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17-08-2001, 17:14
here in Germany it cost about US $ 5-6 at disco & party it can be expencive up to $ 15
At Ibiza I get it for 1500 pesetas, it must be about $ 8-9

17-08-2001, 17:19
im in wales and im paying £2 a pill although some of my mates are paying £1 or 70p. fookin cheap huh
and theyre pretty damn sweet too
What comes up must come down.
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Its Pat
17-08-2001, 17:27
You Occidentals are so lucky to live in the place where it is made.

17-08-2001, 18:11
Well, I don't have a country yet but when I do the first e will be free, the second one $10, the third one $50, and the fourth one $150.
Then you'll have to wait three weeks to get any more and it will be the free one again.
It looks like the Ministry of Ecstacy will be a major government department.
Of course, the pills will all have my image.
Meanwhile, in East America (as nobody ever calls it) $18 is good, more than $25 a ripoff.

Dr Nomad
17-08-2001, 18:32
I live in NC-US which is a country in itself. Pills run $25-$35. Sometimes, very very rare, you find them as low as 18-20

17-08-2001, 19:05
I live in southern california and I have always paid $20.00....although i have paid $30.00 once......
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Wizeman Slim
17-08-2001, 19:06
Miami, the next best thing to Europe. I will not pay more than $15 for a bean. I usually pay $10, some people pay up to $20 but never higher.

17-08-2001, 19:13
Yeah, I live in Miami also. I pay $10-15 never more for a roll. I once paid $10 for 2 yellow dollar signs http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif but thats because the delivery guy was late by umm.. a day.
-Pook A.K.A Pookie Primo

18-08-2001, 13:16
Misterbishi and i live in Northampton ( England U.K)
we pick em up for £1.50-£2.50 each...
and 10 for £20-£30 http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

18-08-2001, 16:09
Well, if I bother to try all my contacts, I can get them at $8-$10 (USD) a piece, but I rarely have the patience so I usually pay $14 (standard price)

18-08-2001, 17:59
In south Sweden..
Standard price $10-12/each
but I never pay more than $10 and sometimes less.
for a 10pack I pay $65-80 and 100pack around $400-450

18-08-2001, 23:04
I live in Nebraska and i get them for $20. I used to only be able to get them for $25 and I know some people buy them for $30 and $35 is not unheard of.

18-08-2001, 23:21
In ohio the price seems to vary by the hoo up if u get it at a party which is risky the your probably paying 25 unless you know the person sometimes even as high as 30 i usually pay about 20 for mine sometimes more sometimes less sometimes free it all depends

19-08-2001, 13:02
sydney, australia
average price at the moment seems to be around AUS$35. which, for those that don't follow the international money smuggling market, is about US$65.
i don't understand why people don't like the aussie dollar - it's such a pretty currency.

19-08-2001, 13:58
I find the "Retail" price for pills in Sydney Australia is $40, but if you know someone or get some cheap pills you can get them for $30-35...

19-08-2001, 17:27
Fuuck me? $65 USD, are you serious?
I would never ever buy something at that price without knowing what there is in it.

19-08-2001, 20:42
I'm in England *waves*
Here in manchester pills range from £4.00 (about $8.00) to about £10.00 ($20.00)

19-08-2001, 22:59
Over here you buy pills for $1 till $4 bucks...hehe...
But I always test them, I've never had bunk pills! (from 60 til 150 mg of mdma. And now i'm so happy...i've got mdma powder..pure stuff!
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19-08-2001, 23:01
Well, Poes, that's because all your neighbours make the stuff.. Every single fucker I've ever eaten probably originated from an apartment with your address http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

20-08-2001, 07:03
Sorry to make you look like a drip. But the aussie dollar buys about $0.53 US. Not the other way around.
So $35 gets you about $18 US.

Channel Zero
20-08-2001, 09:07
I live in California, and in my area pills range from $10 to $25. I've never paid more than $20 myself.

20-08-2001, 09:16
In the town where i live E goes for 15$. But if i buy in the capital i get for 10$ below.

20-08-2001, 10:55
O.K. y'ready? In New Zealand (deep breath) they cost between $25 and $40 U.S.
Empathy. Grace.

20-08-2001, 11:01
well i live in sydney australia as well but ican usually get pills for aus$25, but back in the old days when i knew nobody, i was known to pay up to aus$50.

20-08-2001, 11:24
Viktoor, try going to Malmö.. you'll get them at $4 and below there.. that place is just flooded with drugs, with it being the main gateway for drugs in Sweden.

21-08-2001, 02:50
jesus fuckin christ!!! £2 for a pill? here in ireland i pay £10 a pill, that'd be about $18 - 20 US.

21-08-2001, 05:42
you guys are really lucky, I get it for around $30-40 at rave parties and in clubs $40-60. Even though the ones in clubs are more expensive they aren't really that good either(mainly speed bombs). I'm from sydney in australia.
gabba 4ever

21-08-2001, 06:05
In mexico prices start at 15 up to 30 US DLLS

21-08-2001, 06:09
Here in MA, USA the average price is between $15-20US. For quantities of around 50+ ive seen them for $10 each..

the acid tongue
21-08-2001, 08:41
Hmmm, sounds like us poor aussies are being ripped off. I've never paid less than 35, and have paid up to 45!

21-08-2001, 09:06
I get mine for free cuz people like me! hehe

21-08-2001, 10:43
Australia is 2 expensive, $40 aussie (about 75 american) thats 2 much......... http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif(((((

Tigger !!!!!
21-08-2001, 10:47
Sydney, Australia:
Cheapest pill = $30 from the dodgy looking guy hustling every clubber on Oxford Street asking "You lookin' to score mate?"
Average pill = $40 from trusted dealer mate who went to school with me
Most i've paid was $45, $40 for the pill and $5 delivery http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
Damn you lucky Europeans~!
The only bad drugs are
wasted drugs.....

21-08-2001, 11:01
asia...anywhere from $25 upto $45 for the "guaranteed" ones!
damn i loved ibiza! got 50 for 50,000PZ is around $255. thats $5 a pop
though the blue dolphins were $7.5
wish i got those and payed a bit more...
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21-08-2001, 16:55
Last year in Michigan, always 25-30.
Now that I live in New York City, 12-13.
Ahhh, much better.

22-08-2001, 10:21
I'm in Sydney too
I get mine for $25-$30
nv_xtc-i'd be careful about buying pills off strangers in clubs

fast a
22-08-2001, 12:22
I paid 50 South African Rands per pill last time I bought. They were fucking great and contributed to an awsome night.
In US dollars that works out at just over $6!! And the pills come in from Amsterdam
Come over an party people

22-08-2001, 12:34
Here in the Netherlands, as you probably already know, they cost about 1 US dollar each, and the quality is outstanding.
About a month ago, a lab was discovered near to where i work. (across the street) Unbelievable... you just never know! I also heard that, about a week ago, an xtc lab exploded in Eindhoven, a city nearby. Making p's is pretty dangerous but the money probably makes it worth the risk.
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Channel Zero
22-08-2001, 12:39
Dammit GreenGras, don't brag! http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif

22-08-2001, 17:55
i live in central florida, usa..and right about now average price is $18 a pill..but it goes as low as $7, depends on how much patience you have and if u wanna risk a drug charge on your record..i don't buy my own pills though, so it's all good.
Luv Me Lotz,

22-08-2001, 18:49
Here in france : 100 Frf (15,24 €) in discos
can get down to 25 Fr (3/4 €) in qunatity...

23-08-2001, 07:33
Perth, Australia..
AU$50 a pill. $40 only if dealer is generous/pill is shite.
..Which works out to be about US$25.
(and to fellow aussies: stop getting the exchange rate wrong - halve the price we pay(approx.) for US$, not the other way around! http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/biggrin.gif)

23-08-2001, 09:19
I pay between R30 - R40 (South Africa)... that is about $4... from a trusted source.. never had a dud pill from my dealer either..

23-08-2001, 19:17
London UK, normally between £2-£6. Just got 10 white octogons for £35 (thats 5.07 US$ a pill. 1$ = £0.69). mixed pill reports on www.pillreports.com (http://www.pillreports.com) so i'll just have to wait and see.

24-08-2001, 02:56
San Jose Costa Rica!
it used to be so cheap here, US$5 for a pill, GOOD ONE.
NOW! no dealers available (lots in jail http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif ) a pill (if you find one) US$16, 3 times the old price http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif

26-08-2001, 13:52
Shit, shit, shit. Perth obviously wins the pill rip-off competition.
We buy in bulk and still pay AU$50 (US$26)each, and have paid up to AU$60 at times (that's a while back now), though I wouldn't do that again. The cheapest I've ever paid is AU$35.

26-08-2001, 16:13
here in melbourne, VIC, aust.
the locals come at $15 such as soon to be around CQ's, and smileys.
the imports such as Dexters and doves at $25
i have it pretty good....being given to me after only changing 1 persons hand.

26-08-2001, 18:52
mr468 thankyou for making us all look stupid..
Shoe thankyou for restoring some credability to us poor aussies..
my oh my..

27-08-2001, 23:12
i live in southern kalifornia.
the most i ever paid for a pill was 20 bucks.
cheapest i ever paid for a pill was... hmm.. i would have to say 12 bucks?
now i get the pills at a standard price of 15...
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27-08-2001, 23:31
I live on the East Coast of the U.S. and pills here are usually 20 bucks for one, and they get cheaper the more you buy.