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02-06-2000, 04:40
Due to the amount of questions regarding combinations of drugs, I suggest a combination FAQ. I'm willing to undertake it, but I'd like some help. I'm not very familiar with that many combos, so those experienced with combos, I welcome your help.
cannabis + alcohol
cannabis + nitrous
cannabis + MDMA
cannabis + psilocybin
cannabis + LSD
cannabis + DXM
MDMA + psilocybin
MDMA + nitrous
psilocybin + nitrous
LSD + nitrous
feel free to list more
I'd also think there should be a FAQ on combos that aren't fun or even healthy.
MDMA + cocaine, cocaine + speed, etc.
I could be really pissed off about all the stuff thats has happened to me, but its hard to stay mad when there is so much beauty in the world.

02-06-2000, 21:09
Okay, cool. I think the best way to go about it would be to find out all the combos that people on this board have done and then get accounts of their experiences, including the timing of the intake of each drug and the quantity.

luv rolling
03-06-2000, 01:25
here's some more:
canabis + MDMA + LSD
mdma + alcohol (hehe)

03-06-2000, 02:18
sinutab + alcohol = Cheap Thrill
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phil shroom
03-06-2000, 02:57
Hey What a good idea. You seem to have left off one of my favourites which is LSD and Shrooms. This can be pleasure with a capital P. Drop the cid, then after 1/2 an hour eat your shrooms. The acid makes the shrooms last longer and the shrooms mellow off the acid,a real easy trip and with good quality
gear you will see very beautiful halloo's
that you will never see on acid or shrooms seperately.

04-06-2000, 23:47
special K and E the way to be...

04-06-2000, 23:56
If you add a combination, please explain how you dose. Which drug first, timing, or if you take them both at the same time? Also, try to explain why it is better to take them at the same time instead of separately.

05-06-2000, 05:54
Definately not recommended:
Speed + Acid: Did I just think that or did I say it? The comedown is one of the HARDEST I've had.

06-06-2000, 05:32
alcohol + weed + nitrous = CRAZY shit

Bi KaNd*E* RaVeR
06-06-2000, 17:57
i can tell you the ultimate weekend combo.........
~a couple shots of alky *my fave vodka* ryte b4 the party
~then when you get inside.. *about 30 mins lata* pop ur bean!
~when your peak starts to fall do a couple bumps of K (know your limits.. you dont wanna be in a k-hole)
~On the way home, pop 1/2 a bean
~when you get home put on sum really good trance and smoke-up
~ party hardy all nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =o)
me and my best guy did this.. and OMG we had the best nite..
*looks innocent* yeah yeah. okay.. so sex belongs in there sumwhere..but he said drug combos *giggle*
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06-06-2000, 22:13
shrooms + X = HippieFlip = Fun

07-06-2000, 00:35
If you guys are going to do a FAQ you ought to include the effects.. You can't really just throw everything into a 'this is good to mix' and 'this is bad to mix' catagory.
For example, they say mixing GHB and cocaine is one of the best feelings but it's also very dangerous and requires upmost caution and experience with both drugs. Such situations should be taken into account in any FAQ about combos.
Perhaps if someone wants to take this on as a FAQ they ought to try researching on Erroid's website for negative effects, because there's usually a 'Contradictions' section for each drug which explains which drugs not to mix and exactly why.
Good work tho! Spread knowledge and you better your scene. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
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07-06-2000, 00:39
The best....MDMA and Nitrous.... :-)
I have some friends that prefer to do a bunch of whippets at the end of the night after they come down, which is fine.
I however prefer to start them earlier in the night and spread them out instead of doing a bunch in a row.
I do the first one when I am still blowing up and then just spread the rest out over the night....never a whole bunch in a row though.
Doing it this way, the nitrous is amazing and it boosts your roll like you wouldn't believe!! :-)
Have fun be safe....

07-06-2000, 01:44
I agree, that's why I asked for more than just this drug and that drug is the best man!

07-06-2000, 03:10
The best is E + 2c-t-7. I'll fire in a trip report soon.

08-06-2000, 06:45
Candy Flipping (LSD & MDMA)
Hippy Flipping (Shrooms & MDMA)
Love Flipping (Mescaline & MDMA)
Kitty Flipping (Ketamine & MDMA)
Elephant Flipping (PCP & MDMA)
Robo Flipping (DXM & MDMA)
Nexus Flipping (2-CB & MDMA)
Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden (MDMA, MDEA, & MBDB)
Candy Flipping...
The combination of LSD and ecstacy. The correct way to do this is
to take the LSD 3 hours before the e so that you start peaking on the
LSD at the same time you start rolling on the ecstacy. Some people feel
that the ecstacy takes away all the negative aspects of LSD and makes
all the visuals more beautiful. There is also a uniquw synergistic effect
that occours as well. The LSD takes the body feeling of the ecstacy and
gives it a roller coaster effect. It can be described as peaking various times
on the ecstacy and every next peak becomes more intense than the last one.
Hippy Flipping...
The combination of Magic Mushrooms and ecstacy. The correct way to do this
is to take the ecstacy and on the 4th hour of the ecstacy you eat the mushrooms.
The mushrooms bring the e back on in full force. The body tingle turns into a deep
buzzing and it can be a very liquifying experience. Also, the ecstacy gives one the
ability to dance more than one would have if one had just taken the mushrooms.
Love Flipping...
The combination of Mescaline and ecstacy. Very similar to Candy Flipping yet you take
the Mescaline at the same time as the e. They both enhance each other. The Mescaline
and e both are very empathic substances. The empathy is doubled imensley to the
point where one can feel another person's emotions who is accross the room.
Kitty Flipping...
The combination of Ketamine and ecstacy. The e is taken 10 minutes before the K.
While one is in the K hole one can communicate with another person who is Kitty Flipping
through physical contact. Although, communication passed between each other only
consists of single words, the single words seem to represent an entire sentance.
The e gives the K more insight into ones self as well and the K hole is generally
brighter and more positive.
Elephant Flipping...
The combination of PCP and ecstacy. Taken at the same time. The body high is
incredibly intense in the sense that the PCP gives one the feeling that one is floating
and almost weightless. The PCP numbs the body so that one only feels the E. A
description would be of one soaking in a pool of ecstacy.
Robo Flipping...
The combination of DXM & ecstacy. The e is taken 20 minutes before the DXM.
The feeling is similar to that of Elephant Flipping & Kitty Flipping. One feels the
sensation that one is floating and movement of the body causes euphoria. The body high
is an incredibly buzzing and one feels as though the e is worming underneath the skin
and trying to push out from inside. Although it sounds scary it is very intense and
Nexus Flipping...
The combination of 2-CB and ecstacy. The e is taken first and the 2-CB is taken
towards the end of the e trip. The 2-CB brings out the erotic feeling that the
e masks and it changes the mental state to a more intellectual leval.
Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden...
The combination of MDMA, MDEA, & MBDB. All taken simultaneously. Said to be
the most complete ecstacy experience. Thoughts flow like water. The experience is
directed outward as well as inward. Empathy is felt for every person one comes in
contact with.
SORRY THIS WAS SO LONG,BUT IT MIGHT HELP! http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
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09-06-2000, 00:21
That was a great post Doug E Flesh. That was what I was hoping to get, although I didn't expect to get it from one person. That covers a great deal of flips. I think we need a section specifically dedicated to various "flips." Can anyone think of good names for the other combos (i.e. shrooms and acid, weed and speed)? I think that we don't need anything about weed combos because it just goes well with everything at anytime.
The How to See God flip:
acid + shrooms + mescaline + ketamine + cannabis + ecstasy + cannabis
For real though:
MDMA + nitrous; what should it be called?

09-06-2000, 00:50
Are you going to explain how DXM + E can be dangerous ? Eh ?

09-06-2000, 01:01
jesus christ doug-e-fresh. i almost thought you were credible. i mean, you have this wholelist and then discpritions... but what the fuck are you thinking even including DXM + MDMA in there?!? true, it may not have had an adverse reaction for YOU, but the combo is a killer. and by even posting that, you totally undermine everything that we are trying to do on this board in relations to the harm reduction of DXM and MDMA. please, keep experiences like these to yourself. you are the exceptiopn, and i really dont want kids going out and getting hurt because they read your post and said hey! that sounds like a good idea. as great as both of those drugs are, they DO NOT belong together. bottom line. please do your part in this community and help kids NOT get hurt...
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09-06-2000, 04:54
Has anyone here ever attempted an Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?
I've never even heard of MDEA.

09-06-2000, 12:06
you have never heard of MDE(A) wow. well, i fyou are a regular user of E, then im willing to bet you have tried MDE(A). heh..do some research and find out what it is.. it's pretty important to know about MDE(A), MDA, and MDMA if you are a roller.
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09-06-2000, 17:59
You don't seem to be a very happy person, do you, Spencer? http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif

09-06-2000, 20:46
What I meant to type was MBDB. I have heard of MDE and MDA, but even so, why would you simply say that I should know about it? Why don't you tell me a little something about it instead? I wouldn't expect a complete discussion of the drug but a little background. It's surprising that you're the moderator.

10-06-2000, 09:34
i like to eat 2 tabs wait fifteen smoke a bowl of kb drop a couple hits of liquid wait 30 do a couple bumps of crystal and continue to smoke kb the rest of the night? but thats me.

10-06-2000, 13:20
on July 1st I am going to try for the first time E and Shroom together (two E and 2gm shroom)what should I expect?

10-06-2000, 19:57
Sorya, that's an entirely different thread altogether. Use the search and you will be answered.

12-06-2000, 13:07
bendover: i am a very happy guy. i am just sick of people asking repeat questions without searching first (and yes, i am a hypocrite becausei am guilty of doing this on occasion)
funguy: see above
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13-06-2000, 13:29
mdma + lsd + cocaine + cannabis
LOST IN A WORLD OF XTC................

16-06-2000, 19:07
i have a new kind of flip its called the crazy flip i did it on New Years.
Crazy Flip=Extacy+acid+Cocaine+Xanex+Crown Royal+Pot
I wouldnt reccomend doin thins unless u take small amounts of those because i did large amounts of all the drugs in a 3 hour period.
Its called a crazy flip because i was in a room all by myself talking to myself until 3 in tha morning.
Hold up, Wait a minute, put another ROLL in it

17-06-2000, 01:58
What are you talking about? All I have ever combined will roll's is beer!
The key is "Moderation"!
I love nothing more than to drink COLD beer while rolling. Especially while comming down!
Beer lovers that roll know beer tastes like heaven, love, sex while rolling. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/redface.gif)
rolling for life! :o)

17-06-2000, 02:17
candy flipping and hippy flipping are one thing
and weed goes with fucking everything but i feel ive gotta be the voice of moderation alot of that stuff from my experience dosent mix i thought it was common knowledge that e doesnt mix with coke or alchohol and some of
"us" have like 3 and 4 drugs combination that shit is bad new it would be cliche to say that i love u all but we are all connected and idont want u guys to overdo it

17-06-2000, 02:37
TRAIL MIX - (snorted) E + K + Crystal =)!

17-06-2000, 12:33
Candy flipping and hippie flipping are not the same thing.
Candy flipping = E and Acid
Hippie flipping = E and shrooms
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17-06-2000, 22:14
Weed goes with everything!!!!!
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17-06-2000, 22:36
mdma + nitrous should be called a wippit flip.

17-06-2000, 23:35
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23-06-2000, 19:58
2C-T-7 + 5MeO-DMT + Salvia 10X!!!

28-06-2000, 15:48

DeMoN -D
29-06-2000, 04:36
if you take more "g" (matters how concentrated it is for exact dose) and wait 1hr. and then pop half a pill one you will feel like your in a movie all surroundings look as if your wacthing a movie and is a bit confusing.
taking one pill and a cap of "g" at the same time then popping another pill 1.5hrs. later and one more cap feels very confusing i felt very light then suddenly heavy and dizzy then
i felt as if i was gonna g out but i got right back up. its very strange.
well i took three caps of some hard shit then about 1.5hrs. into it i took a huge ballon down quik and uaslly you blackout for a couple seconds and your up but in this case it felt like it to forever to get up and i felt the N20 for a long time it also made me very week and i was alot closer to g-iing out after the ballon but i didnt
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luv rolling
01-07-2000, 15:50
*bump bump bump*
that's the sound of my 40's as they hittin in my trunk
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*CrystalMeth Bunny*
16-07-2000, 19:39
Aim away from face.

23-07-2000, 13:17
For one thing, names and titles for combos are pretty stupid IMO, because the experiences are very subjective on the individual and dosage. Dumber persons will go for combos they identify by the names, and might find themselves somewhere else, which is not always good.
Combos should be described by the names of the drugs involved.
The ones i tried so far:
Cannabis + LSD - Doesnt need description
Cannabis + Ketamine - I usually like to smoke a lot before injecting the K, which puts me in a much more vivid float. It is awesome with good ambient/downtempo music.
Ketamine + LSD - The key is to drop the acid, and wait ~3 hours to reach the peak. Once on the peak, snort, or inject the ketamine. One potentiates the other about 10 times, and the results of this combination is something new that doesnt reminds one of either ketamine nor LSD. I personally like ~400 ug of LSD, and to inject ~80mg of K. Remember that if K is to be injected, it should be the pharmaceutical, pure ketamine, that comes in vials, proper for injections, and not those unknown powders sold on the streets.
GHB and Cannabis - I think it's awesome, because GHB lifts your mood so much, and gets in an amazing synergy with the cannabis, which prevents you from getting too sleepy or slow, as sometimes happens with cannabis. It also makes you much more sociable than cannbis alone would do, as for my particular case, cannabis alone is pretty antisocial.
Other combos were already mentioned above.