View Full Version : what's wrong with my kratom recipe ? I don't feel anything

10-10-2012, 20:34

I just received 2 different kind of kratom:
- 50g of "meang da" thai, powdered
- 50g of thai, powdered.

First, i tried the standard thai with the following recipe:
I put 5g in a cup and cover the powder with lemon juice, then i put it 30 secondes in the microwaves. then i fill the cup with hot water and the the mixture 1 minute in the microwave. Next, i use coffee filter to separate the powder from the solution.
I add some honey and drink in less than 1 minute the whole solution.

1 hour later, i feel nothing !

So, i recycle the powder that i have used, put it in a pan, and add 5g of maeng da and a cup of water.
I lightly boil the solution, filter it, and drink it.
10 minutes later, maybe i feel a very very weak effect :( ...

30 mins latter i ate the raw kratom filtered powder, it doesn't work better.

I might have a weak tolerance to codeine.
my stomach was empty

Do i do something wrong ?
I'd be glad to hear some advices ;)


10-10-2012, 20:41
just swallow the powder whole. get your dose in a spoon, and toss it into your mouth (make sure not to inhale)), quickly drink a strong tasting liquid.

10-10-2012, 23:06
doesn't work either :( . I put a lot of hope in that shit.
if you're wondering, i trust the shop

11-10-2012, 00:03
Do you have an opioid tolerance? Are you taking any drugs that could lessen the effects of the kratom? If neither of those things, then it might either just be not very good kratom, or you might just be one of those people who don't feel much from it. Or you might have too high of expectations for it and just not really notice that it's affecting you - the effects are quite subtle.

11-10-2012, 19:51
Quite subtle ? so why do i read stories about trips to noddingham with kratom ?

11-10-2012, 21:21
there will be no trips to noddingham with kratom. It is extremely subtle. If you are used to the high from opiates then it's going to be a let down IMO. You also have the more stimulating strains. You do need to eat the powder whole though, no tea or boiling and filtering, kratom is hydrophobic and does not like water so it's almost impossible to make a proper tea or water extraction. Put the powder in caps or whatever method will get it down your throat in it's powder form and i can guarantee you will feel something. Maeng da is actually pretty euphoric, my eyes get pinpoint on it and i feel pretty good. Try 6-8 grams of MD on an empty stomach (always take kratom on an empty stomach or it won't work at all).

12-10-2012, 03:54
As a nonopiate user, who enjoys opiates this is how i do,
first, cap that shit up, 00 size.
Second get some red vein shit, maengda and thai are energetic-caffine like. Red vein is sedating and relaxing.
3rd, cap up like 8 grams, eat 4grams, wait half an hour for your stomach then eat the other 4grams. Sometimes i just keep stacking 4 grams till about 16 grams. If you dont feel any opiate action, kratom is not for you

12-10-2012, 10:25
Just boiled 16 grams after 2 weeks of no effects except withdraw relief building up to this amount, but quickly. It was "Bali" crushed leaf. Poured the leaves into the mug and let the cup sit for 30 minutes to cool and then drank most of 3/4's of it. Finally effects. Everyone's different. I never took enough capsules - have done 10 at a time with zero effects compared to the tea. Finally I'm sold. It's actually more overwhelming then 3 30's were before detoxing, he'll even 4. Not as euphoric, but its up there.

I've tried toss n wash, capsules, concentrates, everything and process out there and plain leave half quart water boiled for 20 mins and then all is poured into an insulated cup with a lid so I don't eat the leaf, let it sit for 30, and that did it. Or did something. Maybe I didn't take enough of it raw - almost choked on a capsule today tbh.

12-10-2012, 23:21
dont know what to tell you man, if tossn wash or capsules on an empty stomach doesnt work, im out of ideas based on experience.
tea is far less effective because water cant extract all the alkaloids.

14-10-2012, 05:51
If you haven't already try adding a bit of weed it really wakes up the kratom. I get great effects from only one slightly rounded teaspoon.

15-10-2012, 09:28
In my opinion, i've used all sorts of opiates and kratoms. I've done $100 shots of dope. I can tell you that no type of kratom even works except for regular Bali Leaf kratom. Screw extracts, screw the weird kinds, just get the plain leaf and boil it into tea. Then depending on tolerance, you just make the tea stronger and stronger or just drink more until you feel high. Kratom definitely works, and certainly produces a very reputable opiate high. The person who said not to boil it has never had good kratom, im assuming.

15-10-2012, 16:10
Like others have stated if you do a lot of opiates kratom will be very weak for you.
Otherwise, in my experince I have found kratom to be very effective when it was good from a good supplier.
I would compare the high as being similar to taking a couple vicodin. If you are expecting a real profound opiate high you will be dissapointed it is like a very mild opiate high, but you should feel more than you are. I would try another supplier and keep trying the straight powder.

19-07-2013, 23:57
I can tell you that no type of Kratom even works except for regular Bali Leaf kratom. Screw extracts, screw the weird kinds, just get the plain leaf and boil it into tea.

uh this is not true. When i first bought Kratom i got a butt load of Bali because everyone loved it. It did nothing for me. Only after i spent a bunch of money i decided to try other kinds. Green Malaysian was the one that gave me most pain relief and then I got a free ounce from my vendor of a special blend they just made, they call it Indo Red and Green Vein, its what i use every day.

I just tried an extract for the first time and it was really strong at first, now it just does nothing different than plain leaf im sure this is due to tolerance that I build up HELLA QUICKLY. but extracts are weird, be careful.

One strong extract had me feeling weird as hell and spacey, with a lot of head pressure all day, I may have taken too much (3 g)

anyway not to knock Bali, its just different and everyone reacts differently, I wouldn't want anyone to try "the strongest kratom" and feel nothing as I did and then give up. This plant is a godsend. I highly recommend it, but if you are looking to get high you may be disappointed.

ALSO i think what the OP was doing wrong was maybe not letting the Kratom stay in the hot water for long enough time. I am very impatient and I cant bare to gulp down any Kratom tea, I suggest mixing it with honey and putting a glob on your tongue and wash it down. works for me and i barely taste it. I used capsules for months before i realized i was being cheated, capsules do not all open at the same time and may take an hour to even open at all.

I dont do toss and wash because i have inhaled by accident too many time while doing that. I use a smashed banana, chocolate sauce, syrup anything thats gooey that i can mix it up with and it will stay together not go all over the place. Good luck all

20-07-2013, 04:41
To test a batch its best to eat the powder as tea making can leave the process open to many mistakes and changes in effect based on the methods used. If about 7 g powder leaf does work when eaten, ta2, capped etc then the product might be lacking (unless the user has a good existing tolerance)./

I will say that when i first used Kratom i had never touched an opiate and therefore would do far to much Kratom expecting hardcore effects that every opiate virgin that doesn't know better thinks opiates will cause.

The truth is that its a subtle drug until you learn to identify its effect (especially for previous stim users)

After trying real H i respected Kratom (mostly extracts) much more due to how close it came when considering its legal status and relative safety.

A opiate experienced person trying Kratom will easily notice the effect if it does kick in but also runs the risk of having a tolerance so the effect might not be noticeable. It all depends.

21-07-2013, 05:20
Add about 10-15 grams of powder into a 20oz plastic soda bottle, add 16 or so oz of water. Shake it the fuck up. And drink it. Chase it with you choice of beverage. It'll be like drinking sandy/dirty water but it should do the trick. I can down it in 2 swigs but if you can't slam disgusting liquids easily you may need to shake it in between sips.

I have some cheap kratom (no fancy strains...the cheapest stuff I could find) and 10 grams usually feels like 2 vicodin give or take. I've never gotten higher than the feeling of 20ish mgs of hydrocodone from kratom no matter the dose. Anything above 20 grams starts to get disphoric and makes me dizzy.

I used to have a killer tolerance but its been years. Don't expect a nod but you should definitely feel that positive 'can do' attitude.