View Full Version : (misc) best/fav. brand of Phenibut!?

25-04-2015, 18:59
been a long time Phenibut user and originally started w/ pills form taking 3G's 2x's daily.

over the years I eventually switched to powder because I was always told was "stronger" and since then havent moved back to pills, but I am always getting a different kind, until I found Primaforce and have stuck w/ that throughout the last year or so.

well, as most, Phenibut is not hitting me as hard as it once was; even if I am taking it 2-3x's a week tops.

just wondering what some of you other users are getting for a brand/type!? have you tried Primaforce and not liked it or walked away from it for any reason?

any help is appreciated.

26-04-2015, 05:22
This type of question is not allowed as per the OD guidelines. No "best" brand / source discussion.