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29-03-2002, 07:15
Oakland Tribune Online
Death toll mounts from not-so-perfect designer drug
January 28, 2002
ANOTHER "PERFECT" designer drug is degenerating into a body count.
The quasi-legal substance 2C-T-7, known as T-7, 7-Up and Tripstasy, was created by former UC Berkeley professor of forensic chemistry Alexander Shulgin, who now lives in Lafayette. His tune was familiar: He told Rolling Stone he was developing a vehicle for spiritual exploration, not a recreational hallucinogen.
Described as a psychoactive cross between Ecstasy and LSD, T-7 is swallowed or snorted, and early reports indicate snorting increases the effect exponentially. Because it is not (yet) formally regulated, few users know what constitutes a safe dose; the difference between a fun evening and an ugly death is a few milligrams of powder.
T-7 has been making the rounds of rave scenes across the country. The local ravers I talked to had heard of people using it, but none had tried it themselves. It is purchased over the Internet as a "research chemical" that buyers promise not to ingest.
The dangers are becoming evident. Most users vomit soon after they ingest it, and some don't stop dry-heaving until they die. Rolling Stone reported three T-7 overdose deaths, in Oklahoma, Memphis and Seattle; the victims ingested excessively large doses and died of heart failure or cerebral hemorrhaging.
Sounds great and all, but I can think of better ways to die.

30-03-2002, 01:24
holy scare tactic batman...
i'm sure that anyone that knows how the aquire this knows a little more than the averidge drug fiend and has read about it on erowid.
the funniest part of the article was that they fail to mention "excessively large doses" until the very end after they finished talking about the people ODing from it
fawking media scum...

bunt cake
30-03-2002, 06:23
You know, when I read this article, I was actually thinking that you have to give this article some credit....at least they mentioned "excessively large doses". Most articles never even come close to mentioning that fact.

31-03-2002, 09:24
[quote]Originally posted by Murple:
as a psychoactive cross between Ecstasy and LSD
I like to think that this at least shows how the media's knowledge on all things drug-related is rising. Now you don't hear how a drug is a "mix" "cocktail" or plain old "cross" now it's the more realistic "psychoactive cross".

31-03-2002, 11:20
damn now its gonna be illegal to get research chems over the net! bastard unecucated dumbass punks

31-03-2002, 11:55
[quote]Originally posted by THE WOOD:
damn now its gonna be illegal to get research chems over the net! bastard unecucated dumbass punks
Technically, it was never legal to begin with.

02-04-2002, 09:24
I love how the author's "research techniques" seem to have consisted of:
1) reading a rolling stone article.
2) talking to some ravers.
way to go, author, whoever you are! way to fight the rising tides of drug misinformation!

Dr Greenthumb
02-04-2002, 15:39
What?? you mean ravers arent a good source of unbiased reliable drug information?? aww, but thats what I've been basing everything on!
BTW, am I the only one who noticed that they put the cause of death a 'cerebral hemmorhaging and heart failure'? Who the hell died of heart failure? I know thered been one death by 'cerebral hemmorhaging'. Wouldnt it have been useful to mention all the others just choked on their vomit? or is that not quite as scary as 'heart failure'.

03-04-2002, 04:37
I think it's a bit irresponsible for them to include a statement such as [quote]... T-7 is swallowed or snorted, and early reports indicate snorting increases the effect exponentially... without thinking to mention that the physical risks also seem to increase dramatically (though I'm not sure exponentially is a correct term) when moving from oral ingestion to insufflation.
BigTrancer :)