View Full Version : (misc) Which of these work best with others?

Nadiney Nuisance
28-04-2015, 15:28
Just got my script from my Dr and I have been given: valium 10mg, zopiclone 7.5mg, choral betaine 707mg, alprazolam 1mg, clonazepam 2mg and Tramadol 50mg. My question here is do any of these go well together? (I have quite a high tolerance FYI but wantin to start low doses to see how they affect me)

28-04-2015, 19:37
.....I'm not accusing you of lying or anything... but I HIGHLY doubt any doctor would prescribe you Valium, Alprazolam, AND Klonopin, especially at those dose levels(along with Tramadol and the Chloral betaine). I have NEVER heard of someone being prescribed all 3 of those benzos at the same time. It's just unheard of. Except maybe if your going to a "pill mill" Dr. And even then, I've never heard of one of those drs prescribing THAT much benzo at once. MAYBE spread out...you know, one...maybe two, benzos at one time.... and the others prescribed ONLY after you have been taken off the previous one(s).
Anyway, my point is, if you ARE going to a pill mill doctor and somehow you managed to get scripts for all those meds at once, then I would say, in the interest of harm reduction, find another, LEGITIMATE, doctor to manage your meds. And, if you are NOT seeing a pill mill doctor and for some odd reason you actually were prescribed these meds all at once... I would highly recommend taking them AS PRESCRIBED.
You asking us if "any of these go well together" doesn't make sense to me. That's a question someone who just bought these drugs off of the black market might ask. But since you say you were prescribed them... your question doesn't apply here. Your doctor wouldn't have prescribed these meds to you like this unless he/she was confident they would work well together(unless your dr is simply a "pill mill" as mentioned above). So if you truly were prescribed all these medications by a legitimate doctor, and you want to know if they "work well together", then take them as prescribed and find out. But you are on high doses so BE VERY CAREFUL.
But, once again, I get the feeling that you weren't actually(and legitimately) prescribed these meds as you described.
And if it turns out that you actually just bought these meds off the black market, or you went to different doctors so you could get extra meds and scripts, or you went to a pill mill....then my advice is to come clean and just tell us what the situation actually is(i.e. ...you bought all these meds from friends etc..) so that we(members of Bluelight) can help you out as best we can, with HARM REDUCTION being the main motivation behind our advice.
Good luck and be VERY careful!

Nadiney Nuisance
28-04-2015, 20:26
Thanks for your reply and your concern. I genuinely did get them all from my Dr this morning, hes been dealing with me for years, understands my anxiety and insomnia and trusts me not to do anything stupid. I should've explained the tramadol is for migraines and the valium for anxiety as and when needed. As for my question on what would work well together, I've had insomnia for years so I've been given a selection to try from, I was wondering if any work with each other to help me get a better nights sleep than just one of them would. I apologise I should've explained that in my initial post.

28-04-2015, 20:56
I HIGHLY doubt any doctor would prescribe you Valium, Alprazolam, AND Klonopin, especially at those dose levels(along with Tramadol and the Chloral betaine).


be VERY careful!

And this.

Combining benzodiazepines is pointless IME, but they go well with tramadol at responsible doses.