View Full Version : What is a good dose of adderall recreationally

04-10-2014, 07:11
Here are the doses I've tried. All Instant Release.
1st - 15mg - Literally slept 8 hours on it. barely noticable
2nd - 75mg and 60mg Redose - Lots of Euphoria from the 75mg but the 60mg wasn't worth it. Euphoria and paranoia was fighting eachother (Music sounded good and I wanted to crank up headphone volume but I would get worried that someone might wake up)
3rd - 90mg - Amazing euphoria for like 2 hours then I felt paranoid and euphoric - Took tums beforehand

What should I dose? I'm probably gonna take tums beforehand. I want to find the dose thats just right for euphoria without too much side effects, especially paranoia.

12-10-2014, 09:14
Wait a week or two if you can and aquire klonopin . Other benzo may work but klonopin is the only one that's been perfect . You'll probley want to sniff around 60 mg as fast as you can and wait for 10 to 15 . Take another dose if needed . Be smart . If 60 gets you close to your desired effect don't do a whole mother 60 . My first experience was 60mg in 5-10 minutes and at that point it was , wow this is a nice day, I feel good , after the 60 kicked in me and my friend did one more 30 and ended up talking about a foolproof plan to make a billion dollar restraint and every minute we'd stop and say , wow I feel amazing . And both had pasts with meth so 3 30 irs up the nose should get you as high as a newbie can handle . Start slow . You may want to call it at 60 and take 1-2 mg of klonopin to take the edgy feelings like paranoia and jitters and all . Slow . No more than 60 mg in 10 mins

13-10-2014, 06:18
I decided to try Adderall for the first time today and I was pretty disappointed with the results. I woke up at 11am and took a 200mg caffeine pill and a 1/2 tsp sodium bicarbonate and a tums then at noon I took 30mg IR and waited for the come up. I started to feel it after about an hour and I did feel a little high but I was surprised by the lack of euphoria :\ even with daily kratom use I still get similar if not more euphoria.

A lot of places I read recommended 30mg for a recreational dose to people without a tolerance so I thought I would of been flying high. I have smoked meth once before but that was 7 months ago and it was only two hits so that couldn't of raised my tolerance that much right? I know caffeine and kratom are weak stimulants but they are stims none the less so would my daily morning caffeine (400-600mg) and/or my 5-6 gram kratom habit negatively affect how your body reacts to amphetamines? The only other stimulant I occasionally take is 60-90mg of pseudoephedrine when I have a long day at work planned and I want to give my kratom a boost and some much needed legs.

Sorry to hijack but since this was bumped up and it's about recreational Adderall use I didn't see much of a point starting a new thread. :)