I recent started experimenting with kratom, and I have noticed a slightly improved mood the day after dosing. I know that kratom has some maoi activity but I really have no idea how strong it is. This week I switched from dosing strongly periodically to taking just two tablespoons of regular powdered leaf every night. Its not enough to provide any euphoria, but does give me a sense of relation and helps with getting to sleep. Interestingly, my mood has generally improved throughout the next day. I am getting along with my colleagues better, and studying seems to be a little less draining. Overall I have noticed a brighter mood and less anxiety. Has anyone else experienced these of effects with daily use at a non-recreational level? Also, I have cut my drinking in half from 6 beers a night to 2-3 because I just don't feel like I need it anymore. I am starting to wonder about the possibility of increasing tolerance with daily use (but I suspect that tolerance wont be as much of an issue with such a small dose). Also, I'm wondering about the possibility of addiction even with a small daily dose.

Anyone have some insight?