View Full Version : THC before MDMA ???

Dr. Beat
19-02-2003, 06:39
I have been raving for 4 years now and this is my observation:
People who smoke everyday or people who smoke before dropping, get less high that people who never smoke and drop pills (on average).
In my opinion I get half as high if I smoke before dropping. Do other people get the same experience or observations?

19-02-2003, 07:24
No, not at all.
It doesn't matter if I smoke or not, I still get munted.
Last weekend, I smoked before I went out.
I smoked while I was out.
And I smoked when I got home.
It didn't effect the pill(s) at all.
Although, others are different.

19-02-2003, 07:46
I concur with the above.
BigTrancer :)

19-02-2003, 08:05
I usualy drop my pill then have a smoke straight away truely blows my mind,so a big no to your question.

secret squirrel
19-02-2003, 08:12
smoking pot and taking pills gets me HIGHER than pills alone...

19-02-2003, 10:10
Coming down from (ice) meth the other day, I had a joint to try to get me to sleep. It my surprise it seemed to "pick me up" and I started to feel body rushes again. Was very bizare, but this has only happened once to me, normally it mellows me out alot.

19-02-2003, 13:17
Myself and i know of others, who do smoke before pilling and find themselves more 'on their ass' but chat more when other times they would be more energized.
its just set and setting, if your slack and happy from the pot you'll prolly just stay the same except much higher ;) .
thats what i have experienced anyway.
smoking during or after.. well thats a different story again.

19-02-2003, 13:33
Always found it very nice on the come on !
During, well you cant go far wrong but it really depends on the person! For me, it makes my roll more enjoyable and mabe even a little longer! A little more and its off to bed.
mmmmmm Doublegum.
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21-02-2003, 10:34
From what I have seen, if taken before it adds to the effects very positively & as long you are fully G'd up to go hard before hand you will!
When taken towards the end quite often the THC provides a very content high although slightly more mellow,IMHO ;)
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middle finger
21-02-2003, 13:39
Totally disagree. Smoking weed makes no difference at all. I smoke nearly every time I roll and if anything gets me higher.

middle finger
21-02-2003, 14:15
Totally disagree. Smoking weed makes no difference at all. I smoke nearly every time I roll and if anything gets me going harder.

22-02-2003, 12:01
i disagree wholeheartedly.
i have had only 1 pill in over a year that i havent smoked weed with - every other pill has had some weed added to the mix either before, during, or afterwards.
i can safely say that marijuana enhances my roll incredibly. in laymans terms it ALWAYS fucks me up more than MDMA alone.
i dont know who youve been observing, or what kind of observatory skills you have, but from my observation, the vast majority of people who enjoy smoking, enjoy smoking while on MDMA. and for those who dislike smoking, most dislike the effect it has when combined with MDMA. so basically, if you like weed youll love the mix - and if you dont like weed, you wont!

27-02-2003, 22:16
I don't know how many of you are from NZ, but the weed here is usually a lot stronger than what you get in other countries. I have not smoked before dropping or during the peak of a pill - so won't even comment on what I've seen, but I can highly recommend smoking strong weed as you are coming off your peak... I have converted some long-term ravers to putting time aside to do this: once you are over your peak, but before the effects have gone completely find a private place with one or more friends that you are very comfortable with (obviously girl/guy matches are the best) - have a smoke and give each other back and/or face massages - with strong weed most people get mild hallucinations (closed eye normally but occasionally even open eye) that are very pleasant - the good thing is both the receiver and giver can get these. I can't recommend this highly enough if you've got good weed.

27-02-2003, 23:52
NZ Reprazent!! nice!
on the subject of smoking, anytimes a good time for joint. need i say more? =)

28-02-2003, 21:31
hello, in my opinion smoking weed b4 a pill is ok but smoking it after bring the feeling of the pill back!