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Thread: Opioid Conversion Chart

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    Opioid Conversion Chart

    Opioid Conversion Chart

    This chart was compiled from several online sources. It must be kept in mind that everybody's body is different, and that street drugs are always of questionable purity. This chart should only be interpreted as a loose starting point. When in doubt, start low and work your way up to the effects you desire. You can always take more of a substance, but you can never take less.


    Morphine 10 mg IV =
    Morphine range 20-80mg;
    Codeine - 120 mg*
    Fentanyl - 0.1 mg
    Sufentanil - 0.014 mg
    Hydromorphone - 1.5 mg
    Levorphanol - 2 mg
    Meperidine - 75 mg
    Methadone - 5-10mg Acute/ 1.25-5mg Chronicw
    Heroin - 6 mg?€
    Oxycodone - 10-15mg
    Oxymorphone - 1 mg
    Buprenorphine - 0.3 mg

    * only IM/SC route; IV codeine is lethal

    ?€ this is a pharmaceutical grade heroin dose (morphine diacetate or also known as di-acetyl-morphine); street heroin varies in potency and purity, so use with caution.


    Morphine 30 mg PO =
    Morphine range 20-80mg; Chronic Morphine = ~ 30mg

    Heroin = 15-20mg/ variable and dose dependent
    Codeine = 200 mg/Prodrug for morphine - variable
    Hydrocodone = 30 mg
    Oxycodone = 20 mg (range 15-30mg)
    Hydromorphone = 7.5 mg/ 5-10mg
    Oxymorphone = 10 mg
    Methadone = 2.5-10 mg?€
    Levorphanol = 4 mg
    Meperidine = 300mg Neurotoxic in high doses; produces normepiridine
    Tramadol = 150 mg§
    Dihydrocodeine = 100 mg
    Dextropropoxyphene = 130-200 mg*(varies based on dosage form)

    Alt routes?

    ?€ Note: Equianalgesic dosing ratios between methadone and other opioids are complex, thus requiring slow, cautious conversion

    § Tramadol is not a typical opioid, many even find it more stimulatory in effect and thus it will have varying effects from person to person

    * Inconclusive data

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