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Thread: Adderall and traveling to Mexico

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    Adderall and traveling to Mexico

    Hi all,

    I have a quick question SWIM will be traveling to Cancun in a week, first time on an airplane and first time leaving the country. We are going to be there 4 days and wanted to bring some adderall however none of us have a prescription for it so since I'm completely clueless to how airport security works and even more clueless as to how Mexico security works so I wanted to know would they check the pills if I put the adderall in one of my old prescription bottles that was for a different medicine? Or what would the best way? And also is it better to put it in the checked bag or carry on? I'm nervous mainly because I have no clue what to expect or if they check or what not. Any advice or tips would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Good evening. First of all. Don't use this acronym SWIM here please. I am attaching a link that might help answer your question. As far as them checking what's inside the actual bottle, I can't guarantee that they will or will not. I don't think they have time to look up every medication that tries to go through security but I do think it is best that you keep it on your person.

    Good luck.

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    Would it be better to find a similar looking over the coubter pill to mix the bottle with or just put it in one of my random prescription bottles?

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    I'm interested. Why don't you like SWIM, because you know it is the person who is asking for themselves and not SWIM? I always thought that was funny the SWIM - cheers

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    I always put my special meda in a bottle of medium or ibuprofen or some shit and have them in my carry on. But honestly this doesn't seem like an appropiate place to ask this question. I'm no mod or anything but this whole thread can be looked at by ANYBODY and I don't want anybody going through my otc meds at security because some guy asked this question on the internet.
    But then again maybe I shouldn't have even answered it to begin lol

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    Best way to avoid problems is to bring a container documenting your legal prescription of your meds. Or a document, like an official note from your doctor. I can?t imagine they?d give you a hard time, especially with some kind of legal documentation it?s your medicine.

    Unforetunatrly we don?t discuss legal issues in BL or how people should travel with drugs, so I will have to close this.

    And FYI swim is also not allowed. Use normal pronouns please; SWIM essentially means me to DLE anyways.

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