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Thread: pry-Tryptamine (4HO & 5MeO).. Anyone know what's going on??

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    pry-Tryptamine (4HO & 5MeO).. Anyone know what's going on??

    Does anyone know what is actually going on at this compound? But recently I read it again and found it to be quite the odd compound. It's almost kind of scary it's like the onset of the drug causes serotonin syndrome type things when people end up blacking out I've heard of a story of someone being sold 5-MeO-pry-T instead of 3-MeO-PCP. And I've also came across tit on some research chemical sites I wonder why they would even sell this unless it was for studying purposes. It would be interesting to know the LD50 and the toxicology of this compound because it seems to cause a horrible reaction at just 0.5 mg (500ug) seems to be quite a small amount almost hard to weigh on a scale.. by the way this sounds it sounds like it would be up there with some of the other lethal poisons people used to kill people with. Unless it just causes a bad time and it takes a lot to kill somebody but that is unknown because the only known human trial has been with Shulgin.

    Anybody who has any idea about info on this please comment below I plan on investigating it myself once I get a lab up and running I still got some school to go through to but I do want to study this compound. This is off topic but I also Bromo-DragonFLY since it was synthesized around my birthday I feel as if I have a calling to this compound. Anyways back home topic if you know any thing or have some ideas of what it possibly could be doing and its mode of action that would be great I read somewhere on an old Bluelight post about this some people were saying something to do with an Alpha-Blocker and I would have to agree it does sound similar but I'm just not sure there needs to be more studies done on this toxic compound. I tried to reply to that post but it was in 2007 and is no longer able to be replied to. Anyways thanks let me know and everyone have a good day

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    Are you ok? You sound kinda inchocherant right now tbh.
    Are you talking about 5 Meo Pyr t? I wouldn't bother with it unless amnesia is your thing..
    Any Pyr-t analogs look like trash. Most are inactive the only one that seems active is 5-meo-pyr-t but the effects look horrible, vomiting, amenesia, etc...

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    No I just was wondering the toxicology of this compound and I wonder why it acts in the way it does I wonder what receptors it works on because of the weird structure how the methyl group is turn to a pyrrolidine ring..

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    The amnestic effects make me guess that maybe there's some activity on 5-HT6 or 5-HT7 receptors, which have been suspected to have some effects on memory (last time I checked, not aware of the recent literature on them though).

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    That's interesting cuz the 5-HT6 receptor seems to have links to Alzheimer's disease I wonder if this is a pro drug to cause Alzheimer's..

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    Wonder why people start flailing around and their skin can turn to look weird for some time after. I wonder how your body breaks down the molecule..

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