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Thread: I?m new here :)

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    I?m new here :)

    Hey everyone im new to this, so I?ve been experimenting with LSD which I love 😍 and MDMA can anyone give me any advice on how much I should use it, there?s nights I?ve taken it 4 days in a row, and still went to work but I?ve heard that you can crash on it what advice do you have for me? And how would I know if I?m getting pure stuff.. I mean I?m told it is but do you really know

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    Welcome to BL!!

    Your questions are resolved in other threads published in this same forum. Try to find the information for yourself.


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    4 nights in a row is way too much. It differs from person to person and because you are new you will not run into negative side-effects that quickly. Generally once a month is considered the minimum. More often than that is possible but it is likely you will experience tolerance (needing more to get the same effects) after a while and it is also likely you will start to see side-effects should you make it a habit of rolling more often than once a month. This is a rule of thumb and as I said it differs from person to person but you want to avoid side-effects completely, once they show up once they will usually show up more quickly after that if you keep using too often

    MDMA is not the kind of drug to do weekly for extended periods. You might get away with it every once in a while but sooner or later that will come back to bite you. Also, order a testkit online so you can have an indication of other added drugs next to MDMA

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    You can order tests to check the purity of your MDMA here:

    As has already been said, four nights in a row is way too much. It doesn't get much better then MDMA, but with incredible highs come incredible lows, and this drug has a dark side that you really do not want to come across.

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    Greetings fellow greenlighter

    As said above all the information can be found within the forums. If you're unable to find any information online regarding a question you have please don't hesitate to post a topic.

    -4 Nights is a row is far to excessive and you'll do serious neurotoxic damage to your serotonin receptors.
    -Testing kits can be purchased all over the web just google "ecstasy test kit". I have never consumed an unidentified substance without testing because you never know what it may contain in terms of adulterants and active psychoactive drugs. Please be careful.

    PLUR scatterday.

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