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28-09-2000, 16:29
Just wondering!

28-09-2000, 16:32
Oh yeah, BTW, I was 20! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

28-09-2000, 16:46
I was 18 the first time I rolled. It was my first night to eat acid also, so I trolled and it was so much fun!! They were Mitsubishis...let's add that to this thread also-how old were you and what kind of pill did you eat?! Bye bye for now!!
Beginnings are usually scary--endings are usually sad--but it's the middle that counts! :)

28-09-2000, 16:47
I just realized I'm finally a bluelighter and no longer a greenlighter!! Yea!! ok-bye again!
Beginnings are usually scary--endings are usually sad--but it's the middle that counts! :)

28-09-2000, 16:53
trolled?...haha...isn't it candyflipping?
I was 21, at Oracle 2 last year.
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28-09-2000, 17:07
Yeah, my pill was a white four-leaf clover (shaped like a clover).

28-09-2000, 17:10
I was 22 and it was a buddha.
Im still 22 http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

28-09-2000, 17:13
19, i had a black diamond, it was my first time doing nitrous too. mad fun.
"Rollin, Rollin, Rollin, keep them ravers rollin, keep them ravers rollin,
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28-09-2000, 17:15
I was 14 the 1st time (not by choice) and i didn't do it again til i was 19!!

28-09-2000, 17:17
15... white peugeot... and let's just say I'm older now, k?
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28-09-2000, 17:25
I was 17, and it was something like apurple Ump, or unc, something like that. My friend gave it to me and I juts took it. I thinkk later on they said that a lot of people were calling them black diamonds. What did you think of that pill q tip? It was about a year ago that we took it, was that about how long ago it was with yours? I'v been very curious about these pills because I'v never found one that was anywhere near as good as it. It was probably because it was my first experience with drugs whatsoever. That night I also got some water poisoning, and had a 'nocturnal panic attack, both super sucky experiences, but overall it was an awesome awesome night http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
i'm a rainbow too
i'm a rainbow too

28-09-2000, 17:57
i think it was a purple @,
don't remember,

28-09-2000, 18:01
18--White Superman

28-09-2000, 18:01
why am i a greenlighter?
i signed up as a BLUELIGHTER!!
*spanish accent* THIS IS BULLSHIT!

28-09-2000, 18:06
25 and still 25

28-09-2000, 18:14
brooksraver - what do you mean by "not by choice"?

28-09-2000, 18:17
I was 14. Having an older sister in the
scene was excellent.
21 now, I still drop but like once every 3 months.

28-09-2000, 18:22
This is me the first time i rolld at 13 dont really remember what pill( i didnt roll again till i was 18)
This is me now http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif (The one to the left with the black and gray jacket)
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28-09-2000, 18:26
And from the look on your face in the first one, it must've been a good roll!

28-09-2000, 18:35
it was indeed, but my body couldnt handle it the next day was bad, so i decided not to roll again till i thought i was ready

28-09-2000, 18:40
I was 26.

28-09-2000, 18:54
I was 24.....Im now 29

28-09-2000, 19:36
I was 18. VW. Wow
18 rolls later I'm 19.
(I know, excess)

28-09-2000, 19:45
17 and I think it was a dolphin. Actually, I think I refered to it as *BUNK* bc I really didn't see how *special* it was until the next time I rolled.
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28-09-2000, 20:16
i woz 18, now i'm 19. i was into the scen for two years before i first rolled though. i don't know why it took me so damn long. no regrets though.

28-09-2000, 20:43
I was 18 (im still 18) and i dont know what the pill was it may have been a red soemthing...i only took 3/4 of a pill and rolled hard, i miss that...

28-09-2000, 20:45
so i forgot that really wasnt the first time i dropped but that was the first time i rolled...i dropped once when i was 17 but i just felt clouded, so i dont consider that the first time anyway...

28-09-2000, 21:27
This oughta blow u all away... 41 !!! and that was just a couple months ago! Just goez to show you... it's never too late!

28-09-2000, 21:32
I sure do feel the youngun. 15 the first time, but i was a moron and didnt know waht to expect and thought it was going to be alot diffrent, secind time i was 16 and was best thing ever, i do it about once every 2 or 3 weeks now...

28-09-2000, 22:04
I was about 38 the first time but was drunk wasted and never felt anything from the X if I did I don't remember it.
Real first time would have been last November 1999. A tiny yellow lemon drop, very good roll.
To date and not quite one full year, perhaps 200 rolls is a good if not conservative guess. Im 45 years old now.
Been there, done that, willing to design the t-shirt if anyone wants to buy one!
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skuby dew
28-09-2000, 22:44
crime your a cutie http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/biggrin.gif
i was 19 and i rolled on and red motorolla... on st pattys day! I also know how many pills I have done since then.
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29-09-2000, 01:06
First time I rolled I was 19 (this past april). It was a small "split". I was real nervous about it at first, but when it kicked in it was amazing. Staring up at the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh when I was rolling for the first time was increadible. Im still 19 and have rolled 4 times since then, plan on rolling soon (if i can find some...western PA sucks http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif

29-09-2000, 01:12
Boy, do I feel like a late-bloomer. I was 31.

29-09-2000, 01:45
Um...41? White Buddah. Hell...I tried everything else at one time or another. E was just about all that was *left*...and ya know what? I think E is the *best*.
- Valerie...
...a.k.a. The Unrepentant Smartass

29-09-2000, 01:59
Hmmm 19 still 19. My first pill was a fake but the 2nd one was triple stacked Genie http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

29-09-2000, 02:09
i was 16 when i took my first roll on january 15th and i'm still 16...turn 17 in a week or so. it was a chronic 2000, white pill w/ a budleaf stamped on it and it was damned good too http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif i had a whole lotta fun. and not only can i still count the number of rolls i've eaten it's, but it's still a single digit number!

29-09-2000, 02:10
I was 19 my first time was an unmarked "split" and I didn't feel anything. The second time, a week later, was a triple stack picies and I also felt nothing. 2 weeks later I gave it another shot and took 2 Euro's and I haven't been the same sense then! Now I'm 20 and roll once every 1 to 2 weeks.

29-09-2000, 02:22
Wow!! I am pretty impressed!! Most of us have been pretty old!!
I was 20 and they were white turtles.
Well worth the wait!
If you can't change it - get over it. If you can - do!

29-09-2000, 02:48
i was 16, now 19. . .my. . .time flies. . .

29-09-2000, 05:44
Hmm...lets see. I was 18, and it was in April of '00. It was actually my first drug experience ever (even before smoking weed believe it or not...hadn't even drank or smoked a cigarette before that). Since then, I've experimented with many other things.
You're loose in your mind again...

29-09-2000, 09:42
12 i think
it was a green bean, double stacked, and heaven...
didnt do it again until about 3 months ago, and i ended up taking the same kind..
needless to say, ive been doin it every saturday since, think i should slow down?

29-09-2000, 09:44
Skuby: How many? http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

29-09-2000, 09:47
forgot to say, im 16 now
i'll be 17 in january

29-09-2000, 13:30
Mack-here we call it trolling. Don't say ha ha to me. That's rude! maybe if you read up on FAQ you would see that one is about trolling so ha ha right back to you!!
Beginnings are usually scary--endings are usually sad--but it's the middle that counts! :)

29-09-2000, 16:44
25 back in 97' and rollin, rollin, rollin at 28 in 2000!

29-09-2000, 17:28
The 1st i did it (14) someone put it in my drink at a party my brother was throwing at our house. I had talked about wanting to do it and so he "surprised" me, it was sooo not cool I was throwing up and shaking I thought i was going to die that night!!! that's why i waited 5 years for my next roll, which was AMAZING!~!~

29-09-2000, 17:34
now I see I am not alone in being an older first-timer!!

Tigger Lily
29-09-2000, 17:58
It was the day after my 18th birthday
and it was a white mitsubishi, i only did half of it and it was lots of fun
lotsa luv
Tigger !

29-09-2000, 18:54
hmm...i guess i'm a bit young...my first roll was about 3 months ago, when i was 15 - almost 16, i'm 16 now. 1 pill, a candycane. but i did TONS of research beforehand, and was with more experienced people who had done it b4. and i had a great time. i've only done it twice since then...around once a month.

29-09-2000, 23:37
I was 14, it was an X-File...