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oscar the grouch
25-07-2001, 15:04
Does anyone know what happened to Sam-E I thought we were all waiting for this wonder drug to come out and we could all benifit from whatever the hell it did???

25-07-2001, 15:39
Unfortunately it turned out to be a bunch of hippie placebo crap.
That's the best link I can provide for you at the moment. The search button's up the top. General concensus seemed to be that it promised much (being a methyl-donor anti-depressant alternative to SSRI's and 5-HTP) but delivered little. Most people found that it demonstrated an excellent placebo effect.
I'd love to hear success stories though, just to prove that people aren't wasting their money...
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25-07-2001, 18:33
Hmmn, yes. I have been taking it for the last few days and havent noticed any significant difference from the norm. Perhaps this substance can be of use as a poastload, however it has zero recreational value.
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