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Thread: Experimenting with Kava, Kratom and More - Advice for a newb?

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    Experimenting with Kava, Kratom and More - Advice for a newb?


    I recently have been going through researching information about various herbal drugs that are legal (in most places) in an attempt to find out as much as possible before embarking on my endeavor to try some of nature's lesser known mind-altering substances.

    I had been wondering what sort to order online, and what would be the best for my experience as a newbie to this realm. I am pretty sure I will be ordering Kava Kava, Salvia Divinorium (which I have tried before), and Kratom. I was also contemplating Blue/White Lotus as well, but figure I may have only enough funds for the three.

    In terms of Kava Kava, I had read that powdered root is the best. I recently bought a tincture at Whole Foods and tried 3 droppers full, with no effects, only mild sedation. So I figure that i may end up buying ground root paste from an online vendor I found.

    I was curious, are there are forms of Kava people recommend? I have heard the way to consume it is with powdered root in a shake of some sort, but I wonder if anyone has tried other methods.

    In terms of the Kratom, I have read a lot of talk about UEI, or Ultra Enhanced Indonesian Kratom. I have also heard of Indo Mash, but I haven't find much in the way of information on it. UEI seems to be a favorite of Kratom aficionados, but with so many types out there, it is difficult for me to figure what I should choose from. From the posts I've read, Bali Kratom seems to have more or a sedative effect, while UEI is more of a stimulant, and less of a dose is required for strong effects. I was contemplating ordering some of both, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me, considering I have never tried it before. I have also read of Kratom extracts (and Kratom Resin), but I am unsure about the effects of this, has anyone experimented with it? Also, I am assuming that Kratom is taken orally, but does anyone have any preferred preparation methods I could try? I know that Salvia Divinorium is mainly consumed via smoking, but I wonder if that is possible with Kratom as well, but perhaps not recommended for the best effects.

    If anyone has any suggestions about other legal herbs that might be good to try via online acquiring, and preferred preparation/dosage methods, or particular types (Bali/Thai Kratom vs UEI Kratom) I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance!
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