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23-12-2002, 06:27
Just wanted to know what anybody thought about this. I just got back from it and i thought it was pretty good. Probably wouldn't watch it again though. Just one of those flicks u only need to see once.

23-12-2002, 07:52
I saw it last night. I thought it was a great movie, but i agree that it's one that i'll only see once. Daniel Day Lewis was fuckin great, and i didn't even mind Leonardo this time. The sets were awsome. The thing i liked the most was that it wasn't a "hollywood-ized" version of history. It was historically accurate without all the bullshit you see in other movies. The shot that had the most impact on me was when you see the new immigrants coming off the boat, the soldiers getting back on the boats to go to war, then the coffins coming back from the war all at the same time. brilliant. only complaint was that it was slow and tedious at some parts in the middle. 4 out of 5 stars.

17-02-2003, 17:31

17-02-2003, 18:35
This was a big disappointment. Yes, Daniel Day Lewis was brilliant, but Leo and Cameron were awful. Despite the fact that the film cost $100 million, it only used a handful of shoddy sets.
The writing was trite, and some scenes (like the one praised above) made me laugh at how obvious and elementary school level they were.
I was hoping for something highbrow, but the movie pandered to idiots. There were memory flashbacks every five mintues or so, so that morons wouldn't forget which characters were which.
Also, 16 years pass by and everything/one looks exactly the same? A knife is buried for 16 years and doesn't rust?
They could have cut an hour of bloated waste easily. It was rather pointless, the plot was too slow to develop and WAY to predictable.
The token woman & Black person were offensive.
And worst of all, the scene at the end with the World Trade Center was ridiculous and disgusting.

18-02-2003, 01:53
Daniel Day Lewis was very good. Thats about all the good I can muster about this garbage dump. First off, I hate this movie for the same reasons I hated Gladiator. Simple revenge plots blow and DiCaprio was not the right actor for that part. Really what was the point of the film? It really struggled with making that clear. It poorly focused on several issues: (revenge, immigration, civil war, racism).
I almost became physically ill from the gratuitous violence and all the racial sluring in the film. That's actually a plus though. If a film can almost bring me to vomitous, at least its doing something.
Trancendance~ I don't think I've ever agreed with one of your posts more :) Spot on.
[quote] And worst of all, the scene at the end with the World Trade Center was ridiculous and disgusting
for real wtf was that **thumbs down**
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18-02-2003, 07:03
Martin Scorsese is definately one of my favourite directors of all time. The character developement in the film is amazing, though he takes his time in this area it really pays off in the end.
Daniel Day Lewis should most DEFINATELY recieve an OSCAR for this performance, as I really was STUNNED and now believe him to be one of the best actors in the world easily!
What can I say, 2 thumbs up! Daniel Day Lewis definately the highlight, overall a good movie!

19-02-2003, 15:05
100 million isn't that much when you're building all of your sets from scratch.

21-02-2003, 22:01
Scorcese is the man, but personally I think he needs to stick with Italians. Oh, wait, Diaz...DiCaprio??? = (

21-02-2003, 22:31
[quote]Originally posted by Trancendance:
And worst of all, the scene at the end with the World Trade Center was ridiculous and disgusting.
i'm interested in your choice of words and to hear you expand on that - why do you think it was "disgusting"?
thanks for your comments

22-02-2003, 02:55
^^^ Morally repugnant, a gratuitous exploitation of the victims, etc.

22-02-2003, 02:59
i guess one man's "Morally repugnant, a gratuitous exploitation of the victims, etc." is another's cinematic tribute, homage, etc.?

Chaos Butterfly
23-02-2003, 13:03
i personally really enjoyed this film. didn't find it boring or trite or anything.
2 thumbs up from me. daniel day lewis... gold.

11-07-2003, 00:50
Awesome movie!

I just finished watching it 10 minutes ago. I thought Leo Dicaprio played an excellent part, as did Daniel Day Lewis (probably better than Leo). I wish the story would've just stuck with the boy trying to avenge his fathers death, that alone would have made a cool plot. But I suppose the whole government breaking things up shows one "gangs" superiority over another.

Good movie, definitely recommended. It's long, be warned- 167 minutes.

Nexus One
11-07-2003, 02:41
...a gratuitous exploitation of the victims

I don't think they put that in to disgust people and offend victims... more a chance to show the history of the city. It was done tactfully - just a couple of seconds of the buildings... they could have done it so much worse.

It's been almost two years now... it's time to stop getting offended everytime someone mentions it.

11-07-2003, 03:48
Originally posted by Nexus One
It's been almost two years now... it's time to stop getting offended everytime someone mentions it.

i agree. it happened. pretending it somehow didn't happen does the entire issue a disservice.


11-07-2003, 10:07
And worst of all, the scene at the end with the World Trade Center was ridiculous and disgusting.What are you talking about? That was the best bit of an absolutely crap movie. I love the NY skyline especially before 9/11. Seriously there was a lot of eye candy in the movie that kept me watching especially Diaz, but that was about it.

11-07-2003, 14:40
I only saw this recently, and I have to say, there's very little to recomment it... the sets are artificial and badly lit... it makes them look like a stage set. It's shot on much too hi-res film... a little graininess would have lent more authenticity to it. The acting is reasonable, but when put up against a giant like Day Lewis, very few actors will shine. Both DiCaprio and Diaz are good actors (Diaz, more so) but beside Day Lewis, they look like amateurs. Much of the story/script is glorified and cheesey... too much hero/revenge bollox and not enough petty criminality.

Amazing how Scorsese is capable of genius like Goodfellas, and yet can make something like this with so many holes.

11-07-2003, 15:54
Originally posted by NecroTrance
Scorcese is the man, but personally I think he needs to stick with Italians. Oh, wait, Diaz...DiCaprio??? = (

Cameron Diaz is hispanic I thought????

15-07-2003, 15:27
rented last night, haven't seen yet, will edit this with comments when i do

Nexus One
16-07-2003, 15:18
Hmm.... fascinating.

18-07-2003, 02:18
I thought it was well written and entertaining. That type of movie was not really my usual style but I found it so thought provoking in the way of those things actually going on in the earlier days.

18-07-2003, 03:05
This movie was originally over 4 hours long when scorsese finished it... but the movie studio would not release it... It took him almost 2 years to reedit and get it to the way it was released... I thought it was a great movie and would like to see the "real" way scorsese had intended it to be...

I think he would have dwelved more into Leo's lost years...

18-07-2003, 09:47
OHFUCKMEINTHEASS do we need a Spoilers warning?

Chaos Butterfly
18-07-2003, 19:59
Am now reading the book that this was based on and so far it is pretty cool... i mean it the book was written in the late 1920's so a lot of the references are a bit vague, and it presumes that you have a working knowledge of some of the more important NYC city streets, but apart from that, it is a good read so far...

CB :)

18-07-2003, 21:28
I didn't think it lived up to it's potential. I find most movies, even ones that aren't the best, give me some enjoyment. So it wasn't a total loss. I agree that Daniel Day Lewis was the best thing about the movie. Although the cinematography was really nice too. But the rest wasn't so great.

20-07-2003, 19:20
I really liked it! After watching the special features it even made me like it more. The special features show how historically correct this movie was. I thought the story and acting was great. I may be one of the only people to say this, but this movie made it in my TOP 10!

26-07-2003, 21:12
one i loved this film all around..especially at being historically accurate, good acting, and not over the top hollywood bullshit.

The one thing that truly impressed me, is this is the first movie i've seen that truly showed the North's reaction to the Emancipation Proclamation and the war with the south.
Many people look at the north as the saviours for the slaves in the south, without realizing that the majority in the north didn't like blacks too much either and preferred they stayed down south. (not that its a pleasant moment in history, but sometimes its good to see the brutal truth rather than candy coat it)

I also love how the various cliques or stereotypes of that time period and place were depicted perfectly...especially those that fell into the dandy aesthetic.

You see from the begining of new york-- the history its politic' s relations has with the criminal world, ---you even see the "liberal" and "conservative" side of things.. where the "conservatives" are referred to as the "natives" and "patriots".. very similar today...

i think this film shown light on alot of things in a very precise manner without detracting from the storyline itself...

I just hate how the film ended up on two DVD discs. I know for a fact the whole damn thing could've fit on one disc.

28-07-2003, 14:47
I got it on one...

28-07-2003, 20:50
wtf?? damn netflix to hell..