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Thread: Questions about newer series research chems

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    Questions about newer series research chems

    I recently just found a new acid source again, and prior to that I haven't came across Lucy in a long time now. Back when I was big on acid I had no trouble determining whether a blotter was an rc or not... With the bitter tasting nbome's and such! ...but the blotter I picked up recently is strange....... these are virtually flavorless and seem quite like legit Lucy at first, but once the come up began I could tell something felt a little off....not as clean or clear as lsd, but more of a 25x substance type feel to it?! SO HERE'S MY QUESTION!!! is there a new serious of chems that don't have a noticable taste to them like before, or has it just been so long that my trip just felt different than I remember?? it possible I have some sort of RC even though I have flavorless blotter?? (Blotters are thick WoW and non-perferated, just cut into squares...and flavorless as stated above) ...anyone have experience or knowledge of what I might have??

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    There are several LSD analogs out now that are tasteless but most people seem to enjoy them and some say they're better than old school L. If you're worried about this you should get a test kit or better yet a source willing to test anything in front of you before selling it like my favorite local source. A test kit is really cheap and is worth it for the peace of mind it provides.

    I think it's more possible that it's real LSD or something close enough to real LSD that it wouldn't have mattered and you're just having anxiety related to the unknown source/lack of taking these compounds for some time. Every trip is different even from the same batch of good quality LSD. No one here is going to be able to tell you if what you have is really LSD and they don't allow ID threads so I'm sure this will be closed within a few hours.

    Just get a test kit and save yourself the worry.

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    Right on, right on!! I appreciate it ...I was just curious to know if anyone was aware of anything new out now that I hadn't heard of yet!! ....the duration and etc. Were all pretty spot on as well!! ...just a strange body feeling during it, though I'm sure you're's most likely some kinda lsd analog ....I just havent had a dose in so long I was remembering the good stuff bein a little different back in that time!

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    I'd close this myself now, but I'm unsure how to do so

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    I'll close it. Yeah we don't allow "what did I take" threads. Some stuff I will say though, is that LSD and other lysergamides (AL-LAD, ETH-LAD, ALD-52, 1p-LSD, MIPLA) are all tasteless (sometimes the blotter can taste SLIGHTLY bitter from the ink, or slightly metallic)... it's unlikely anyone is passing off another lysergamide as LSD because they're all more expensive to make than LSD. The other drugs that can fit on blotter are all bitter, noticeably bitter. The NBOMes are the most common these days, and not only are they very bitter, they will numb the tongue/mouth.

    But yeah, test kits are your friend.

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