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14-02-2003, 05:18
Yesterday a good friend and I decided to give DXM a whirl. We assumed we had enough time to enjoy it and still be right for him to go out later that night.
We bought a big bottle of Robo DX and went halves on it, a dose of 300mg at about 3pm
cut the the important stuff, I left at about 6 still slightly wasted, and at 10pm i got a call from him, he was in an ambulance and heading to the hospital.
Now, i dont know if it was him being hypersensitive to DXM or whether he overreacted and thought that he was gonna die.
Just wanna know if anyone else can share their adverse experiences with DXM

14-02-2003, 06:14
Well, for a start, if you've never had DXM before, then 300mg IS A HUGE DOSE.
It's very possible that he over-reacted and thought that he was going to die. It can cause very real disassociative feelings in one, and if they are unexpected, then one might feel as if they were leaving their body...
It's also possible that he was taking medication that could have reacted to the DXM... did you guys do any form of research before taking it?
If you could give us some more info about your friend, and if he was on any medication, or if he took anything else with it, then we could give you a better answer.

14-02-2003, 06:29
Hi MoeBro,
Please let us know how your friend goes... do you have any idea about the symptoms that he presented to the ambulance people?
DXM has about a 6-8 hour duration. From Erowid:
Threshhold 80-90 mg
Light 100 - 200 mg
Common 200 - 400 mg
Strong 300 - 600 mg
Heavy 600 - 1500 mg
Risk of Death 2500 - 20000 mg 1
Duration : 4-8 hours
Some users report that DXM dosages are affected significantly by bodyweight and lighter users should start with lower dosages. Users should always start lower and work up because everyone reacts differently and some people are very sensitive to the effects and may be overwhelmed by dosages that are minimal to others.
Do you know if your friend has taken MDMA pills before? If so, are they unusally susceptible to the effects (do they usually vomit from a whole pill or get really really fucked when everyone else is kinda normally peaking)? One in ten (roughly) caucasian people, and a slightly different ratio for other ethnic groups, have a deficiency in the liver enzyme CYP 2D6. This can cause them to be supersensitive to drugs that are metabolised by this enzyme, ie. MDMA and DXM (among others).
These may not be the case - if his symptoms are more like a panic attack then perhaps he lost it and freaked out... dissociatives can really be confusing sometimes, particularly with strong doses.
BigTrancer :)

14-02-2003, 09:05
yes BT, your explanation actually makes a bit of sense
pills that got me thoroughly rolling had him pretty much bouncing off the walls. I _had_ done research on DXM and had been told about the variation in the 2D6 enzyme
thanks for that.
when he gets outta hospital ill have a bit of a talk with him

16-02-2003, 22:30
What sort of adverse reaction was it? Puking, whilst his skin felt like it was covered in tingling pins and needles accompanied by feelings of extreme instability, say any lateral movement of the head whilst sitting cause one to feel like your literally going to slip off the end of the world. This happened to me the first time i went above 300mg, although i think the amount of food and booze i'd consumed had something to do with it- who decides to have a DXM trip on christmas, bloody drug addicts that's who! As far as CYP 2D6 liver enzyme deficiency how does 2 pills usually do him- sick then prehaps he does have it

17-02-2003, 13:54
2 pills would probably kill him
as i think i said (memory?), he bounces off the walls with a single pill, while us normal people just roll

17-02-2003, 17:56
Yeh... Ive had a weird reaction to this stuff before... turned red/purple all over with all veins standing right out, to an extreme amount. It was like a strong allergic reaction.... felt like I was about to have a stroke (and it wasnt panic or anything - I was perfectly calm the whole time).

18-02-2003, 14:15
Ok here goes guys, I'm moebro's friend, and let me try to explain to you in a few paragraphs the bloody hell that was my first experience with DXM :)
BACKGROUND: Me and moebro each took 100mls each of xtra strong robitussin DX, 300mg of active ingredient. I am about 70kg, 180cm, medium build, and had had almost nothing to eat before the time of consuming (3pm)
I normally have quite strong reactions from pills, my first experience i thought i was swimming on a footstool and was more fucked up than my other friends who were also trying it for the first time. But not THAT fucked up.
Setting was shit, I did it at home, and parents came home, so i was obviously very stresed about hiding it from my parents, and this was made worse later.
I take no other medication, and had no other drug such as alcohol with the DXM.
Ok here goes:
Taken at 3pm:
Firstly I had all the "normal" effects of DXM. I felt extremely tripped out, lied down on my bed and had massive close eye visuals, faces, panoramas, whole shows of different things occuring but all with a darkish tinge, not that colorful. I went into a sort of tunnel, and gravity was turning around in my head like i was spinning thousands of time per second, i was in a jet plane soaring up and down, etc. etc. It was v. crazy, and I enjoyed it a fair bit.
8pm: The effects have generally worn off, just a body buzz and the like. One time I went into the toilet because I felt this wave of toxicity and heat go through my body and I thought I was overdosing. This scared me shitless.
10pm: I'm trying to get to sleep. Strangely, feel very hyped and strung out. Can't sleep for the life of me. This goes on and on but I start to feel worse, more jittery and hyped out, like on speed or something, heart starting to race and my head burning. Fingers are getting tightened up. I call poisons information syndrome, lady tells me I need to call an ambulance, says I might have a seizure or Serotonin Syndrome.
10:30: Ambulance arrives, parents streseed out, I think I am going to die, fingers tight and rigid, heart racing at about 150+ BPM, get taken to hospital, put on a drip, attended to, can't open my eyes because there is too much stimulation, the light is too intense.
11 - 3: Hospital is like hell, I am anxious about my mental state, I think I am going to go insane, I am in a state of intense paranoia, keep asking nurses if i'll live, or if there will be permanent damage (that became a recurring fear)
stayed in hospital till about 10am , went home, still felt buzzy and tingled up, as well as paranoid and anxious, depressed. Tried to sleep but couldn't at all, kept getting panic attacks and all sorts of things, amongst the other symptoms.
Next day, symptoms were actually worse, I naturally got stressed again, had a full on anxiety attack which I thought meant I was losing my mind, or going to have permanent damage, went back to the hospital, doctor calmed me down, felt better.
That night couldn't sleep again, only maybe 2 hours. Still stimulated with wide dilated pupils and buzzing hands. Woke up and had an extremely fast heartbeat and had to control it.
Next day was better, but then it got worse and I panicked again, went to the hospital for the 3rd time, this time a better doctor explained that the drug was STILL in my system, and would take another 5-10 days to come out, but I was also having anxiety symptoms related to that, and that I needed to relax etc. etc.
Its now been about 6 days since I took the drug, and only today have my pupils become smaller and the symptoms largely disappeared. It was an awful experience, and hopefully people can learn from this and research substances (and dosages!!) carefully before they engage in them. I am curious if any BL'ers have thoughts on what this actually was (deficient enyzyme? Slow metaboliser?) because it sure as hell stayed in my system for a lot longer than 8 or so hours.
Cheers all, and take care of yourselves. Don't have an experience like mine.

19-02-2003, 01:39
I'm grateful for you sharing this experience with Bluelight, treasonatsea. I think I speak for most of us here when I say that I'm glad you're ok now, and able to speak about this experience with such clarity so soon after it happened.
I'm really at a loss to explain the ongoing symptoms. From the sounds of things the 3pm-8pm part of the trip report is essentially 'normal' DXM effects. The heat and body loading that you felt after that is something I quite often feel when coming down from DXM. It's often led me to think that a large part of the danger of DXM-related overheating may be after the peak effects are passed.
However, I know what you mean by the persistence of the buzzing and tingling feelings after DXM. These tail-end effects often lead people to feel like DXM has a shocking 'hangover' effect as the day after, you can feel totally used up. I've never experienced it at the same time as a panic attack though.
The anxiety sounds like a huge contributing factor in your mental state and even your physical stress levels. It's also important to maintain a healthy level of hydration with DXM.
Please fill us in if you find out anything more about what could have been responsible for your bad experience, and please, take care of yourself.
BigTrancer :)

19-02-2003, 05:04
I have a theory which is all conjecture but here goes. You are naturally deficient in CYP 2D6, this enzyme can become saturated leaving a mixture of DXM and DXO both of which have psychotropic effects. It think it is this phenomena that cause DXM to have that separation of recreational plateaus 1 and 2 and the shamanic hard core plateaus 3 and 4. This in combination with the enzyme deficiency effectively caused you to have a slow release higher plateau trip with DXM being very slowly metabolised to DXO and then after all the DXM had been metabolised then the enzyme activity must recooperate and metabolise the DXO. This prolly crap but it makes sense in my fucked up brain, prolly more to do with psychology than anything else (I'm not saying your a fruitcake or nothing)
Stay Safe!
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20-02-2003, 01:17
bigtrancer - thanks for your concern, mate. I'm getting there in terms of recovery, I'm pretty much over it now.
I am also at a loss to explain the symptoms, because they were clearly very physical, seeming very similar to what could be called a speed overdose or something. I could not open my eyes in the hospital at one point, because i was overwhelmed by sensory input (the light), and my heart was continually racing and I had constant bouts of paranoia and anxiety. My constant frame of mind was negativity. Whether that's drug induced or mental, it's hard to tell or separate. I was really hoping someone here would have an idea, but it doesn't seem that this sort of experience is especially common. :/
Tabernacle - Thanks for your input, I really didn't understand a word of what you said apart from the deficient enzyme, but thanks anyway =)

20-02-2003, 21:31
treasonatsea, that was an excellent general analysis of every DXM high I have ever had, friends have been very similar. As long as you were nice and cool you were probably fine. It sounds like either you didn't research or you didnt like the high. i think its a fucken excellent complex high myself...
tips for physical safety paranoia stuff:
-try not to smoke a lot of cigarettes while high.
-Don't drink excessive amounts of coffee cocoa-cola, or any diuretics or stimulants.
-try not to make the character of the high confining yourself to a room because of paranoia, let people think what they choose, if anything, at worst they wouldn't be thinking you got high off DXM, all they consider is: coffee, lack of sleep, alcohol. They don't have any idea, REALLY. ;)
I remember the muscle tension and rigidness and this nice stretching feeling, and it did trip me out too, but i just forced myself to relax over and over. maybe magnesium and DXM go together well? does anyone know?
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