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Padawhuan Pinger
16-02-2003, 14:52
hey everyone
i know this sounds really bad...but this guy i heard is thinkin bout gettin someone 2 send him some pills from melb 2 hobart in the post...how much of a bad idea is this...?
personal experiances?
or thread links would be good
thanx all

16-02-2003, 16:21
Don't do it... it's pretty fucking hard to deny that they're yours when your bloody name is on the sealed envelope, and it won't take much for them to trace the origin back. And we're talking about trafficking here, not possession.
Ultimately it's up to your friend to decide if it's worth the risk, and chances are you won't get caught - but if you do get caught then you're pretty much screwed...
P.S... prolly not good to talk about smuggling drugs on a public message board - kinda rings alarm bells for the cops that are watching...
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17-02-2003, 00:51
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