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    The Kratom Thread

    Edit-This is the thread for collected experiences and discussions related to kratom. This thread should be used to answer any and all questions about the use of kratom as a medicine/ drug.

    I am in the process of breaking a 3 year long various opiate habit that has gone up and down, but has always been with me. It has ranged from 2 80 mg oxys a day, down to only one or two percs/vics, then back up to more oxys, or a large amount of pods. I have never quit for more than a week. WIthdrawing from the pods was a huge reality check- it sucked. It is time to prioritize my life, and get back on track (or at least make a better atempt this time).

    I am trying to use Kratom for this. I will taper the best way I know how. It has actually been effective for keeping me four days clean, but then I ran out yesterday before my next order and couldnt stand the lethargy and anxiety ( I have a horrendously hard physical labor job- not withdrawal freindly), so I took some oxycodone.
    I know nothing of the pharmacology of Kratom, but it seems like it is missing something that other opiates have- and I mean that in a good way. After using the Kratom for four days, I started getting that "gitty" feeling back that I have longed for so long. It is almost like certain senses that I forgot I had were turned back on despite the Kratom. It almost felt like I was clean for months. I felt like testosterone was once again coursing through my veins, my sex drive was way up, my eyes became clearer, I was no longer pale looking, and I had great feelings of emotions that I hadn't had in a long time. I was content just blasting my music, exercising, and smoking ciggarettes. The only problem was that these feelings came and went throughout the course of the day.
    Then I ran out of Krat and took some Oxy. The oxy of course made me feel good, but afterwards, I felt like I was all the way back to square one. The next day I didn't have any of the "giddy" feeling like I had the first four days, I was once again pale, and I was extremely lethargic and anxious. I was extremely dissapointed and I can't wait till I get my Kratom Fed-Exed tommorow.

    Anyhow, the point being is that I have to ask if anyone else has had similiar feeling while quitting the opiates with Kratom? I have tried to taper with other weaker opiates in the past, but just felt like I was miserable the whole time then ended up relapsing. WIth the Kratom it seems like there is something different. I feel like I am a month clean after just a few days (yeah I know there will also be problems when it comes time to quit the Krat- but I can deal with that). I feel much more balanced, I have amplified emotions (the good kind), and I almost feel like a kid again. Maybe it is something to do with the Kratom's interaction with seretonin levels?
    Anyhow I feel it is possible to utilize this wonderful plant for curbing the depression and lethargy that goes along with opiate withdrawal. I haven't been successful yet in quitting, but I wont stop trying.

    [edit- Pega] I'd like to hear more about other people's experiences with using kratom to come off opiates. I have had such a positive time, as have others, and I'd just like to hear more from people who have tried it about their experiences, to hopefully gain some insight on how common kratom usage for this purpose is and how common "glowing" responses are... Also good would be really any comments or tips for people using or thinking of using kratom to come off of opiates.
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