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Thread: antidepressant properties of kratom?

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    antidepressant properties of kratom?

    I recent started experimenting with kratom, and I have noticed a slightly improved mood the day after dosing. I know that kratom has some maoi activity but I really have no idea how strong it is. This week I switched from dosing strongly periodically to taking just two tablespoons of regular powdered leaf every night. Its not enough to provide any euphoria, but does give me a sense of relation and helps with getting to sleep. Interestingly, my mood has generally improved throughout the next day. I am getting along with my colleagues better, and studying seems to be a little less draining. Overall I have noticed a brighter mood and less anxiety. Has anyone else experienced these of effects with daily use at a non-recreational level? Also, I have cut my drinking in half from 6 beers a night to 2-3 because I just don't feel like I need it anymore. I am starting to wonder about the possibility of increasing tolerance with daily use (but I suspect that tolerance wont be as much of an issue with such a small dose). Also, I'm wondering about the possibility of addiction even with a small daily dose.

    Anyone have some insight?

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    Ive heard no such claim that kratom has an MAO property. I know St Johns Wort does. As far as anti depressant properties, sure I agree. I also agree that subutex/suboxone would be effective and appropriate to be used as an anti depressant in serious and treatment resisant depression.

    Kratom has effects on some opioid receptors; i've done a lot of experimenting with it actually, and yes, if gives you a boost. It is however, addictive [not that bupe isnt], and its long term effects really have not been studied sufficiently. You just hear of those dark sunken cheeks long term users get.

    1 more point - a double edged sword - it is rather difficult to ingest kratom efficiently, as it caused nausea at higher doeses. This prevents further abuse.

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    yeah I guess you are right about kratom not having any MAOI action. I must have been then thinking about something else, maybe kava. I know about the mu activity, but I have never hear of opiates being used for depression.

    maybe I'm just feeling better because I don't drink as much when I take kratom.

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    taking just two tablespoons of regular powdered leaf every night. Its not enough to provide any euphoria
    Holy #[email protected]! I have quite a bit of experience with kratom in the last 6 months since starting to use it. I have done it at least 50 times now with the maximum amount I used in a day being maybe about 20 grams. Anyhow I was quite addicted a few times,and just quit again about a week ago,after only a 3 day binge because on the last morning I couldnt get out of bed until about 2:00 due to feeling so horrible. Anyhow a few days later I was feeling rather depressed,probably from withdrawls, so I thought I would try another dose of kratom again,telling myself that I wouldnt do it more than one day in a row to see if that would make it easier to deal with. Around ten oclock after vaping weed with a couple buddys and feeling pretty good, I went to Starbucks to grab a green tea frappacinno. This is my favorite thing to mix my kratom into. The green tea really blends well with the kratom,since the matcha powder is also powdered leaf,and green tea has very relaxing qualities as well. I mixed about 1 1/2 Tbsps in very thoroughly and started feeling really great within minutes after starting to drink it . I wasnt expecting much by the way,because this particular kratom I had didnt get me very high before,so I just stuck it in a drawer in case of emergency,like bad withdrawls. I should also mention that I drank a small bottle of grapefruit cocktail(sweetend with sugar) ,because I have read that it can potentiate drugs like kratom. Anyhow I ended up getting higher than Ive ever been on kratom that night,it was totally awesome,mentally ,spiritually and physically too. I was so high I didnt sleep at all that night,and still felt pretty good the next day for someone with no sleep. It was like an amazing revelation . I would therefore very strongly recommend anyone using kratom to try grapefruit juice next time. I would also recommend to keep your doses low like under 10 grams,and not to dose more than once in a day. These things will help keep your tolerence down,and besides the more you do the more likely you will get sick. Aside from my stomach issues,my heavy usage also affected my sleep very badly and this is why I would have a brutal time getting up in the morning. Even though I still liked the buzz,the negatives just werent worth the positives. Anyhow I think I am on the right path now,since I now have a very serious respect for this incredible plant,and will no longer be taking any more than I know I can handle. I have been using small amounts daily for the past several days,usually around 5:00 . I dont want to take it earlier,because I want to stay busy during the day,and I dont want to take it late,because I want to be coming down,when I am ready to go to sleep so I know I will get a decent REM stage sleep. Hopefully people reading this who are using kratom or want to try kratom will heed this advice ,or some of it anyhow and come back and let us know what you think.

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    ^please don't bump dead threads to post trip reports. We have the Trip Reports forum for that purpose.

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