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Thread: make Hydrocodone Compound SR into IR

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    Capsule make Hydrocodone Compound SR into IR

    The hydrocodone compounds have been popping up around the usa now. he come in 15'sw, 70's, 75's(?) and 90 mg compounds. Taken orally they seem to not do much by themselves. They turn to gel when water touches the powder, or they are blown. at first i'd rather have a oc40 than a hydro 90 compound. But when I came across Fentanyl patches I learned to turn them into a "cocktail" or lemonaide and reease it all at once by putting lemon juice (acidic) which breaks down the fentanyl into an IR medication. I used this concept with the hydrocodone compound 90mg. First you heat fresh lemon juice in the microwave in a dixie cup. fill it maybe 1/4 to a 1/3 with lemon juice. put that in the microwave for 8-10 seconds. No longer! Do not add the powder yet. after the lemon juice is hot, heat it for another maybe 5 seconds. Take out your compound, and pour the powder into the lemon juice, and stir the compound in while hot. Then heat for another 6-8 seconds making sure it dowesn't bubble over. (and it will if ur not careful) The acid will keep the hydrocodone from gelling up. After that you can either take a shot of the lemon juice or make lemonaide with it. I have found that this turns it into an instant release medication. Enjoy! If you have any comments, more helpful tips, or questions let me know

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    as far as i know, there is no hydrocodone extended release tablets in the US, just tussinex cough syrup (which is hydrocodone polistyrex). what is the trade name of this product?

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    ^^I remember someone on bluelight talking about sr hydrocodone a while back and had the pictures to prove it, maybe a year ago. I would try to dissolve the pills in lemon juice for 12 hours to make them ir.

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    it's a hydrocodone compound 90mg hydrocodone/100 apap in a capsule form. And yes their all over the USA. more and more doctors are switching to SR compounds instead of writing scripts for oxy/roxies

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    did it 10 minutes ago hahaha
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    oh, so its just something compounded at a pharmacy, and not a comercialized product? a 90mg hydrocodone capsule would be pretty sweet, wish i could get my hands on some.

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    exactly, yea they are pretty good, but when u have a tolerance where u can take 200+ mg's of oc over an hour or two, it doesn't seem as much haha. Tolerance is a bitch

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    They also come in 50 mg forms (which are wonderful). The ones I've seen aren't done at individual pharmacies, Mallincrokdt actually makes them and capsulizes them.

    Nearly all of my posts on BL have been referencing this because no one seems to believe SR hydrocodone exists.

    Actually I've found they're quite potent (even moreso than oral) insufflated, but that's a hell of a lot of APAP (even at 100mg) to put up your nose. To each his own, though.

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    they gel up so much though in your nose and you'll end up with a less potency bcuz of the % you lose . IMO It doesn't absorb as far as I know like an oc would because of the gel. Thats why when purdue's patent expired the other companies making the generics were making them "more abuse-proof" which made them turn to dense gel when in contact with moisture. If I am wrong plesase let me know...

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    why don't you post a picture in your gallery

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    they are unmarked half white half red capsules

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    While I agree about the gelling, i find that it's a lot less dense of a gel than, say, a generic oc (teva). A little saline does the trick.

    I'm not knocking oral use (after time release is broken, of course -- i soak it in oj for 4-6 hours), but since we're the only two people on this board, it seems, with experience with these sorts of pills, I guess our opinions don't really matter, haha.

    Either way, it's a hell of a formulation of a hell of a drug. The 50 mg version are easily my drug of choice.

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    Hey popcorn, are you saying that you can defeat the time matrix of (non-gel) fent patches with the same lemon juice method?

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    it just seems a little far fetched that they are nowhere to be found on the internet and you are the only ones on here that have had them

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    Yup, it sure does.

    But they do exist...

    And they're great.

    I'll probably have some by the middle of the week, so I'll post a picture in my gallery. They're not that remarkable though, the 50's come in clear capsules with white powder. I have seen all-orange capsules, all-yellow capsules and the red-white capsule that the guy mentioned above.

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    And fatmatt, to prove that I'm not just making this up, here's a thread from last year that I made when I first came across these:


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    this will be great once they start hitting mass production. Funny how when companies try to make drugs less abusable, us junkies always find a way to turn it to our advantage :]

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    They're already all over the place where I live. They're more common than OC's (which, by national standards, are pretty common too).

    There are two main pain clinics in the county. One works almost exclusively with patients from the free or reduced-pay clinics. That clinic is the one that deals with the HydroSR specifically, since they feel their patients are more apt to abuse/sell the pills than their well-off counterparts (little do they know).

    Meanwhile, the other pain clinic basically will give you OC if you have the sniffles (and good insurance). So in this area, it's either OC or HydroSR for pain patients, you rarely ever see fent, dilaudid or opana anywhere.

    They're still pretty cool, though. It's amazing how much better hydro feels without pumping 3g of APAP into your body.

    Plus, from a price standpoint (i know, i shouldn't be talking about prices outside the price thread, but this is a unique situation) they're quite less expensive mg for mg when compared to oxy. Around here an oc 80 goes for about 40-55 while a hydro50 goes for between 9 and 20 bucks. The low price right now is due to no one really knowing how to effectively break the time release.

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    I find it halarious that people think were bullshitting about these pills, I started this thread not to debate that, but to help people with them defeat the sustained release. It's not a question of if they exist, i've had 15, 30, 60,70, and 90 mg hydrocodone compounds. the 90's are 90mg hydro/100 apap half red/half white capsule.
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    i'll post a pic and show the lable later

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdizzle
    Hey popcorn, are you saying that you can defeat the time matrix of (non-gel) fent patches with the same lemon juice method?
    They only patches that I know work with the lemon juice are the sandoz brand (the gel ones) I hate the mylan ones

    *All posts made by myself are 100% completely False*

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    Anyone know if mixing the hydrocodone lemon juice with the sugar from the lemonaide mess up the acid breaking down the hydro?

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    Just smoke the sandoz fent patches on foil with a bic pen tube. It only takes a few puffs and your completely opiated. Just try it. Make sure you don't burn it....VAPORIZE. It will come off with almost no heat damage to the fent....WOOO WOOO

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    i love smoking fent fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by XenoxyHcL
    Just smoke the sandoz fent patches on foil with a bic pen tube. It only takes a few puffs and your completely opiated. Just try it. Make sure you don't burn it....VAPORIZE. It will come off with almost no heat damage to the fent....WOOO WOOO
    Of course. But the guy was asking about the non-gel patches (mylan).

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