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    Trihexyphenidyl - First Time - Hallucinations from hell! 
    [This is my oldest Trip report - this was 30 years ago]

    My brother told me that he had taken Artane (Trihexyphenidyl) a few days before. He had taken two or three pills ( I believe they were 1mg each – but I can’t be sure anymore) and they had made him feel great – somewhat giddy and uncoordinated – somewhat like alcohol, but without the clouding of thought and reason. Our mutual friend was willing to share his medication, so that evening we all met up and I took three of the pills, and waited for the effects to come on. We were in a bar, drinking beer (probably a *really* bad idea) and talking. After an hour or so I started to feel it come on. It was not as strong as I had anticipated, and I asked our friend if I could take another two pills, which he gave me. The rest of the night is a blur – I never remembered the details, except for one. I kept asking him for more pills – a fact which I kept from my brother, as we had something of a rivalry relationship, and I did not want it to become a pill popping competition. I do remember feeling euphoric – and stumbling around a lot. I remember laughing a lot - but not a lot else. This was Artane. I could definitely do it again, I had thought. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I was staying at the hotel at which we were drinking – a grubby room on the 4th floor. At some point I stumbled up to bed and collapsed, assuming that I was likely to have a killer hangover in the morning. And that – I thought – was the end of that.

    I awoke around 7 am feeling a little spaced, but not too bad, all things considered, and sat up in bed. To my shock I noticed a bundle at the foot of the bed in which something appeared to be wrapped. I heard the sounds of muffled breathing and sobs, and examined the bundle, and found in it – to my complete horror, a baby. But it was wrapped up so tightly in the blanket, that I could not get it unwrapped and exposed. It was struggling for breath, and the labored breathing struck the fear of god into me. It was suffocating. I tried frantically to unwrap the blankets, but I was still feeling the effects of the Artane, and I was too clumsy to get it undone – my hands would not behave in the way that I wanted them to. I needed to get help – and fast. I went to the door of my brother’s room, which was adjacent to mine, and knocked on the door. There was no response. I knocked again, harder, and called out his name. Still no response. I ran downstairs to reception, and asked them to call up to his room. The guy in the lobby did so, but got no answer. I knew he was there, so insisted that he try again – and again there was no response. I ran back upstairs and banged on the door again, this time shouting his name, but there was silence.

    I was by this point fear stricken, and acting in total panic. I went back into my room – to find that the baby was still alive – thank god – but that I could somehow still not unravel it from the entangled blankets. I looked out of my window, and saw two of my friends going into the pharmacy across the road. I knew that they would help me, so I ran down the 4 flights of stairs – the elevator would have taken too long - and I wanted to catch them before they left the store. I made it there in less than a minute, but on entering the store found that it was empty, bar the pharmacist. I asked him where they had gone, insisting that I had seen them enter just a minute before, but he told me that he had not seen anyone in 15 minutes. I raced out of the store, frustrated and angry, and headed back to the hotel. I summoned the elevator, and before I could enter, I saw two more of my friends, from my home town a thousand miles away, coming into the hotel and into the elevator. I walked through the door and found it elevator empty. I could not understand, and went to look out the front door of the hotel to see where they had gone – but they were not in sight. I went back to the elevator and pressed the button for my floor – turned around and saw that they were in the elevator – I must have just missed them the last time in my panic.

    I told them about the baby in my bed and asked for their help, but they just stared at me blankly, as though they had not heard. I asked them why they would not talk to me and was greeted with the same stony response. The elevator arrived at my floor and I exited, waiting for them to come out too – but they did not. However, the elevator was empty. Nonplussed, I turned around, and saw them just leaving the corridor through the fire escape. I rushed after them, and ran up the fire escape to the top of the building – but they had again eluded me. I ran back down the fire escape and to my brother’s door and banged on it again. I heard the sounds of muffled laughter coming from within – obviously my brother had brought his girlfriend back with him – and they were having fun and did not want to be interrupted. I banged again and the laughter continued. By this point I was starting to get angry. This was an emergency. What the hell was wrong with them? I went back to the lobby and told the desk-bot to call the room again. Again he told me that they were not there. I insisted that they were as I had heard them, and got him to call a few more times.

    I ran back up the stairs and went to his door. I could hear the shower running, so I knew that he was in there. At this point I was becoming extremely angry and agitated. I went into my room and checked the baby, who was still breathing. I opened my window and looked out. There was a very narrow ledge running from my room to my brothers. I saw that his window was open, and in my utter desperation decided that there was only one thing to do. If I was very careful, I could climb along the ledge and enter his room through the open window. It was dangerous. There was nothing to hold onto. In order to do it, there would be a point where I would have to let go of my own window, take two steps, and grab onto his. Under normal circumstances there was no way in hell I would even consider it – and I am a good climber, and something of a daredevil. But there was a life at stake, and I needed to act.

    I climbed out of my window onto the ledge, and waited a moment while I got my balance and mastered my fear. I went through the maneuver in my head several times. There would be no time to think on the way. There could be no hesitation, or I would not have the momentum to reach his window, and in the absence of handholds would likely fall the 4 floors to my own death. I breathed, took in the details of the ledge and where I would put my feet, got ready, and let go of my window. One stride – two strides – grab!! I had it. I did it. I was OK. I had to climb around the outside of the window, which by comparison was easy and dropped myself into his room. I was so angry at this point I was almost ready to hit him.

    But to my complete surprise and confusion, the room was empty. They must have just left as I climbed out of my window. Maybe they finally heard my knocking and went to see what all the fuss was about. My emotions were spinning out of control, and I walked to his door – opened it – and left the room and headed for the stairs. As I got there I saw my brother coming up the stairs. He had just turned the last corner, and was about 15 feet below me on the stairwell. When I saw him I became utterly enraged. All the frustration of this entire event had brought me to the point of snapping. My eyes were wide, and I was practically foaming at the mouth. I blurted out something – I don’t remember my words – to convey my anger at what had happened. I was blood red in the face, and for the first and only time in my entire life I was ready to kill. I was going to kick his fucking teeth in and break every bone in his body – the *bastard*. I was just about to attack when I heard him say:

    “Stop – you’re hallucinating!!”

    “What?” I thought to myself, still on the rampage. “You’re *hallucinating*!!” he said again. I stopped dead in my tracks – and like a tumbling mosaic of dominoes, the word s rippled back through the events of the morning. There was a baby in my bed – but one that I could not unravel. My friends going into the pharmacy, yet no-one was there - all of the unanswered phone calls - my friends in the elevator – from my home town who would not speak to me - chasing them up the fire escape yet not finding them on the roof – and the sounds of my brother and his girlfriend taking a shower, yet we did not have showers in our rooms. All of it – everything – I had imagined it all – even though I could quite literally see it – and hear it – none of it was real.

    Fortunately it all got through before I attacked him. He asked me how many of the pills I had taken and I told him. He told me that he had taken an extra two as well, and had experienced mild hallucinations that morning – but nothing as severe as mine. He left me alone after a while, and I had to face one of the longest and most confusing days of my life. People kept appearing in my room, and hiding under the bed, or in a closet. Each time it was completely real, but I was at least armed with the truth. This was not real. I was hallucinating. As the day wore on, the visions faded, and by the next morning it was over, and I was back to normal.

    When I first heard the horror stories about LSD, which is sometimes completely inaccurately referred to as an hallucinogen, I assumed that it was something like this experience, and took extra care in doing serious research before finally trying it. Artane – now *this* truly was an hallucinogen. It had simply not occurred to me that the main effects of the drug would manifest themselves the next day. The giddy inebriation of the night before was only the opening act, and the main show had followed the next morning.

    I suffered no long term damage from the experience. But I had almost killed myself by climbing out of that window, and I had almost killed my brother, in the blood hot rage that the hallucinations had created in me.

    I realize that this is not a drug that is likely to be used recreationally – especially in this world of freedom of information. But I am posting the story, in part to purge the memories, but also to serve as a warning to anyone who might be as foolish as I was, and might take a mind altering substance, based on the word of a single user – and without proper research.

    Artane – don’t do it.

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    Yeah, those sound like typical effects of an anticholinergic deliriant. Nothing really enjoyable about these, but few people seem to be into that sort of stuff. Personally, I wouldn't touch them with a stick - if I want to dream I prefer doing it when I'm asleep

    Another great report by you, TheMerryPrankster, I always enjoy reading your posts. Please keep them coming
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    that story should be read to every 14-year-old that wants to take datura because he`s ran out of weed

    bad trip, good report.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brainbug View Post
    that story should be read to every 14-year-old that wants to take datura because he`s ran out of weed

    bad trip, good report.
    Thanks. You're right. There has to be a hundred permutations of this story...
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    I want to try Artane now. I've never hallucinated that severe and I've done lsd, molly, e, weed, mushrooms, etc. Great report. kept me reading.
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    Quote Originally Posted by talldan View Post
    I want to try Artane now. I've never hallucinated that severe and I've done lsd, molly, e, weed, mushrooms, etc. Great report. kept me reading.
    You really *don't* want to do it. The hallucinations were not fun at all - frightening, and with no insight or reward. I was foolish to do a substance I knew nothing about. I've done a lot of psychedelics - and I would love to try the ones that I haven't - but I would never, under any circumstances, do Artane again. The hallucinations are *so* convincing - I could have easily killed myself. I would definitely *not* recommend trying this.
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    Scary shit. Stories like these keep me away. I aim for a better understanding not to melt into a delirious mess, when it comes to tripping. Great report, hopefully people will read it and think twice
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    Sounds a lot like Ambien... from somewhere beyond hell.
    Jesus christ. I've never heard of this drug before. Of course I did go through a stage in my life where I was set on trying Datura, Belladonna, even high doses of Diphenhydramine. Now I'm glad I decided to keep my distance.

    Yep. All-knowing Wikipedia says that Trihexyphenidyl is an "antiparkinsonian drug of the Muscarinic class." Same family as scopolamine, atropine, and I'm guessing muscimol. Scary stuff.

    And for some reason its legal... Assumedly for the benefits it gives Parkinson's patients.
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    Hey Prankster. Another good report. No matter how many times I read these reports of people taking deliriants and bugging they are always entertaining and interesting to read. That James Bond move you pulled off is just the icing on the cake for this story. Total freakiness combined with life or death situation makes an interesting read as well as a good warning to all those kiddies desperate enough to consider taking this type of crap.

    I myself have absolutely no interest in trying this class of drugs but I find the descriptions of this waking dream state fascinating.
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    Excellent report. I had never heard of this drug, but now I'm not too intrigued anyways. Again, one of the better trip reports I've ever read.
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    Deliriants are really fascinating. I've always wondered how whole hallucinatory objects and people would fit themselves into my own experience. I assume there must be substantial impairment of logical thought. If I ever procure a straitjacket I might consider giving one a shot.

    This is one more report, though far better written than most, on the heap of freaky dangerous reports of their abuse. Their stories are among the most entertaining on Erowid--though I've learned to skip ahead to make sure no one dies so I can enjoy them more.

    I worked with a kid my senior year of high school at a garden center; he and his friends used to stuff loads of Dramamine and codeine in their mouths. He told me stories of spotting the monster from the movie "Mimic" behind his basement stairs, and seeing cars, yes cars, disappear and re-appear as he drove around the city. One of his friends went to a party without the company of familiars on the combo and got lonely. Despondent, he sought solace from his grandmother. As pieced together later from spotty memory: He picked up a pocket notebook, flipped it open thinking it was his cell, dialed the college rule, and, with disturbed party goers looking on, had a reassuring conversation with grandma Mead.
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    This one, I think, was more suspenseful to read than the last one; so, another good one.

    I've never even heard of artane.
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    Great report man! i have never heard of artane either until now, sounds shitty!

    keep the great posts commin'!
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    I think that most people have not heard of it. It's *not* a recreational drug - but back then, especially where I was living (South Africa), there were not a lot of drugs around, so there were more incidents of people trying to get high off things that would not generally be a drug of choice. As I mentioned, the evening that I took it was not unpleasant, and if that had been all there was to it, I would possibly have tried it again. I'm sure it has it's value as an anti-parkinsons drug (in the correct dosage). I was extremely reckless back then - and this was one of the stupidis moves I ever made (the other was eating the inside of a Benzedrex inhaler to get the 50mg of Benzedrine - but it also contains camphor and other shit and I dotally OD'd and was licky I didn't die).

    I posted this one as an actual warning. I would say 100% - do not take this drug. While it is certainly a fascinating peek into the strange mechanations of the brain - selective hallucinations that appear to be as completely real as the things that *are* real, produced randomly by subconscious thought - the hallucinations are in no way pleasant, and I don't think that the subconscious flotsum brought to the surface had any aspect of enlightenment.

    If anyone were ever tempted to try this experience - simply as a scientific experiement - I would say that it's *critical* to have a sitter with you *all* of the time. One should not be left on their own at all - the risk is simply too great. I could have so easily fallen to my death - and while on the way down I might have felt my death was somewhat noble as I was trying to save the life of a suffocating baby - the truth is that my death would have been caused by a random figment of my imagination.

    I can think of a million dodgy drugs that I would take before doing Artane again. If you want to move so far from reality - then DMT offers true hallucinations that are considerably more disorienting, and infinitely more enjoyable, with visions that actually have psychedelic meaning.

    [And yes - I do accept that the DMT visions may not in fact be hallucinations as such - but the first time they certainly seem to be hallucinations. I will be posting a few of my more extraordinary DMT reports sometime soonish as well.]
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    Hah, wow. That is really something. I can't believe a person can actually hallucinate all of that. Crazy story man keep em coming.
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    I can't wait for your DMT reports, TheMerryPrankster. I always enjoy reading those tremendously, especially when written by someone with great literary talents such as yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Recept View Post
    I can't wait for your DMT reports, TheMerryPrankster. I always enjoy reading those tremendously, especially when written by someone with great literary talents such as yourself.
    Thanks a lot. I'll do one next. DMT is going to most likely be as hard to describe as Gascid - more actually. No matter how far I have been on Gascid, it's never been as far as DMT. It's easier to describe Gascid, as it is still relevant tothis reality - this planet - this solar system. DMT - crossover experiences at least - tend to be transdimensional - there is simply no yardstick in this reality (even with psychedelics to help) to use as a frame of reference for DMT. I have a few intense DMT memories from the first two crossover experiences. I think I will write one of them next.

    I did a short DMT thread shortly after the gascid post - it was called "Who is the DMT God?" but it didn't really take off.
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    Great story, well deserves a bump
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    Beyond the beyond.
    Holy shit, this was an awesome TR. Up there with Datura trips!
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    Fascinating report, the thought of being so far from reality without being able to recognize it is scary.
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    Good read!

    So when you found out you was hallucinating, you knew all subsequent hallucinations was just that? That sounds like a drug i wouldn't mind trying..

    I've done diphenhydramine a handful of times but when i was full blown gone i would literally forget i had taken anything.. even if someone reminded me i would forget again within a minute.. Nasty stuff.
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    Hey MerryPrankster! After reading your horrifying report about your experience with Artane, I'd like to try to put into words what I experienced with this drug very many years ago. I was living in South Africa too at the time - the country where I was born and grew up.

    It was a friday afternoon and my friend and I were visiting the guy who introduced me to weed and where we could smoke and listen to cool music we had never heard before. I was about 15 and my friend was even younger.

    The guy we were visiting had often mentioned this 'Artane' word but had never told me about his experiences with it. While he was out of the room I suddenly saw a whole lot of the pills lying there somewhere, and on impulse I took a whole handful and gave my friend some too which she also swallowed.

    I really don't remember how I got home but I do remember very well just how shocked my mother was about the 'state' I was in. She called a doctor who came around to our house and gave me some injection.

    My mother had big things planned for that weekend. We were living in a town called Potchefstroom. We had been invited to a wedding which took place in Pretoria and right after the wedding we were to attend the opening of a brand new church in a town called Stilfontein. I still can't believe how my mother, who had been a nurse before, could insist on still going to these functions and take this by then totally 'out of it' child along with her and my stepdad.

    After the injection I just lay in my bed and tossed and turned and don't remember much about how I was feeling. My mom kept looking in on me and at some stage decided to take me to her room, probably to keep a better eye on me. My stepdad was probably working night-shift about 30 kms away in a gold mine.

    It was then, in moms bed, that I had my first serious hallucination! We were lying there in the dark when I suddenly saw a small pitch black figure next to the bed. It opened the bedside drawer of my stepdad and took out his gas pistol. I wasn't afraid. I jumped up and made my way after this little figure who had headed in the direction of balcony adjoining the bedroom. I had often heard about the 'Tokoloshe' and to my drugged out mind, the figure I had seen was him! It seemed to have gone right through the door. I ripped the door open wanting to catch it and to get the gun back. By then my mom was right behind me on the balcony, on the first floor of the house and pulled me back in. The little figure was gone and mom tried to get me settled back in bed. I must have fallen asleep then as I don't recall anything more happening in the night.

    Next I can recall is that I was sitting in the bath tub, fascinated by the hot and cold water taps that looked like beautiful little tin soldiers. Suddenly I saw the mother of the guy who's Artane I had taken, sitting on the toilet and started talking to her! She just looked back at me and didn't say a word. My mom then came into the bathroom, probably to check on me and to get me to start getting ready for the trip to the wedding.

    Next thing I remember is that we were in the car on the way to Pretoria. I kept 'dragging' on my fingers on an invisible cigarette! When I looked at my fingers and didn't see it, I was worried and looked all over for it. Then, suddenly, right out of nowhere, my friend who had also taken Artane, was sitting right there next to me on the back seat of the car. I was half amazed to see her and spoke to her. I asked my stepdad to stop the car because she didn't want to come with us and that she wanted to go home. By then she had just disappeared again.

    I don't remember much about the wedding or the reception thereafter. Nor do I recall how we eventually got to the grand opening of the new church.
    I remember sitting with my parents in the church, dragging on my imaginary cigarette again, and being shocked at myself for smoking in a church! I kept looking on the floor to see where I had dropped my smoke too.

    The church choir had started singing and I really couldn't believe it! They were singing a song from the 'Jesus Christ - Superstar' musical! I nudged my mom and told her how weird that is to hear them singing SUCH a tune in the church - I knew it just wasn't the place for it.

    Well, those are the 'highlights' of what I can recall. I don't know how we got home again or how I eventually got back to 'normal'. I often wonder what the people at the wedding and the ones in the church must have thought when they saw and heard me!

    I never asked or spoke to my mom again about the whole thing and to this day I cannot recall ever having experienced anything like that weekend on any other drugs. I did some good and bad acid much later on when I got to Europe but never again did people or figures materialize/dematerialize.

    The only thing I remember my friend telling me about her 'trip' is that she had gone home and had painted their whole garage orange!

    All I can say too is: Please don't do it!!
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    That's some scary stuff. Myself, I tried it (I think it was artane. The friend I got it from was prescribed it to counteract the side effects of Mellaril). I took 3 tablets, 5mg each (according to the label, anyway) and then 3 more when nothing seemed to be happening. No hallucinations, per se. But after it had kicked in and I was sort of spacing out, I realized I did need to get home and I got in my car and drove home (yeah, I know. STOOOOPID!!!!) Fortunately for me, (and others on the road) this stuff seemed to speed up my time sense. I was driving and it seemed like I was going really fast. I slowed down and when I looked at the speedometer, I was going a bit less than 30. In a 40mph zone. But it felt like 40mph. I got home without incident (except I stopped at a green light and was waiting and suddenly, 'DUMMY, It's green!!!) And this was very late at night so there were few cars on the road. One thing it did do was enable me to vividly imagine what I read. So much so that it was very freaky. I wouldn't do it again mainly because of the driving. Even then I knew better and had a firm policy never to drive inebriated. When I woke up the next day and remembered, I CRINGED!!! (What was wrong with you, boy? You broke your own first rule!!!!!) I recommend others leave it alone as well as it can lower inhibitions so you'd do things you would never do otherwise.
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