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12-02-2011, 21:42

I am new to this forum...and ive looked through the search button for info regarding 'kratom' Can someone please lead me in the direction of gaining some information on Kratom? I want to try it out but I wanted to know what is the best type to get for the 'euphoric buzz' that i am reading about. I also wanted to know is Kratom legal in the US? like am i able to buy it online? also was wondering if anyone knows any stores that sell this.

So any information on Kratom would be really useful for a 1st time user. I am looking for a opiate-like high...please help me

Thanks for the help in advance :)

12-02-2011, 22:04
i also would like to know is the powder better or should i go straight for the leaf? ive heard people in this forum talk about the Bali so i think im gonna try that kind

Whipped Dream
12-02-2011, 23:35
I took some last night and it works very effective at delivering an opiate-like buzz. Very sedating and euphoric.

You want the "Kratom UEI (powder)" - don't mess around with anything else. A heaping 1/2 teaspoon of Kratom UEI and you're in for a good time. Your local smokeshop might have it in stock, but if not there's a bunch of reputable online dealers as well.

13-02-2011, 05:31
I took some last night and it works very effective at delivering an opiate-like buzz. Very sedating and euphoric.

You want the "Kratom UEI (powder)" - don't mess around with anything else. A heaping 1/2 teaspoon of Kratom UEI and you're in for a good time. Your local smokeshop might have it in stock, but if not there's a bunch of reputable online dealers as well.

good advice..but you are new...

uei is right ... my man right here took the proper advice and went for the goods...

all that other shit...doesnt compare..and believe me ive tried it...

smoke shops dont have uei..and if they do...its whack...

you want it to look like sand...that nice tan color...

13-02-2011, 07:06
Kratom is amazing. Don't bother with extracts or tinctures or anything like that. Just plain commercial powdered leaf, the cheapest stuff you can buy. Anything else and you're getting less bang for buck.

A good dose for me is about 8-12g of powder, mixed in with orange juice and downed quickly. It has a tendency to make me extremely nauseus so I always make sure I eat something like a sandwich before I drink kratom. I read in lots of places that you MUST drink kratom on an empty stomach, but quite frankly I cannot fathom keeping it down. It still hits me really quick, gets me really high and lasts plenty long with a stomach full of food. Kratom powder is pretty earthy, and foul smelling if you ask me. When mixed in with a drink, it creates a nasty mud, absolutely horrible. The taste is enough to make me dry heave violently. The only way I can get past it is by mixing it in THOROUGHLY with orange juice, pinching my nose, and quickly guzzling it down making every effort in the world to not let it hit my tongue. Once I get it down, I usually have to close my eyes and convince myself for a minute or two to not throw up, but then it passes.

After about 15 minutes I start to feel warm flushes and my anxiety levels dropping rapidly. Usually, at this time, I start cleaning and organizing like mad, you'd think the stuff was speed. Sometimes I just run with this and allow myself to clean the house from top to bottom, loving every minute of it. However, if I just relax, a lovely euphoric, comfortable, energized but relaxed state washes over me. One thing I notice about kratom is the nice side helping of empathy it comes with, very comparable to MDMA. I become extremely talkative, friendly, affectionate, and just all out at peace. Most other opiates don't make me quite as empathetic and energized.

There's barely any comedown at all and I notice that the afterglow can last well into the next day! Addiction is an issue though, because it's just like any other opiate. I find the withdrawal from kratom is rather easy to deal with though, just keep your usage in check and you'll be fine.

Luckily, you have to drink a cup full of diarrhea to get high on kratom, so you're less tempted to re-dose often. :)

Whipped Dream
13-02-2011, 07:22
My first time experience with Kratom was last night. Link here:


I highly recommend Kratom UEI, and its doesn't taste as bad as previously mentioned.

13-02-2011, 07:33
that aint no trip report, dude

Whipped Dream
13-02-2011, 07:36
that aint no trip report, dude

You're right...it's just a summary of how things went down in a very basic format....but you get the general idea.

I could give you a full-on detailed trip report if you'd prefer.

13-02-2011, 18:40
There are lots of great reports on bluelight and erowid. Also check out The Kratom Thread in Other Drugs.

I'm going to second what others have said, go for the regular powder or get the leaves and do the toss 'n wash method (some swear by this method). Anything else and you are indeed paying more money for the same thing.

27-07-2014, 01:12
Hey. I love Kratom, my fav was Sapphire tigers blood but the Sapphire company is going out of business. I need to find something equally as strong and I need to know where to get it. Any tips?

27-07-2014, 06:07
In NO way should you be taking UEI regularly! UEI is a man made extract of kratom, it is ACTIVE at 250mg! It also runs about $10 per gram. You want to stick with Plain Leaf and maybe as an occasional treat, add like 1gram of UEI to 20 grams of plain powdered leaf. If anyone wants any other info, please hit me up. I have been using kratom on and off for about 7 years and know quite a bit. Also can recommend some very reputable online vendors if anyone is interested. Also, any questions regarding kratom, I can answer.

27-07-2014, 06:11
I forgot to mention that when I said to add 1 gram of UEI to 20 grams of powdered kratom leaf, I don't mean to then take ALL 20 grams!!! You wouldn't die, but you would be puking for hours and hours. Plus, you would drive your tolerance thru the roof, and once that happens, it takes quite a while to get it back down if you regularly use kratom. My average dose of kratom is between 1.5-3.0grams per serving. MORE is DEFINITELY less with kratom.

27-07-2014, 06:12
Plenty of GREAT online vendors that I can recommend if anyone is interested!

29-07-2014, 12:21
Kratom is great i use it as an alternative to pain killers for pain relief plus it makes you buzz like crazy. The Bali strain is potent. My advise is to find someone who sells whole leaf. The benefits of whole leaf are that when you ingest the whole thing veins and all it keeps you from creating a tolerance. Something in the veins of the leaf actually do this. When you get extract it has been heated or chemically manipulated to release the active ingredients and or does not include the veins which is a serious mistake because this will increase your tolerance to it. Also steer clear of any gimics that say 1000 X no such thing is is farther from the truth it's either a good potent strain or not. YouTube it though i believe there is a guy in cali that has a business selling it called Kratomking. There are many others though.the that strains are very potent at 12 g so i would say stick to 10g at most on first try to see how your body reacts. A lot of people say they get a stimulant affect for me not the case though. It is classified as both a stimulant and a sedative in its affects.gl and enjoy

01-08-2014, 02:57
Been using kratom for apprx 7 years...I agree with most of what Mogliman21 has said, Except for ordering from Kratom King! King has absolutely the WORST quality when it comes to kratom, aside from "head shops". There are SO Many other vendors that sell QUALITY kratom. A good place to start looking is thekratomforum.com Look under the approved vendors list and visit their sites. I could go on and on about kratom, but to make it short, I will just say PM me if you need any info on kratom. I am very experienced with the different strains, enhanced leaf, extracts, plain leaf, etc..

06-08-2015, 19:09
been taking bits n' pieces from all your posts in between getting distracted by other things. plus, i'm not all that computer-savvy so if someone can just give me a quick rundown on doseage, onset, method of ingestion, etc, i'd be grateful. thanks. sorry if i'm posting in the wrong place. - b