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Thread: H dependence

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    H dependence

    So pretty new, my apologies if this is the wrong category or not allowed.

    Quick format for question

    - Addicted to H for 5 years straight
    - IV user
    - Been clean for 14 months while on vivitrol
    - Been past my 28 day mark for vivitrol for about 2 weeks now
    - Used H (IV use) for the past 6 days straight
    - Not very heavy use, under Half g, somoetimes much less, each day.
    -Quitting today, In anyone's experience/opinion how intense, if any, should I expect withdrawals to be, or is it possible physical dependency hasn't fully developed yet?
    - Thanks for any input

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    With your history it wouldn't surprise me if you had mild withdrawals from that kind of use. The brain has a strange way of remembering what level of use you were at before and very quickly readjusting itself to the conditions it was previously in.

    That being said it's probably best to just cold turkey and stick this out. 14 months is a long time off, don't let this little slip up fuck up the great progress you've made.

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    Much appreciated, I'm to hold on to some hope though because 1. Really am quitting again cause my vivitrol is starting up but also, even after actually closer to two weeks since my normal due date I still am.barely feeling anything, so there must be a stacking effect from so many consistent shots that many of my receptors are blocked so hopefully dependency isn't too bad yet. Guess I'll know in 24 have hours at most.

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