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17-02-2003, 15:04
i am pretty keen to try plugging, but the only caps that i have are effexor xr. i was wondering if these caps are suitable for plugging, because it says on the packet that they are modified release capsules.
when they say modified realease, are they talking about the actual cap, or just the contents inside?
btw, i don't have any spare money to buy empty caps, so that's out of the question.

17-02-2003, 15:27
Efexor is an anti-depressant, why do you want to plug it??

17-02-2003, 15:37
^^ I think he means emptying the caps, filling them with the contents of a crushed pill & then plugging them.
I have no idea about the suitability of Effexor XR capsules for plugging. No spare money? Under $10 will buy you 100 '00' sized caps...
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Cowboy Mac
17-02-2003, 15:40
if the contents are small little balls then it would definiatly be the chemical that is time release rather than the cap. i assume the cap is probably made of gelatin and would be fine. why dont you do as apollo said or buy some disprin/panadol capsules for a few dollars and use those if your worried.

17-02-2003, 15:48
yeah, i will probably do that.
i'm gonna have a search through my medicine cabinet first, to see if i have any other caps.
Rayda, i mean emptying them, and filling them with a crushed pill. i don't wanna actually shaft the effexor!

17-02-2003, 18:01
glad to hear that coz that efexor shit is only for the hardcore :)
when it says modified release, it is referring to the contents in this case
if you cant afford gel-caps vegetable caps are cheaper, i've found they take a bit longer to dissolve though

18-02-2003, 00:57
There are two other options, should you be unable to locate a suitable capsule, however there are drawbacks to each.
1. It is possible to plug a whole pill, without crushing it first. However, the drawback is that it takes ages to dissolve (partcularly if you're dehydrated alread) and can be so subtle and mellow that you think it's not working. It can take a pill up to 90 minutes or even more to come on this way.
2. It is possible to dissolve the pill in a small volume of water, and then using a needleless syringe introduce the MDMA solution to the rectum as an enema. This procedure has been detailed in other posts here and has the disadvantage of being fiddly and perhaps takes some practise to get right. Apparently the pill comes on like being hit by a train, according to those few I know who've attempted it.
Finding a gelcap would possibly be more rewarding, though, as you might as well make your first plugging attempt as easy as possible. You can buy empty gelcaps in healthfood stores and chemists for pocket change.
BigTrancer :)

18-02-2003, 03:01
thanks for the info.
i would go out and just buy some gel caps, but at the moment, i can either buy the caps and not have enough money for a pill, or buy a pill and use the effexor caps.
that mdma anema thing sounds a bit strange, but i can imagine why it would hit you like a train. i might have to try it sometime down the track, but for now, i'll stick to the caps!!
i can just imagine the conversation:
person1: man, you look fucked!! what have you taken???
person2: i just gave myself an mdma enema. wow man, it's like my first time all over again!!
(person1 slowing walks away, looking behind him to make sure person2 isn't following.)

18-02-2003, 07:13
^^^ kids *shrug* oi vey!