View Full Version : Sex and/or masturbation effect your roll?

30-10-2000, 07:59
hey everyone, whats up? i was just wondering, since your body releases serotonin when you have an orgasm, if you do too much sex or whatever, would your roll be any weaker when you decide to roll? haha, kind of weird, but true question.. if anyone knows anything about this, reply back please. : ) peace..
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30-10-2000, 20:55
i like, failed chemistry.. but all i can say is that orgasms feel fucking incredible on xtc
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30-10-2000, 21:08
Ack. I don't even want to think about that. If getting off releases serotonin like what I would guess it does......
Damn it now im going to have to keep the pecker in my pants for a couple days before i roll......
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30-10-2000, 21:15
gonna move this to BLD2K http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

30-10-2000, 23:06
Ah, dunno where you got that idea from, but the release of endorphins associated with orgasm has no bearing on serotonin concentration with MDMA usage.

31-10-2000, 00:05
Hmmm... i agree that orgasm during roll is fantastic... though is hard to get the 'thing' going though... i think masturbation is difficult but with some extra 'HELP', it can work...

31-10-2000, 01:56
well, my experience may not be normal, but i have found that when having sex on e, it seems very difficult for the male to reach orgasm. I say seems because I am a girl, and I can only speak in the 3rd person. Maybe it's just me... something i'm doing... dunno.

Pure Light
31-10-2000, 02:19
Just scream a little louder!!! (*smirk*)

31-10-2000, 02:20
oh, I'm a screamer... i think that's the prob....

31-10-2000, 22:05
Yep, sounds about right i had a pill on Friday night and Saturday Afternoon was in Bed with a hot Czech chick and it took me over an hour to cum the second time fucken Great but she was exhausted.
'E' Have you tried 'Fish'?

31-10-2000, 22:52
Sex on ecstasy is definately better in theory than in reality. A friend of mine described it as having "your souls touch" but ive experimented quite a few times and have been disappointed with a repetative and altogether boring 2-3 hour excursion under the sheets. After takin forever to bust we finally just laid down and massaged eachother. In answer to the question, no, sex does not effect my roll at all but i wouldnt suggest wastin ur roll on some booty-slappin "good time" either. Ah well, i have a wierd body chem anyway,

01-11-2000, 11:40
um touching and petting makes me blow up...but trying to stay hard and cum? waste of time.....

01-11-2000, 14:02
I tried sex on E. It just didn't work. I couldn't get arroused! Sure, touching felt good, but I was much happier just cuddling and massaging. He couldn't really concentrate either. So ... hehe. If it works for you, great! But I'm thinking it just doesn't work for everyone!

rollin daddy
02-11-2000, 03:55
I kinda think that this is a major perception problem. People seem to think that e is a sex drug, but for me, I am all about touching and being touched. Sex is definitely intense, but just seems like rollin is a little deeper than that for me.
Oh well, just my 2 cents worth. 8-)
How could anyone want to fight a war against something that makes me so happy.

02-11-2000, 06:49
Sex on e is fuckin' awesome. It may take a while longer, but wassup wid dat?
Oh and future_perfect, believe me, screaming is NOT a problem http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif
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02-11-2000, 18:10
i've never really been interested in attempting to have sex on E. my mouth is usually so dry that i can hardly kiss my significant other while we're rolling.

05-10-2001, 23:46
my theory is it depends on the girl/guy you are with, if you are with a girl you have just met at a club an have known for a couple of hours you wont have a good experience, because of how E interacts with your emotions and feelings an makes u feel more intune with people you really know an love, but if your with your wife or a girlfriend of many years/months then you would be more likely to have a better experience since u know an love her...i could be wrong though
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05-10-2001, 23:49
I can't get hard on E for shit. I think it would be a scary thing if I could........

06-10-2001, 00:06
Making love on E is what's out of this world...just plain ole banging away straight fucking is a waste of time (IM0)

06-10-2001, 09:17
Hmmmm....i've only j/o on E, and the orgasm was awesome, once I finally came. I don't think sex will ruin your roll, otherwise people would get depressed after sex...like a comedown.

06-10-2001, 21:58
sex on e is awesome. if done right....
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06-10-2001, 23:11
^^^^^Uhhhh, how can you do sex wrong? It's programmed into our genetic makeup, as an instinct. Even turtles know how to fuck. If you're scrwing up sex, man do I feel sorry for you.

07-10-2001, 00:03
^^^^ it has to be in the right situation with the right person.
personally, in day to day life, i'm usually constantly horney and a little perverted. being sexual on E is fun and can be kinda kinky. in addition to the orgasm, what really feels amazing is getting hard with no "hands on" stimulation. though thats only happened to me twice http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif.

07-10-2001, 15:17
"Doing sex wrong" is easy.
Doing sex right is divine.

07-10-2001, 19:22
I had sex on E and holy crap!
The feelings were incredibule. I also started hullicinating really hard after wards to....
weird shit..
Everyday I will look into everyones eyes and with my smile I will send LOVE:)

08-10-2001, 22:30
I never had sex on E before last week. I brought a Japanese chic home and it was outstanding. It took a long time to climax but when I finally did, I had to stop her cause the feeling was way too intense. I would imagine though that different people would definitely have different experiences, due to chemistries and enviornments. All I can recommend is experiment and if ya like it cool, if not..well, that's cool too.

09-10-2001, 16:25
SEX on E... nothing's better!!!!
It's a matter of "pre-programming"!
If you think about sex to start with, you'll be horny like hell. When my 'oldlady' touches me (down there) the "little-one" seems to jump up immediately, standing up hard for hours!
Normally, I'm a quick one, having difficulties to hold myself back long enough...
But when on E, the feeling of being touched down there is heavenly and on the other hands, I can hold the 'explosion' back for hours.
We also noticed, that we become very, very! wet down there when on E, even if we don't think about sex! (Maybe, we've sex in our mind all the time?)
The clue is, that touching feels absolutely great when on E. (Everybody is reporting this!) So touching each other 'down there' does also feel amazingly great. (Logical, isn't it?)
Furthermore, with E, you feel much more open and much less shame. So you open up towards your partner and feel much more free to enjoy, whatsoever. With these "shameborders" being lowered down, it makes sense, that one will surrender to his/her fine sexual pleasures, if done right.
In fact: all effects of the E go into the direction of better sex while under E!!!
Me and my 'oldlady' have tried and had/have the most heavenly sexual pleasures while on E.
We do not understand, why you all seem to have so many problems with it...
Maybe, there's somthing wrong going on in your minds?? Maybe, you think about sex in a bad way?? Maybe, you do not have the right partner with you when taking the E and considering having sex??

10-10-2001, 14:24
Narcross , Radarlove and finally Oldman2 , it's true you do get wiser with age , love ya man . U all have valid points , I myself being male and having a high labedo love sex on ekies , the secret is to just let go all inhabitions lose yourself in yhe moment . Dont try so fucking hard . Start with gentle fondling maybe a good massage (always a must , full body) relax have fun .
Erections stay up for ages hours . So use it !!. When in normal reality does a guy stay up so long ? Ladies ?
It takes forever to orgasm . But isnt it so good when u do ?
A caring partner is essential , to fully release , to bond , to grow to new sexual horizons . Sex is fun !!!
Having sex while peaking , for me and others actually makes me peak harder , more body sensations . Plus the fact that during sex as with dancing u increase your heartrate wich in turn makes your blood pump faster , heating u up and making the drugs pump faster around your body . Make sense ?
Wasting your pill ? Just using your pill to full advantage , in a different environment . A little music , a few candles , some fresh rose pettles on the bed . A memorable night , spoil each other .
Know your partner . Know yourself . Know no boundaries .
Sex after a rave is the best way to come down and sleep . A good release , agood feeling = good sleep ...
P.L.U.R : Peace Love Unity Respect

11-10-2001, 10:11
A full on 'word' to that LightDansa.
My girlfriend and I met and fell in love on the dawn of the new millenium (chemically assisted of course) and sex for us isn't about the orgasm, its all about the SEX. I mean your orgasm lasts for a few seconds and sure its great, but if you focus on only that you'll miss the hours of fun getting you there.
I also believe there is a fine line between foreplay and everyday conversation with your lover. I mean every conversation we have is charged with this look or that touch, just waiting for the escalation, if ya know wot I mean.
The eckies make it just like that first time, lovely!
She is my stage on which I perform for her.
These pretzels are making me thirsty.

11-10-2001, 21:58
Well... never actually had sex for more than a couple minutes on E (bad situation behind someones garage LOL). Although this Friday I plan on dropping a couple pills with my long time g/f and seeing how things go. http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/biggrin.gif Im gonna bust out some ice cubes and food to get things started.
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13-10-2001, 18:09
I've been married and rolling(in the comfort of or home) for 5 years now. Sex on E is indescrible. I can only call it "soul rolling"
You've nevery truly rolled till you roll with your soulmate!

13-10-2001, 20:03
U guys all rock . Always remember everybody loves romance . Spoil your partner , spoil yourself . Have fun !!!
Tip From a Young (22 3/4) romancer : While on ekies senses are increased , right ? A Few Pointers To Get U Started...
*Aramatic candles (a fragrance u both like), not only do they smell nice , but they also create great mood lighting.
*Rose petals , not only do they smell nice , but they feel really nice when layed on and or gently dropped ALL over your body.
*Textured gloves , exfoliantinng gloves , soft fabric gloves and if u can make a rough pair of bunny fur gloves (OH MY GOD they feel so good) soft as u can get (sorry if some people are offended by the fur of dead animals) , but it feels so fuckin awesome . Use these gloves for full body massages .
Experiment with different materials . Plus different textures on each hand eg. one hand rough one hand Bunny fur (I recomend bunny fur) , (get it where u get sheep skin products from) .
*If u can manage to eat , chocolate body sauce . Comes in many different flavours . Get from local porn shop .
After all of that foreplay u should be more than ready for a good 1-4h sex session .
Have fun all .
Im single again so I'LL be missen out for a while , but it's only been 12 days since I broke it off with my girl . I guess I should give myself a while to get my head on straight . Ministry Of Sound 2001 , Perth is in less than 2 weeks away . C how I go , the massages are always a favourite with the ladies . I've got alot goin for me if given half a chance . Enough about me .
Know your partner Know yourself
http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gifKnow no boundaries http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
P.L.U.R : Peace Love Unity Respect
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16-10-2001, 02:31
When ever my g/f and I have sex it lasts forever. A lot of times we both can't cum. We get right there and then it just goes away. Except of this one time I went down on her and she got off 23 times in a row(I am not making this number up just ask her). I think I have thought of a new thing to try. This week end she is comming to my school for a visit. I plan of taking the pills and then have sex right after. I think it will be the most fun we have ever had getting up.

16-10-2001, 17:05
I fully agree to what "nads" said:
It's not about orgasm, it's all about THE sex!
When me and my 'oldlady' take a pill, we both get completely naked and lay down in our livingroom, lots of candle's around, some soul- or spheric music in the very background (not too loud!), lots of pillows and a very cosy atmosphere.
When the E hits us, it's just the 2 of us, naked and free... free of nasty thoughts, free of cothes, free of inhibits, free of shame, free to do and/or to feel what we want and what we like to enjoy!!!
Sometimes, I just like to play with myself for a while and oldlady likes to watch me and see the joy on my face. And sometimes it's just the other way aroung and I watch her enjoying herself...
When we both lay there next to each other, and than I sit up and look at oldlady laying down there, naked on the floor, I'm looking at a true goddess!! I see the nicest person and the nicest body on earth!
A very strong and powerfull feeling of love and warshipping creeps up my chest.
It's all LOVE!!
I start touching her... massaging her whole body... Every square-inch of her skin feels so incredibly exciting... so soft... so warm!
Every square inch of her skin becomes so very interesting to me during my exploration of her body. And her "special" body parts have a much much more erotic sensation to me, than normal.
When I get "down" on her getting her taste on my mouth and feeling her body shivering while I touch her, a very erotic and sexual feeling get's also up my body.
This combination of the facination of her body and her reactions to my touches drives me almost crazy...
And there is no limitation anymore!!!!
I MAY do and I CAN do to her whatever comes up in me, - without thinking "Is it right or is it wrong? - Does she like it or not?"
I just DO with/on/to her (body) whatever I like at that moment and she just enjoys.
I see the joy on her face and feel her body-reactions and I get hornier and hornier...
It's all about SEX and EROTIC between the 2 of us. - Nothing else matters! - Not even orgasm does matter, because the sex itself is so much intenser and nicer, than an orgasm of just a few seconds, that would mark the end of it all...
By the way:
Oldlady normally has problems to get an orgasm. But on E, she truely has multiple orgasms even when I only get "down" on her. (So, I believe that a real 'hot' lady could have 26 orgasms in a row, as mentioned above!!!)
Myself, I normally have problems not to come to soon. But on E, I can postpone an orgasm for hours, well staying hard all that time. When on E, maybe I do not succeed anymore, after a longer period of sex, to get to an orgasm at all, but it really doesn't matter. Because the sex itself does give us so much more true pleasure, that we (I) don't need orgasms...
Sex (or better: 'Erotic') on E is the highest pleasure we can think of...
But this is, because we take the E at our cosy home and just with the 2 of us and not at a crowdy rave!!!
We have also soem experiences in taking the E together with some friends, wich are also open to sexual experiments.
We all got naked and thought, we would get to some special evening, touching and arousing each others while on E, because we had some erotic evenings together before...
But when the E hit us, each couple went to a different corner of the room and just stayed with it's own partner and didn't want to be disturbed by others in any way...
We all found it very strange!!!
We tried 4 times to take the E in a group, but all times the same effect as mentioned above.
So we figured out, that taking E with couples (a group of 4, 6 or 8 people) would not bring any additional, positive effect.
We also took E together with a friend of the 'oldlady'. That was different!! Because we couldn't just leave her alone starting to kuddle with just the two of us, we three stayed together all night! And because the E took down the bounderies, we also got naked and massaged each other. (No sex!) We kept our attention to everybody around (because we felt responsable for the one single) and had a very pleasant evening. This gave us more, than taking the E with the other couple(s).
So we figured, WHEN taking E with someone else, it better be a single person than another couple...
Greetings from the Oldman and his oldlady (being 46 and 48 years old)
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16-10-2001, 18:00
Aw stop it u make me wanna cry. Isnt love grand. Love knows no boundaries age or otherwise , E only brings down the boundaries. Plus reading you're post is like reading a 'Mills And Boon' novel rather arousing ... Sex on E rocks and its the sex 'thats all good'. The sex is definately the key not the orgasm. The intense body sensations . Yeeha ! I bow to an old master. Swinger eh ? All is good in the world of E ...
P.L.U.R : Peace Love Unity Respect
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27-11-2001, 16:29
Just to your information:
We do not consider us to be real "swingers"!
Yes, we sometimes invite (special) friends (couples) and have sex in one room, watching each other and massage or touch each other, but we do not swap partners for the real thing...
This, we still keep for ourselfs, after about 10 years nosing around for sexual adventures...
Have fun! Stay healthy!
You only live ONCE!

27-11-2001, 21:34
Oldman, all I can say is "ditto". I could almost just cut and paste your entire post and call it my own!

29-11-2001, 01:23
Sex on E to me isn't for the orgasm I just want the cuddly part! I love being all loved up and the kissing Oh my god it feels so good and so warm! I love touching and being touched on E I think if you are going to have sex on E that you will waste your time "trying" to cum just let yourself roll and try and be in the sex mood before dropping that helps. I have to be in that mood before I drop or else all I want to do is touch and hug everyone but my baby http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif lol! I am so used to him I just want to talk to everyone else lol!

Old Surly
29-11-2001, 17:28
I have never had sex on E but, I sure am curious. To be that close and that messed up.
"We can't stop here. This is bat country!"

30-11-2001, 11:04
My boyfriend and I are very very close and communicative and have a great relationship. We've tried to have sex on E before, but it never seems right for us. I love to get naked and cuddle and like someone said a few posts back, kissing on E is absolutely incredible! It feels so warm and sensual and good. My boyfriend has a very difficult time keeping himself erect on E, no matter how aroused he is. He can be horny and almost blueballish and it takes all his concentration to keep himself up, so sex isn't as much lovemaking as it is hardcore sex. Any lack of direct stimulation, or even a slow pace, will cause him to drop back down. Now we just enjoy each other's pleasures without worrying about the performance aspect.
I also seem to get very wet while I'm on E, even if I'm not even thinking about sex. In fact, that's what seems to get me horny first, I feel myself getting warm and wet down there and it starts a domino effect. *shrug

30-11-2001, 15:42
Sex on E...is fuckin awesome...
while peaking, I can't really get it up, but when I come down a little, I find the feeling is fucking amazing, and if I manage to come, it brings back the roll like nothing else!

30-11-2001, 21:06
Hey NoodleGurl,
It is very difficult to maintain an erection during the peak of a roll. Your whole body feels like a giant penis, so the sensation of just the penis gets lost in that and thus so does the erection. Still I hate the feeling of wanting an erection during a peak and not finding it there, or having to have constant stimulation to it to ensure it doesn't go away. The solution to this is to order some viagra online. Order the 100mg pills (because they are cheaper) and split the pills into four 25mg pills. Have your guy take at the same time he takes his initial hit of E. The viagra won't give him an erection, but it will make it 100% easier to maintain one while rolling. The viagra will last for about 4 hours. You can order viagra online for about $12 per 100mg pill or $3 per dose. Not having to focus so much mental and physical energy on keeping an erection allows us to take things slow and focus again on the erotic and sensual aspects of rolling. Rolling should always be about more than just the sex. One of the things we love to do is to sit facing each other with our legs wrapped around each other and my cock inside her or sometimes just the tip touching her clit. We slowly rock back and forth to give just the right amount of stimulation. Then we just kiss and talk and hold each other like that for as long as we can both stand it before fucking like pornstars. The viagra allows us to do this without having to wory about losing an erection during a heavy roll.