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burn out
28-05-2013, 10:39
Could someone give me a taper plan to help me get off subs? I used subs to get off a moderate heroin habit, but stayed on the subs too long. I was taking a 4 mg dose of suboxone every third day for a month and for most of that time, that one dose would hold me the full three days until my next dose. Toward the end of the month though, I started having withdrawals 12 hours after taking the subs which I knew was a very bad sign indicating I had become addicted to the subs. I ran out of subs and was feeling rather bad today, nothing like heroin withdrawals but still bad enough that I was not well enough to feel like going to work. I took a tablespoon of bali and a half tablespoon of enhanced bali and 45 minutes later, I felt tremendous relief. Now I just want to know how long I need to stay on the kratom to minimize withdrawals.

28-05-2013, 12:19
That's quite a hefty dose of Kratom,like ten g of the RVB and five g of something called "enhanced Bali",probably a 5x or even 15x extract.At those doses it's a bit too much like "the real thing".And Kratom withdrawal is real and no joke.

28-05-2013, 12:47
Hey burn out, check this thread: http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/threads/662337-What-dosage-to-jump-off-kratom?highlight=dosage+kratom

It contains a lot of information regarding switching from Buprenorphine (& other opioids) to kratom and tapering/jumping off.
In my experience it was easier with Kratom than just going from 0,4mg Subutex to zero.

Good luck!

burn out
28-05-2013, 13:11
That's quite a hefty dose of Kratom,like ten g of the RVB and five g of something called "enhanced Bali",probably a 5x or even 15x extract.At those doses it's a bit too much like "the real thing".And Kratom withdrawal is real and no joke.

Oh whoops. Well I definitely didn't need to take that much for relief. I actually a bit high off it and was itching like crazy. I didn't think this was a high dose because I used to take 2 tablespoons of bali as my normal dose to get high with no opiate tolerance. I figured that with my tolerance, this would be a good dose but you're right, I could probably get by with a lot less although it wouldn't mean full relief from withdrawal symptoms. I just took another tablespoon of enhanced bali right before I read your post and I am starting to feel quite high now. I guess I overdid it a little bit but I can work on reducing my dose from hear on out. I can handle mild opiate withdrawal no problem, I just stay in bed and watch tv all day. The problem comes when I have to go to work or when I become frustrated with not being able to sleep. Now that I know kratom works, I can take it when I need it in order to get something done and just withdraw the rest of the time.

burn out
28-05-2013, 15:19
Oh my God. I'm totally faded. I feel like I shot 2-3 packs of dope. I thought kratom was weaker than suboxone, how can I be this high? Obviously I took way too much. I am going to have to rethink this taper and start with a much lower dose.

28-05-2013, 15:46
"I guess I overdid it a little bit".
Well, don't we all sometimes?

28-05-2013, 19:05
Kratom is a weird thing.. when I first started it I felt like that and was amazed at how much like the real thing it was. I actually stopped my Norco intake and went with kratom instead. Works great for pain however after six months of continuous use of 20-25g per day I realized I was dependent. I had withdrawels when I stopped so I decided to taper. Why not, its legal and fairly easy to get, might as well. I tapered from 20g down to ten the first day. Kept it there for a week, then down to 5g per day for a week. After I was acclamated to the 5 I stopped and noticed 0 w/d symptoms. It's not near as bad as traditional opiates. I have stopped taking the Norco again today and will be going thru the same but not as long as my opiate of choice has a shorter half life. Not really of choice however, its what is prescribed to me for legitimate pain. I've heard about subs and how long the w/d's last and I'm sorry anyone would have to endure w/d's at all, let alone a month. Try starting at 3-4g and up it if needed. Take this dose about every six hours or when you can't take the w/d's any longer. Do this until they subside then taper off the kratom slowly. You could probly just stop altogether but it helps to taper during the post acute w/d's. Brings everything back into balance so to speak..so good luck to you ad stay strong.

28-05-2013, 19:15
Kratom withdrawals are nothing compared to traditional opiates. It's legal and easy to get so you can taper as long as needed. The worst symptom associated with it that I noticed was rls. And anyway, a hefty dose of kratom is always much better than going back to the opiate trash that put you there to begin with. I don't influence chronic drug use of any kind but kratom is a natural herb. You can pull a leaf off the tree, chew and enjoy great pain numbing benifits. It is addictive, however much more like coffee than any prescription drug or heroin.

burn out
29-05-2013, 09:50
I am having a fantastic time on this stuff. It's better than heroin. I feel happy right now, not like the numb to life feeling always wanting more always wanting more gives me but supremely happy, calm and focused. Life is so mysterious and beautiful and not to be wasted on stupid addictions.

29-05-2013, 11:11
where can i get this kratom, i never head of it, is it an opoid/opiate derivative?

29-05-2013, 17:21
burn out.. im jumping on kratom tomorrow to aid subutex withdrawl. Trying out 7 grams or so to start and hopefully 5 g's a day here on out . till I jump off and cut back a half g a day.

04-06-2013, 07:18
Anybody know where I can buy Kratom that ships to the UK or any UK Kratom suppliers? cheers!

weekend addiction
04-06-2013, 07:57
Better than heroin? Not in my opinion. I drank 14 grams this afternoon. I like kratom. But its more like "better than codeine."

05-06-2013, 04:29
While the high isn't as intense, but when you consider everything kratom is surely better. Taking my CC and placing and order, then recieving the exact item I ordered the next morning at 1030am sure beats getting cash, giving it to someone who may or may not even come back with a product that is hardly ever of the same quality. On top of that I no longer worry about cops or surprise drug tests at work. Yes, it is for sure a better quality of life.