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Thread: 170mg Adderall & 6.5mg Xanax yesterday

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    Thumbs up 170mg Adderall & 6.5mg Xanax yesterday

    So yesterday my boyfriend took 170 mg of IR adderall in a 12 hour span and 3 mg of Xanax with it (in the 12 hour time span) to soothe the side effects. Thing is he couldn?t sleep, so he ended up taking an extra 3.5 mg of Xanax to help him fall asleep for total of 6.5 mg of Xanax in a 15 hour time span.

    He was only able to sleep like 3 hours and he tells me he thinks his poor sleep quantity and quality had to do with the last dosage of 3.5 mg of Xanax he took to force himself to sleep.

    I told him that whenever I took Xanax to try and sleep years ago (I only tried it 3 times before discarding it) I quickly realized I couldn?t sleep for a long time, usually was for 3-5 hours and I always woke up tired and drowsy.

    Anyways, he complains to me that he is super tired today but has to work all day. He asked me for my opinion on whether or not he should take more adderall today to wake up and get through his work day. I said I didn?t want to be responsible for his sudden death lmao. But for real... I love him and I told him to take a 7 day cleanse from adderall after today and he agreed. I told him I?d research it anyways on my lunch break... and landed on bluelight, so PLEASE someone shed some wisdom.

    ***To be clear, the question posed here is: if a man took 170 mg of adderall yesterday along with 6.5 mg of Xanax, then slept for 3 hours, woke up tired but has to go to work, then what?s the max amount of adderall a bluelight member with experience would take or has taken in a similar situation?
    *Lmao, he said he already took 50 mg of adderall with a cup of coffee and he?s still struggling.... oh lord. How much more should/could he take?

    Thank you in advance for any help anyone can provide.

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    Welcome to Bluelight Sorry to hear about his predicament, but his inability to sleep had nothing to do with the xanax and everything to do with taking far too much adderall.

    He needs to just grin and bear being so foolish yesterday. It won't kill him to not use drugs to stay awake, unless being alert is essential for his job, in which case he should go home.

    I'm afraid if he keeps taking more, he will never get any quality sleep and this cycle will get worse.

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    If he keeps taking adderall he?s going to end up in the same situation tomorrow. With this kind of scenario you just have to suck it up and accept you?re gonna feel run down. Sure he can take more adderall to wake up but that?s gonna leave him with the same sleep problems as last night, then tomorrow he?s really going to be fucked.

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    Ive done this before. it is pretty cool. 4 Mg xanax and 225 Mg dexedrine (24 hour period) it is the only way to consume these high amounts of amps without your head Chaffing out from neurotoxicity upon redosing etc.

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    OP, are you familiar with a term regarding certain drugs known as the "therapeutic index"? Well, if not, put on your top hats kids and hop aboard the magic school bus, because we're going to the circus.

    The therapeutic index, at least for our use, implies the range of dosages for a given medication from the threshold of subjective effects ----> Death.

    Opioids, for sake of our lesson, have a very small "therapeutic index". The dosage required to treat pain effectively is often dangerously close to the dosage that will cause death by excessive respiratory depression. Opioids have a small or narrow therapeutic index. Amphetamines are the antithesis in many ways.

    The body can tolerate dosages of Amphetamine that you would probably consider insane. Does this mean it's good practice or not harmful? Absolutely not. Will your boyfriend be able to keep his job and have anything resembling a normal life and/or social relationships while taking ~200mg Amphetamine/~8mg Alprazolam (Xanax) in an evening's time? Probably not, or, not for long.

    The answer to your question, in short, is that your boyfriend will probably not die if he chooses to take more Amphetamine. I absolutely discourage doing this from a point of Harm Reduction and basic compassion for my peers. Sure, he's not going to die, or likely won't die, but that does not mean he is not doing damage, whether acute or chronic, to his physical and psychological being. These types of binges do end and they usually are not pleasant when they do.

    Probably okay. Totally unadvisable.

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    170mg is a lot ..

    that would of kept me awake for days

    also i find it harder to sleep on speed if i started watching p0rn because it gets your juices running and stimulates you more lol

    you have to get to the root of the problem and figure out why hes doing so much , if hes prescribed it thats obviously not the doctors recommended dose.

    basically a happy person that loves himself would not be taking 170mg of there is something going on there and he might need to seek help .
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    ^ LOL, You hit the nail on the head. Nothing will keep making you take more adderall like porn and no one around.

    But wow! 170mg and couldn't sleep? You don't say. LOL

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