View Poll Results: Wat is your favorite opiate/oid?

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  • Heroin

    182 26.15%
  • Fentanyl (duragesic, actiq)

    24 3.45%
  • Methadone

    13 1.87%
  • Oxymorphone (opana)

    66 9.48%
  • Hydromorphone (dilaudid)

    50 7.18%
  • Morphine (kadian, avinza, mscontin)

    31 4.45%
  • Meperidine (demerol)

    9 1.29%
  • Oxycodone (percocet, roxicet, oxycontin)

    170 24.43%
  • Hydrocodone (vicodin, norco, lortab)

    49 7.04%
  • Codeine (tylenol 3)

    18 2.59%
  • Dihydrocodeine

    2 0.29%
  • Buprenorphine (suboxone, subutex)

    11 1.58%
  • Opium

    27 3.88%
  • Kratom

    11 1.58%
  • Propoxyphene (Darvon, darvocet)

    4 0.57%
  • Tramadol (ultram)

    17 2.44%
  • O-Desmethyltramadol

    3 0.43%
  • Other Not Listed - Post and I will make option for any forgotten ones

    9 1.29%
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Thread: What is your favorite Opiate/Opioid?

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    Favorite Opiate/Opioid and Why (If you HAD to choose ONE)

    **O-Desmethyltramadol added to the list -Thizzer 1/7/10**

    1. What is your favorite opiate/opioid ( only choose ONE)

    2. Why?

    1. Heroin.

    2. It hits you quickly, is easy to obtain, doesn't fuck with your liver as much because you don't have to swallow it, it's sedative and makes you drowsy (which I like), it's got the best "mental" high of all the opiates/opioids IMO. Like, I don't necessarily get the body high from heroin that I get from oxycodone or even hydrocodone, but it's the mental high I enjoy. That mindset that everything it alright, there's nothing to worry about, everything's cool - and there's almost this sense of "overcoming" from it. Can't explain it as well as I'd like to because I'm nodding on it right now, but it feels like you've overcome some task and have succeeded, and now you're enjoying the satisfaction of knowing you've succeeded in accomplishing something.

    Basically, it's like the entire time I am high on heroin, my mindset is thus : "It's all good, baby. Yeah. Groovy baby, mm-hmm, that's right. Groovy."
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    Oooh, tough one. Opium is fun to ingest, but not that strong. Fentanyl vs heroin is another tough question, then the winner can take on opium. Fentanyl is only good in the patches though. So if it was just the pure substance then heroin... hmm, heroin or opium?

    I can't pick just one!

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    Fentanyl patches or oxycontin 80's PF brand.

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    because i like its high better than other opiate highs.

    id be willing to bet that anyone who chooses hydrocodone or morphine or hydromorphone or oxycodone hasnt tried the holy grail ( IV Heroin). but im sure ppl will prove me wrong as their is a wide variety of opinions in this topic.

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    Heroin. Nothing drowns the machinery in my head better than heroin. Much respect for that drug.

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    IV dilaudid?...i've never tried...just from what i've heard

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    Oxy. I really enjoy the relaxing effects as I melt back into my chair. I haven't tried IV heroin and don't plan to, but I do prefer insufflated oxy to insufflated heroid.

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    I have alot of experiance with opiates but haven't tried what I think I would like best (dilaudid,Fentanyl,bupe or H).
    I only had a few weeks with opium and that at the time was by far my favorite drug. But it's been a few yrs since Ive had any of that so I'd have to say that a good amount of oral oxy would be what I'd choose. I like oxy because it gives me great energy when I'm looking for that and when it starts to smooth out it's a nice euphoria.

    My preferance changes at times, it all depends on my attitude and what I plan on doing.

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    I've never tried Heroin unfortunately, but I find that Opium becomes more and more dull over time. Morphine is euphoric and causes a wonderful itchy sedation, which I undoubtedly love. However for me, dihydrocodeine is possibly the most euphoric I have experienced.

    It can be potentiated with grapefruit juice, making it last longer also. That's definitely a plus.

    Still, if I had an unending supply of free, pure Heroin then I would not be complaining at all. I find myself looking more for something that lasts as long as possible, rather than a powerful rush. Feeling good all day every day with minimum effort is definitely one of my priorities...

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    Dia C.

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    1. Methadone

    2. Because it gives me a strong euphoria and motivation, which lasts all day long. It is just a great, all-around opioid. It doesn't impair me in the least bit (unless I take an excess amount of it).

    EDIT: I would also have to say that I love poppy tea just as much, for all the same reasons.

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    If im not looking for a strong nod, want to be economical, and cant be using all day, methadone is my favorite opioid. I can work all day on the done. The only problem is i need to usually wait a few days before doing any other opiate/oid.

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    tough question. i'm stuck between heroin and hydrocodone

    heroin - hits quick, potent, lasts a long time, but too sedating at times, and tolerance builds too quickly
    hydrocodone - lasts a good amount of time, good oral bioavailability, makes me extremely sociable and is somewhat of a stimulant

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    I'm stuck between Morphine and Heroin, as strange as that may sound. Could have something to do with me not having any smack for awhile though.

    When I had morphine IV though it was unbelievable. The rush was insane and I was nodding almost straight away... Usually with heroin I feel slightly stimulated after I've had it and just want to chat to people, and I can nod if I want to or not.

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    IV Dilaudid for sure in my opinion is the best opiate/MOA. I've done heroin, fentanyl, oxy, methadone, and other weaker opiated but IV dilaudid definitely has the best rush, and the overall high is something nothing I've done comes close to. I still want to try bupe badly.

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    My favorite rush is IV Diuladid, but my favorite high is oxycodone. What I usually do is cook up 40mg of oxy and 4mg of diuladid in the same rig and slam that. You first get the overwhelming diuladid rush, and the euphoria of the oxy kicks in.

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    I take drugs to facilitate and enhance conversation/interaction and opiates just dont get me high. Sorry, I cannot answer this post in a truthful matter. Sorry.

    Really sorry. Again.

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    i've never been able to get my hands on some heroin yet :-( but I think that would probably be my favorite. hydrocodone is allright, but i don't like the firty affect all the asprin adds and doin the extraction is only worth it if you have a lot.

    oxycontin is pretty nifty though. good stuff.

    only had opium once and not really sure if it was the real dea. i def. felt "something" though and it tasted exactly like I've read it describe, but didn't get to smok enough to get full affects.

    i've only had the actiq fentanyl pops and it was nice but not worth the fuckin money. my homeboy wants $30 ($35 now) for a 800mcg sucker and i think that's fucking ridiulcous. i paid it once cuz i wanted to try it, but that's it. i'd rather get 120mg oxy for that much.

    my friend has a 100mcg/hr fentanyl patch he's trying to get rid of right now. he wants $50 for it and i don't have tha tmuch and i don't know if it's worth it. i tried to get him to go lower, but he said he can def. find osmeone willing to pay tha tmuch. is this highway robbery compared to what you cats pay for this shit? i don't really have anything to compare it too.

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    Between Codeine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Poppy tea (and Morph. Sulph.), Tramadol and Heroin...

    1. Heroin

    2. Because it is everything and nothing, and nothing in everything. Pure love.

    (But I like Poppy tea/morph. just as much, for different reasons)... somehow I'm just not a big fan of the -codones.

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    background: i've tried codeine(orally), morphine(snorted), hydrocodone(orally), oxycodone(orally and snorted), tramadol(orally) and demerol(snorted and iv). all i use on a regular basis and all i can get on a regular basis is oxycontin and every now and then some percocet/vicodin.

    the time i had demerol iv was with midazolam so i basically fell asleep and felt good for a little while after i woke up. so that doesn't really count but i'll start from there..

    1. oxycodone

    2. specifically oxycontin. i can get it on a regular basis. when i snort it i get a little rush and for me it lasts almost as long as it does when i take it orally. i like the bit of stimulation i get get from oxy that i don't get from hydro. i can't really be sure this won't change though when i get a chance so try some other opiates (fentanyl, heroin, dilaudids) that are no where to be found where i live.

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    the best was smoking heroin, im sure IV is even better but i can neva get past my disgust for anything 2 do with blood and veins - being given morphine in hospital was fuckin nice tho
    i liked heroin just cos it was a rush and it was warm and feel-good without putting me off 2 sleep like other opiates seem to, i can imagine pretty easily y ppl get hooked on it

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    IV Oxy, with IV H coming in second. I like how "clean" oxy feels compared to H and how it doesn't cause me to nod off like H...even though the nod is what many people like the best. But then again, I've had a better rush off of H and the warmth is great.... damn...I want some opiates. Ending typing now.

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    theyre all to good. i cant choice. lately its been oxyC tho.

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