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Thread: Tramadol and alcohol

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    Tramadol and alcohol

    I’ve just taken 50mg of tramadol and I’m currently having a few drinks (no more than 4 vodkas). I’m not used to tramadol as I’ve only taken it a couple of times in my life. I‘ve been reading that this drug is a seizure risk, especially with alcohol so now I’m a bit worried. How likely is this to happen?

    I could add Baclofen or diazepam if that would help. Should I do that? I’d really prefer to avoid diazepam as I don’t want to be messed up in the morning.

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    Hey there. I was diagnosed with a good handful of TBIs (traumatic brain injuries) and had a short bout of seizures. Needless to say, the VA has me on tramadol for pain. And they are not at all worried for me to seize. I take 200mg twice a day.
    Tramadol lowers your seizure threshold. So if you have history of seizures, maybe don?t take it till discussing with your doc.

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    The seizure risk for tram is mostly for doses above 300mg a day but those that are susceptible to seizures can have one on much less tramadol. If you plan on drinking then avoid tramadol but for your current situation i would just stop drinking and wait until another day.

    Do not take any benzos or more downers to counteract the seizure risk. Benzos and alcohol are already a dangerous combo, adding tramadol to the mix is not going to make that any different.

    If you take any benzos now you will get absolutely wrecked and feel like shit in the morning. Plus you have the possibility of blacking out on the benzo + booze combo.

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