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Thread: Kava Kava and Zofran drug Interactions

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    Kava Kava and Zofran drug Interactions

    I've read that Kava alters liver metabolism similarly to grapefruit juice (Cytochrome P450 inhibitor). I am prescribed 8mg of Zofran (Ondansetron) for daily nausea, but am unsure if it's safe to take with Kava. I know that Kava could increase the amount of Zofran I absorb, but does anyone have more information regarding this interaction? Online Zofran is listed as lasting 2-7 hours, so would it be safe to take the Zofran in the morning and then drink the Kava in the afternoon when the Zofran is wearing off?

    Thanks, I appreciate any help

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    Yes, you will be okay. Ive been taking zofran and kava without any problems.

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