. I mostly use my right arm for the IV, as my left is totally shot from my H days. I do feel that the numbness is slightly worse in my right hand but I do not know if it's all in my head, a result of using my right hand for the IV, or simply because I'm a right handed person, so i use it more for everyday tasks. All this said, the numbness is also present in pretty much all areas of my body but my hands is by far the most effected/ most felt. I would very much like to know what the long term effects of pill IV are if anyone has experience with this sort of thing.

    Thank you in advance

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    Are you IVing the strips? I did that for 3 years or so and ALL of my veins has completely disappeared. That thick orange goo just made them rock hard then one by one they turned into nothingness. In terms of HR even street h or IR pills are easier on your veins than those nasty strips. Going to the doctor for a blood sample is a nightmare now. It always ends up with nurses prodding at my feet and arms and hands only to come up empty, then I have to go get a line in my subclavian just to get the few milliliters f blood that they need. It is horrendous.

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    Hi Mr.Deeds,

    Thank you for your reply. I do not believe the strips you are referring to are sold in my country. The bupe I use is named Natzon, it is just buprenorphine without the naloxone or any other substance. I do not feel that they do as much damage as the H did, due to the amount of citric we had to use to dissolve it. That said, I really have no idea what kind of damage they actually do. When I first started IVing these pills some years ago, I found some threads here explaining how the binders in any pill will clog veins over time so I do believe that while I do not feel the damage like I would with citric acid, the damage done with bupe is silent but still present.

    Sometimes I wonder if it's just all in my head, and the numbness is coming from something else. But at the same time, it is too intense to ignore I think. if someone was to pinch me anywhere in my hands or arm, I do feel the pain of the pinch, but I'd have a hard time pinpointing the exact spot of where the pain is coming from. The feeling is akin to when you sleep on your hand and it feels like you have insects running all over it, this is what it feels like when I touch something. I do feel an object, but can't make out the shape of it from feeling alone. It's hard for me to put this into words accurately actually.

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    This sounds like nerve damage. Does it feel like a local anesthetic like lidocaine has been applied to that area? I know that I have had missed shots of bupe and have had complications such as numbness And tingling all around the injection site. I have also had one real bad complication, I had missed a shot of bupe/diphenhydramine. I remember registering and it going fine. But the next moment my hand was going numb. My thumb to the inside of my ring finger. It felt like a novocaine except painful. I couldn't move my fingers for weeks. The pain lasted for months and the numbness finally went away after about a year and a half. I know I hit the vein, no swelling or localized pain at the injection site. Although diphenhydramine is a local anesthetic and I contribute my neuropathy to the dph leaking around a nerve. But I will never know for sure. You are the first person with similar stories regarding numbness and IV bupe that in have talked to. A fucking year and a half without a fully functional dominate hand...ugh.

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    You have to start filtering your bupe better. Micron filters can be bought online.
    As for the viens, might be sign you gotta put the needle down.

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    I used to inject Brand name Subutex/Temgesic pills and Norspan patches 10 years.I used to hit in my left hand.Vein i use to hit,i can feel sometimes this pinching/burning its kind of flash and goes away.
    My little finger has numbness and kind of feelings you described.
    Im almost 100% sure its because of fillers on those pills.If its anyway possible you should try to start snort pills or use really good filters to get all those binders away.

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    I'm almost positive that what destroyed my veins was the strips. It was so thick...and mixed with the thick unisom gel liquid it ruined them.

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    Regardless of whether it's in your head or not you should take some time to invest in micron filters, it will save you plenty of damage in the long run:

    Hope you haven't done any irreversible damage, and that you are able to acquire these in your country.

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