View Full Version : Taking Meth & E in what order!!!

15-11-2002, 01:28
i am gong to be taking e and meth at my next event but i don't know which order it is best to take in.
so i am asking for help.

15-11-2002, 02:55
I always take the meth first (a few hours before). Meth usually straightens you out on E but not all the time. Certainly don't take meth if you don't feel comfortable on the E and want it to stop.

15-11-2002, 04:03
I find that doing speed or meth just as my pill is kicking in produces the best results. This will give you a long and powerful E experience (providing the pill itself is good stuff). Doing too much drugs before a pill will make the pill weaker. Smoking meth on the comedown is all good too! Although personally, I prefer a bit of pot :-)

15-11-2002, 05:14
There you go, two conflicting answers for ya :)
Skanx is right about too much meth before making it weaker though. I only ever take a little speed early in the night just to get me in the mood, so to speak. Then take my pills early in the morning or even at an after party. I actually prefer to take no speed at all with pillz.

15-11-2002, 05:15
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