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Mystery Brew
17-08-2011, 19:59
My usaege goes from opiates from hydrocodone to heroin IV, psychedelics, RC, various pills, and everything else under the sun.

First time with kratom. I put "experienced" as the title as in experienced user

Tolerance is fairly moderate, but nothing like when I was on IV H. I was on heroin really bad too. Heavily addicted to say the least.
Now my tolerance is About 50mg hydrocodone, 30mg oxy to even feel effect of it. Not nodding out or anything. Those doses are just when I can even feel the opiates at all.

(Even 100mg oxy doesnt make me nod. Just super hyperactive as a comparison- this is recently)

Remember: Kratom can vary greatly from batch to batch. Theres even vendors selling bunk. Body chemistry is also a variable.

Well Bali powder arrived today. It is noted that it is not the blend of commercial kratom mix that most call Bali now. It was said this Bali is superior.

Injested approx. 7-12g. No scale just a estimation. Swollowed powder and chased with Mt Dew. Real earthly taste. Gagged a bit though.


-1 hour: Starting to Feeling warm, sweaty. Stimulated and relaxed. I get this same feeling from every opiate.

-1 hour 30 min: This isnt placebo. People say kratom is very stimulating to them. For me all opiates are really stimulating to me; maybe due to tolerance. So I cant compare if its the kratom is stimulating from its self or not. But the stimulation as of right now is very similar, if I had to compare opiates to kratom. I'd say about 50-60mg hydrocodone. Shocking isnt it. Didnt even expect it I thought I wasted money.
Starting to itch. Euphoria is mild to slightly moderate. Really suprised I can even feel it. Eyes are pinned also. Analgesic property is evident. The inner warmth of typical opiates is there too.
As of right now no nausea is present.

Its a wonderful plant. but after the 1:30 mark it just fades to Id say about 4 hour duration.

It would be great medicinal wise, analgesic properties was top notch with out the opiated feelings most opiate navie persson get. Energy and great pain kill without much drowsiness.

Next report.

I had Green Thai and Bali kratom. I ate approx. 7-10g of green thai and 5g about of Bali.
I was bouncing all over the place. I really like the energy and anti-anxiety effects it produce.

Although eatting that much Green Thai gave me really bad gas. It enflated my stomach with gas.

What is wierd is I eat the same amount of Bali as the first time I used it. and now I just get dizzy everytime.

So Kratom is imdesirable for anti-anxiey n energy effects b/c the dose that produces mininal effects has bad side effects. My tolerance to opiates is too high compared to kratom affinitty for opiate receptors

I had 2g of 30x as a gift ate that and 5-7g of bali...dizzy cityy. but when the peak went down the dizziness also went down. It was enjoyable..after that. Lasted quite long..about 6 hrs.

My conclusion:

-medicinal values are great for the pain managment community.

-energy boost was great. Its opiate effects would be enjoyable for someone with low tolerance.

-For opiate dependant person this would be excellent..wish I knew about it earlier. Saturated my opiate receptors. Im no longer dependant on opiates; but the craving get me. When I gobble this up I didnt think of opiates at all. Side effects was a problem for me but from what I read most people dont get the side effects.

I read a methadone patient wanted off . Ween. and jumped on to kratom no problem taking 10-12g at a time...so everybody body chemistry is different.

Also the kratom potentcy vary greatly.
Being that kratom has a bunch of actives alkaloids with vary degree of effects. I read a scientific study on Kratom and it had so many alkaloids. Scientist studied the alkaloids in kratom to some extent but they focused there attention on these:

-Mitragynine = has effect on the adrenaline. explaining shakey hands/anxiety. Plus effect in -Mu and Delta receptors

-Mitraphylline = effects Mu/Delta. Plus NMDA-anatagonist. Scary

-7-Hydroxymitragynine sounds like the most favorable. No adrenaline/NMDA effects
Its 17x folds stronger than morphine.

Obviously you dont know to how much active alkloids are in the kratom and maybe it has more undesirable alkaloids than the desirables. Thats why you start low.

If you can get pure isolates of 7-hydroxymitragynine that be a winner. I, sure it cost a pretty penny. An the variable of vendor quality issues. But if you are a chemist try it and let me know :) lol

17-08-2011, 20:55
Sounds like a beginning of an interesting and good report.
But sorry, I have to close this thread, because live trip reports aren't allowed. (http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/threads/497860-How-to-Get-Your-Trip-Report-Right-in-Two-Easy-Steps...)

Once your trip is over, and your trip report is completed, feel free to contact me for thread reopening.

24-08-2011, 01:25
I reopened this thread by OP's request. :)

29-08-2011, 03:34
Kratom is a very interesting drug that can be more stimulating in low doses and sedating at higher doses. It has great potential to aid opiate addiction/withdrawal at higher doses (ie 5+ g), while it can be used as a replacement for coffee in lower amounts (ie 1 to 2 grams). More research should be done on this wonderous concoction of chemicals in the plant.

30-08-2011, 00:45
Is it worth the money?

31-08-2011, 04:18
Yes yes and yes in my humble opinion

31-08-2011, 04:19
Is it worth the money?
Although if you're looking for a true potent opiate high that u don't have to go to the doc for I would gofor poppy pod tea

31-08-2011, 08:02
Kratom is great, but be careful on the dosage because an OD really sucks. I never had any trouble with it until I got a more potent powdered extract and miscalculated how much I took. Started off fine with only a little nausea, which wasn't unusual, but after about an hour it only got more intense and I started to feel really dizzy and hot. I ended up vomiting and felt a little better afterwards, but then did it again about 10 minutes later. After that it got really bad; the waves of nausea kept hitting more frequently, and I was puking so violently that I tore my esophagus and was vomiting blood. I also burst a bunch capillaries around my eyes. I'd go from shivering like crazy to sweating profusely in under a minute, it was hell. That went on for about 5 hours until it stopped long enough for me to sleep.

Every time before this though I had nothing but good experiences, it's definitely worth the money. Just be REALLY careful not to take too much.

01-09-2011, 01:34
What region is the best kratom found? How does Indonesian kratom rate?

01-09-2011, 02:26
What region is the best kratom found? How does Indonesian kratom rate?
Indos good, I prefer thai

Mystery Brew
04-09-2011, 00:41
Hard to say what is best. Quality can vary quite a bit. Different preferencess. Seems like the general conesus is kratom from Indonesia is better in terms of sedation (Bali) and Thai strains are way more energetic ( Green/ Red Vein Thai, Also including Maeng Da ).

I get stimulation from all opiates/ opioids (tolerance), so this holds true for kratom for me. Keeping that in mind I found that the Thai strain I have tried has a strong energetic quality to it compared to other kratom strains. Personally in terms of euphoric effects; I found the Bali (not commerical blend) has more euphoria than the Green Vein Thai in my experience.

Although that does not make the Thai strains useless. The high energy/ stimulating effect that I experienced in Green Vein Thai definalty increases productivity. Great for work. Good for waking up, good for working out, wonderful for socializing, the energy "boost" in general is very useful. In my experience it is better than amphetamine without having typical stimulants side-effects such as increased anxiety, jittery, overstimulation keeping you wide awake when trying to sleep, and of course the crash (comedown).

Very versatile/well-rounded plant. The synergistic quality of the different alkaloids works wonders together

Mystery Brew
05-09-2011, 18:08
Kratom is a under-rated drug. Its been in practice by the older world as a medication.

The analgesic quality of kratom for people in pain-management would help alot. I believe its less habit/addiction forming than other opiates used for pain managements. Strictly because the side-effects (dizziness, nausea, etc.) is alot more pronounce when upping your dose. The Dizziness, nausea does not feel like typical opiates. Alot more unpleasent. Although the side-effects might limit the effective dose for severe pain. Kratom is perfect for low-moderate for pain.

Using kratom cost less money than the traditional opiates route. If taken daily for pain, the tolerance would not be as high as opposed to hydrocodone, oxycodone, etc for taken for pain. Tolerance not being so high would allow the person to take other opiates for break-through pain.

If trying to stop taking kratom, the withdrawal are not as bad either.

Cognitive ability is not as definatly not as imparing as the opiates. Also the stimulating quality is great; definatly counteracts the sedative nature of opiate effects.

The different alkaloids altogether in kratom gives a wide-array of usefulness

Taste was about the ionly thing I thought was awefull

Other than that Im suprised this isnt sought out in the medical community. Although I believe if they try to isolate just one chemical and covert to pill form. I believe this would turn it to another Marinol.

Marinol = THC. Many first-hand accounts tell of how Marinol medicial use is a failure. The isolating of one chemical (THC aka Marinol) did not produce the sought after medical quality

When in fact, the many different cannabinoids in the plant it self is works synergistically together to creates the usefulness and medicinal quality.

06-09-2011, 04:48
Research has been done on mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. They may or may not come out with pain meds containing these chemicals, but just like with mj, they will never advertise taking kratom in its palnt form. (Ie fda approval wold never happen, too many variables for thorough investigation, and also I don't think thay can patent a plant, can they?) If no moneymaking is forseen by the pharmacetical companies, they are unlikely to fund the research...