• Bluelight Census 2018

    GDS / Bluelight census

    In partnership with Global Drug Survey, Bluelight is launching its own census. That's right, we want to know a bit more about our community. Things like demographics and drug use characteristics. And whether you use harm reduction information from website to inform what decisions you make.

    This year, Global Drug Survey included an item asking whether people had accessed certain drug-related websites ever and in the last 7 days. So by partnering with GDS, we will be able to draw the sample of people who report using Bluelight in the last 7 days from the larger sample, and produce a short report on their data.

    We will post that report to Bluelight's front page by February 2018. The report will be short, focusing on demographics, drug use statistics, rates of harm (e.g. emergency attendance), and use of harm reduction strategies.

    GDS / Bluelight census

    • You do not have to complete every section of GDS to be part of the census. Please, instead of closing your browser because of a specific section, we'd rather you skipped the section and went to the next one. This is because there are some important demographic questions close to the end that we'd like people to answer.
    • Your responses are completely anonymous. Bluelight will only report results in totals or aggregates, never for any one individual.
    • Apart from age, gender and country, none of the questions in GDS are 'forced' or 'compulsory'. Please just skip any question if you do not want to answer it. Feel free to note any concerns - you can PM me on Bluelight to express any concerns about the survey, and I'll feed those back to the GDS team. Or you can simply post comments below.
    • The Bluelight census findings will not report anything related to drug sourcing, as this would contravene our guidelines. So please don't be concerned about answering questions on these topics as we won't be reporting them for the census (but any responses you do make will be included in the broader GDS results, not attributed to Bluelight).
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    1. ifhe's Avatar
      ifhe -
      Awesome Filled out the linked GDS. I want more
    1. DrugOmen's Avatar
      DrugOmen -
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      Throwdown -
    1. Chemist4Hire's Avatar
      Chemist4Hire -
    1. Tronica's Avatar
      Tronica -
      Thanks everyone. Awesome! Looking forward to analysing the results!
    1. CFC's Avatar
      CFC -
    1. Hawaiian Love's Avatar
      Hawaiian Love -
      All set. Will be interesting to see the results
    1. Greed420's Avatar
      Greed420 -
      Done, First time I do a survey, interesting
    1. BehindtheShadow's Avatar
      BehindtheShadow -
    1. Jekyl Anhydride's Avatar
      Jekyl Anhydride -
      Completed, This will surely put me on Santa's nice list
    1. Uncadollas's Avatar
      Uncadollas -
      Took it, not bad, pretty quick
    1. bomber's Avatar
      bomber -
      The least I could do for a page that helped me so much was the survey. Kinda surprised that there were no questions about heroin use.
    1. undiminished689's Avatar
      undiminished689 -
      My group is gonna blow the lid of psychiatric drugs
    1. GiNa LyNnxx's Avatar
      GiNa LyNnxx -
      Where are u guys from,, heroin should be a big topic considering the opiod epidemic
    1. undiminished689's Avatar
      undiminished689 -
      Not to take away from heroin but 500,000 die a year from psychiatric meds. This should be the big push for this website
    1. YoungLust!'s Avatar
      YoungLust! -
      Done and done!
    1. oxyloveUK's Avatar
      oxyloveUK -
      would be interesting to know the results
    1. Tronica's Avatar
      Tronica -
      Great to get your comments. Yes it's true that GDS does not have a special section for heroin; this is an oversight which we will be changing next year. It's because the survey was originally targeted at clubbers/dance music festival attendees etc and typically there is low opioid use in these populations, though I realise that has changed as well.

      We do ask whether you've used a range of opioids so the census will still report on opioid use trends for Bluelight.

      Thanks for the feedback and thanks for completing the survey. Looking forward to compiling Bluelight results.

      Survey ends 7 January so get in now if you haven't already.
    1. RaZkaL86's Avatar
      RaZkaL86 -
      Started it Jan.6...very alcohol oriented at first but looking forward to the drug parts (to answer the questions, haha)
    1. CFC's Avatar
      CFC -
      Last chance to let us know what you're up to folks! Hurry up. Any questions that aren't relevant can be skipped