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Complete Random
14-06-2003, 03:41
Its well documented that ecstasy should only be a once a month indulgence to totally let your system recover, but what are, if any, the guidelines for other drugs. i'm particularly interested in

* meth and its family (ice, amphetamines)
* pot
* G
* coke
* ketamine

Add info about drugs i haven't mentioned as well. What limits do you impose on yourself regarding regularity and dosage of different drugs?


14-06-2003, 04:04
You may find answers to many of your questions in the B/L Drug FAQs (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=42&pagenumber=1&sortfield=lastpost&sortorder=desc&daysprune=1000&x=5&y=5)

Also try entering single terms into search engine (remember to add an * to 3 letter words e.g. GHB = GHB*)

15-06-2003, 17:54
Meth - no recovery if taken for study or work. but a day if you need sleep.
mushrooms - a day. oh how your poor little body needs some down time :(

ergh, i can't be bothered. it's late...

17-06-2003, 05:03
to totally let your system recover
I know this isn't very helpful but it really depends on what you're after in a 'total' recovery.
{} If you want to get traces of the substance out of your blood etc, then that can take a long time.
{} If you want to recover completely from the effects, then maybe you shouldn't take them in the first place. ;)
{} If you want to know how they're going to effect you personally, then there's really only a bunch of guidelines and the sad and sorry fact that you've gotta find out for yourself. (It takes me ages to get over pot :) )

17-06-2003, 07:36
It's really very difficult to answer your questions Complete Random, for a number of reasons...

Everyone is going to react differently to each of the substances you've mentioned, which obviously means that everyone will have different recovery times. Some people are healthier, fitter or more tolerant to to particular substances for one reason or another, and this will further influence their recovery time. Doses will vary things wildly too - a few cones or a haystack? One dose of G, or 3 or 4 throughout the night? What they do on the substance - dance the night away and physically exhaust themself, or sit on their arse and go to sleep afterwards is going to change things again.

There's simply too many variables to give an accurate indication of recovery times.

As for me specifically... I only take one or two different substances every 6 months, so spacing is not an issue.