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26-07-2000, 02:24
OK, so i've read and searched all of the posts about this, and the majority of you all say that chewing a pill up and then swallowing it will make the pill kick in faster but cause a shorter roll while swallowing a whole pill has opppostie effects. However, the last two time I have dropped (last night and 2 and a half weeks before that) I chewed up the pill and swallowed whereas I usually just swallow a whole one. The effect? The roll was OK, but it took mad crazy hella long to kick in (at least an hour to and hour and a half). Could this just be because everyone is different and pills effect everyone in a different way? Also a factor, I bought my pills at the party I was at, the one from 2 weeks ago was from someone I didn't know well, so there is a probability of it being bunk/weak..........however the one I took last night was from someone that I knew who was reliable (I was referred to him by a friend who bought a pill off him and was rollin pretty good). I'd just like to hear some input and experiences and preferences as to how people like to take thier beans. Any advice is appreciated http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

26-07-2000, 02:27
well yesterday, the only person who chewed up their pill had it hit first...so it might just be the pill.

26-07-2000, 02:44
This sounds very strange. I think you may have not chewed the pill too well, because if you had, I'm sure it would have hit you Instantly UNLESS the pill was fake.
You see, when I used to roll, I loved chewing the pills. I only swallowed them the first couple times I rolled and when my friend said to me "REAL MEN CHEW THEIR BEANS" I started chewing them and they ALWAYS hit me instantly. You'll feel an INTENSE buzz. The buzz will be even more intense than the roll. Then it will subside for about 15-30 minutes and then you will roll. I always rolled better and longer when chewing them. But since I've only swallowed a few times I cannot be sure about this because maybe it was a coincidence and all the pills I chewed were just a lot better than the ones I have swallowed. I could go further to make this point but I won't. I'm the only one that I know that loves the taste of beans. Oh yea, if you don't know already, BEANS is a street term used here in Florida for E pills. I just hate calling them E pills because I've done so many drugs and that just sounds too gay for me. Don't mess up like I did!

26-07-2000, 20:54
I think you've answered your question with your post.
The fact that you've taken different pills is almost certainly one of the reasons for the difference.
I think next time you want to know which is better for you personally (because, as you say, people are different and chewing/swallowing will effect people differently) buy two pills from the same batch. Chew one and next time swallow.
Personally, my roll always kicks in at 35 minutes whether I swallow or chew and the difference in the actual roll is marginal.

26-07-2000, 23:32
Actually...if you put it in your left ear...it will take 10 minutes!! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
Seriously...when I have chewed..it will hit me within 30 minutes. Questions to ask is if friends had the same pills and compare time. Tolerance..etc. Good luck and be safe.

PrInCeSs EcStAsY
27-07-2000, 00:19
or you could just PLUG it!! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
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27-07-2000, 00:26
Nothin like a little colon rollin'!

27-07-2000, 01:24
i think it's the "fast-acting" vs. "long-lasting" dilemma... do you want to be rolling faster or longer? i don't believe you roll THAT much harder, but logically it would make sense. i don't see too much difference in my meager experience.

27-07-2000, 11:53
the rolls between my chewing and swallowing felt the same..........its just the chewing took crazy long to kick in, whereas i here that it shouldn't take as long, ya know what i mean? i'm confused

27-07-2000, 18:45
think about it.
every normal humans digestive system works the same way.
if you break food up into small pieces by method of mechanical digestion (chewing),
it takes less time for it to be absorbed because less work is done in the stomach.
whereas if you just swallow it whole...
only chemical digestion works on breaking up the pill (acidic digestive juices of stomach breaks it down, etc).
so, chewing would bring on a faster roll.
some argue (like you mentioned) that chewing or swallowing can cause the length of the roll to vary.
this is unsubstantiated and i believe it to be an eMyth.
the only thing thats affected by chewing vs. swallowing is the time it takes to be absorbed.
length of roll depends on serotonin levels of the victim. (hehe).
coming soon...

28-07-2000, 04:19
ok, so we've decidied that chewing will make it hit u fast, period..........it has nothing else to do with the roll.
so should i be lead to believe that my pills were bunk? i mean, it took the 1.5 to 2 hours to hit me, and it was rather weak.........and it's been the only 2 times i've chewed a pill. *scratches head with confusion*

28-07-2000, 04:47
Ok here is the deal on methods of ingesting pills.
First off you need to realize that you are eating a cocktail. The pills themselves have binders in them to make them well bind togther http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif Also if they are "cut" with anything, and then the main narcotic itself.
XTC can be MDA, MDEA, MDMA, and there are a couple other synthesis's. Thus a legit roll is anyone of these. We assume we are buying MDMA as thats the drug of choice persay sterotypically.
Now when you chew a pill, the idea is for the drug to be:
1. chewed so it takes less time to disolve in the stomach.
2. the powder left in the mouth will move into the caplaries and enter into the blood stream faster.
If I chew I do see it hitting me faster as I personally leave the pill chewed in my mouth for a min or two. I don't recommend this as a method to be used often. MDMA is acedic and what I am doing is letting it eat at my membrain in my mouth to enter in my blood stream.
Moral of the story in short. Chewing will cause a roll sterotypically to hit you faster as its method of entry into the circuletory system is a lil faster than swallowing.
- Shinobi

28-07-2000, 07:55
Maybe you're all forgeting that chweing make you roll better.
Also, if the bean took over an hour to hit you when you chewed it, then you didnt chew it right. (there's a certain way to chew them)
OR you must have eaten a massive amount of food before. This leads to taking longer for the pill to hit according to my friend who had a pill take 2 hours to hit him! And he chewed it! So this isn't MY personal Experience but if he wasn't lying then this eating before thing is dinitly a HUGE factor.
But chewing for me leads to the bean hitting me Instantly.
Also I roll much better. I'm sure it's ture because I know some of the few peopl who have had REAL pills and they agree with me too.
If you think swallowing makes you roll just as hard as chewing then I think I have been right this whole time when I say REAL BEANS ARE OUT OF EXISTENCE!!!!
(i'm not nescessarily talking about MDMA either!)

28-07-2000, 09:30
I heard that E is bad for your teeth, and so you should not chew it. One guy actually showed me a damaged tooth which he claimed was due to E. You guys heard this?

28-07-2000, 10:33
hahahaha... damages teeth?! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
and yeah, e and shinobi are right on.
and i also agree that the belief that chewing causes the roll to be longer to be false.
but i have one thing to add.
many people advise not eating for several hours before consuming the pill.
i tend to lean the other way.
dont eat a full meal mind you!
just eat half a bowl of soup or eat a half a hamburger from mcdonalds.
about 40 minutes to an hour before you drop.
i guarantee that this will kickstart your digestive system and when you swallow OR chew your pill... it will fall into a burning hot furnace of your stomach and will very quickly be digested.
also... what is the RIGHT and WRONG way to chew a pill? hahahaha...
roll in peace.
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28-07-2000, 18:41
IT's really hard to explain...
It's a mind thing also.
If you just get up and chew it without any experience in doing it, then you're liable to fuck up.
You got to make sure you chew it VERY good untill there is nothing but powder left. Make sure to get it stuck in your teeth a little and then dig it out with your tongue.
Make sure NOT to drink any water Until about 5 minutes AFTER you ARE DONE totally chewing.
A lot of people cannot handle chewing beans the "Good" way, like i just explained because they always need Water to do it.
I personally love the taste of beans because it's just so sour and good.
I know that i'm chewing a real bean so I just do it that way.
That's my way and that's the "Good" way to do it, if you're going to do it anyway.
But I don't reccomend ever even doing any more pills because for one, I know now that they're not even good quality.
Also they CAN be dangerous. So take my advice from a experienced user. I'm not an anti-drug person but I'm just an expert from experience of a lot of use.
If you want to know any other tips on chewing, let me know.
I've never heard of ecstasy damaging your teeth, but when I chewed, I always put it in my teeth and I never had any cavaties before that and now I DO have one cavity in my back tooth , and that was where I usually the chewed up powder from the bean.
So this may be bad for you and is not reccomended.
But I'd rather have a cavity then die from dehydration.
So, what i'm saying, is that you should worry more about the dangerous effects of ecstasy.
But to get the awesome instant (and roll) buzz from chewing, my way worked perfect for me!

28-07-2000, 19:52
A lot of "rolling" is mental. Remember this. Postive outlook = Positive results
- Shinobi

29-07-2000, 05:40
uhh have you seen the amount of time it takes to disolve a pill? One of mine fell down a sink into a tiny bit of water and fried like hell and continued to after I took it out... dont underestimate the power of liquid on those fuckers.