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on the road
20-07-2003, 11:37
I LOVE snoop dogg!!!!

Has anyone seen his late night show on MTV?

whatta pimp!

20-07-2003, 11:39
snoop dogg is gonna get whoooped by suge knight

20-07-2003, 11:40
he has a show?

Dr. J
20-07-2003, 11:42
it's the shizzle

my nizzle

20-07-2003, 11:46
i watch it every week!!!
to funny to miss

"chooch" ;)

20-07-2003, 11:47
where is it on?

20-07-2003, 11:48
MTV dude ... u dont get that channel

20-07-2003, 17:43
i saw this show once... some skits were funny, but most weren't, in my opinon. this is probably because snoop really creeps me out for some reason.

20-07-2003, 18:19

20-07-2003, 18:42
did you see the episode that was called "Blackass", acting like the show jackass? oh man that was hilarious. Snoop and some other guy were just like yo, there's the cops, do something crazy, so Snoop goes yo whatup, slaps the coffee out of the cops hands and runs like hell. Fo shizzle.

20-07-2003, 23:45
Ever see the first episode where he is a "teacher" in a 2nd grade class?
Or the one where he's "teaching" English to various ethnic people who dont speak much English...
LMAO... good times...

Roman Holiday
21-07-2003, 01:00
It can't compete with Ali G.

faithfully dangerous
21-07-2003, 03:48

or chappelle, for that matter.

DJ Stall
21-07-2003, 04:05
i'm watching Chapelle, as I post this....how ironic???

21-07-2003, 04:14
the funniest part of that show was the one where he was the substitute school teacher, and he wzs like, "ight kids, your first lesson will be: DO DRUGS!" and wrote it real big on the board

Snoop: repeat after me kids, DO DRUGS!


21-07-2003, 05:53
Originally posted by shadystoner
where is it on?

Your on BL to much to realize theres a new show on tv.

500 post in about a month......geeeeeeeeez. lol

no harm man, just damn, you post A LOT!! lol

21-07-2003, 06:02
Originally posted by maddkatt
MTV dude ... u dont get that channel

i wish i didnt. theres never really anything good on. i hate that Snoop Dogg show, its pretty stupid. id take dave chappels show anyday over Snoops!

21-07-2003, 08:47
I LOVE it!

The best skit by far is the one titled "BLACKASS" which is a spoof of JACKASS... Snoop walks up to a couple of cops sitting on a cruiser sipping coffee saying "Now I'll teach them white folk how to do pranks right" and slaps the coffe cups out of their hands and then runs away as the cops follow in hot pursuit.

This is GOOD television!


21-07-2003, 08:53
I think this would best fit VP&A. :)

21-07-2003, 13:34

the snooopster

shizzler my nizzler

snoop doggy dog!

22-07-2003, 20:02
Originally posted by on the road
I LOVE snoop dogg!!!!

Has anyone seen his late night show on MTV?

whatta pimp!

I have seen every episode. It kicks ass.

My favorite part was where he quit weed and donated his leftovers to charity. He had two Hefty bags full of weed, went to a rehab. center, opened the door, threw the weed in and ran off.%)

22-07-2003, 21:55
The first and original episode that came on like 6 months ago was awesome.. The new one that i saw didnt compare.

18-08-2003, 20:13
i think the new ones fuckin own the first episode, snoops a naturaly funny person, just in how he talks its helarious, but chapelle is better :P

09-09-2003, 05:10
This show is fuckin hilarious, my favourite skit was "Captain Pimp" =D=D=D=D=D

25-09-2003, 07:58
yo playa yo playa yo playa thats "CAP N PIMP"



Big boy
25-09-2003, 10:19
It's the worst show ever.