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Darth Trance
18-11-2002, 19:55
OK, OK, I've read that you might as well do speed or meth instead, but I'm curious as to what effects a dosage of 100mg of Ephedrine Sulfate would have (how long would it last? what bodily effects? etc.) What would be an ideal dosage for euphoric effects? (Not just a speedy rush but euphoria)
Any info would be greatly appreciated...

Shaman Shulgin
19-11-2002, 01:01
Ephedrine does give a nice natural speedy effect, I've had it a couple of times.
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19-11-2002, 05:05
Ephedrine used to be sold overseas in OTC doses of 25mg per tablet, where the adult dose was up to 100mg per day. The tricky part is that while an asthma control dose of 30-60mg might be about 2 tablets, the dose at which undesirable side-effects become apparent (heart racing, etc) is probably around about 4 tablets or a little more.
Your mileage may vary.
BigTrancer :)